Walkthrough Call of the Sea - Game Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Call of the Sea - Game Walkthrough Guide

 Complete walkthrough with solution of all puzzles and description of endings

In this guide, you will find the complete walkthrough of Call of the Sea , a brand new puzzle and puzzle solving adventure game.

Walkthrough Call of the Sea - Prologue. Family heritage

The heroine falls into a strange dream where she finds herself under water. We swim forward through a small cave. We move on past familiar objects to the chair on which the box is located. The girl wakes up and tells that she is looking for a cure for a mysterious disease, and then offers to find a gift for her mother. We examine various notes and objects around us, take the red diary from the table and carefully study it.

It contains a hint for opening the suitcase. We put on gloves to hide the symptoms of infection and enter the correct code 506. From the inside we take out a note from my husband with a key attached on the back, a drawing of an island from a dream and an ancient stone relic that looks like a knife. Captain Hodgson will knock on the door and remind you of sailing ashore. We watch a short video and find ourselves all alone on an unknown island for three days.

Chapter 1.74 miles east of Otaheit

We study the machete, note, boat and flute in the tent on the left and follow the left path. We pass through the cave to the very end and examine the red plates. We return to the boat and follow the right path. We reach the closed wooden gate and on the table on the right we open the box with the husband's key. We return back to the area with flowers and raise a square stone, behind which the necessary mechanism for opening the door is hidden. We insert the object into the right column at the locked gate and pull both levers.

We make our way further through the open passage and find the camp. The path to the bridge is closed, so we study the photo with the note on the box on the right and go forward along the narrow path. We turn right at the first fork and use the lever on the red plank. We return to the road after the heroine makes a note in the diary. We study one more board at the fork and go a little forward. There is another wooden object in the water on the left.

We write down the characters in the journal and head on to a huge clearing with red plates. We examine the feathers and make a note about the nearest item. Now all the clues have been collected, so we open the passage to the shore and return to the bridge to the camp. We open the diary and look at the symbols that relate to each item. The correct arrangement is determined by the real state of the phenomena in nature: the sun is above all, the bird flies in the sky, the mountain is on the ground, and the fish swims in the water.

Based on the above, arrange the keys with symbols and press the red button to lower the bridge:

  1. Sun (three triangles).
  2. Bird (arrows to the right).
  3. Mountain (elongated triangles).
  4. Water (three hooks).
  5. Fish (arrowhead).

Chapter 2. Everhart's Expedition

We pass forward to a small camp. On the right, we examine the mechanism on the floor, which lacks a detail, and examine all the inscriptions on the photographs. We listen to the interview recording on the dictaphone in the second hut. We pass into the house opposite, read all the notes and find empty cases with weapons.

We examine the square tablets at the top and the cylindrical statues at the entrance to each dwelling. We go around the house and run into the grave of Roy Granger. In the left hut, we learn that the expedition took all the dynamite reserves and we pass into the right shelter to examine the tombstone from the back side. Before entering, we study the fourth column, and Nora will make an entry in the diary.

We return back to the camp and examine the hammock by the river. The heroine will not find anything useful, so we follow along a narrow path and go upstairs, where we find Harry's hut. We examine the photographs and examine the notes on the wall and the letter on the floor. We learn that Nora's husband refused to finance influential people. On the table on the right, we sketch another object and collect the torn note on the right, in which we find the correct order of the tablets.

Next to the table we examine the column with rotating mechanisms, on which it is required to assemble the correct totem. Each statue corresponds to a certain animal located in the same place in the diary, so we follow the hint and use the necessary fragments:

  1. Turtle head.
  2. Shark eyes.
  3. Stingray mouth.
  4. Octopus hands.

Once the correct totem is assembled, a secret door will open. We climb inside and find the sanctuary of the Polynesian leader. We take away the stone tiles from the table and go outside. We pass deep into the dwelling and examine the telescope and other notes. We find a letter on the box in the left corner and watch a small video: Nora reads a letter in which Harry blames himself for the death of a team member.

Open the box on the table with an unknown device inside and turn the black lever on the left. Until Nora can solve the puzzle, so we go down back to the camp and insert the received item into the niche on the platform. We use the button and go upstairs. We study the tent and learn that the explosion was organized by Roy, who gradually began to go crazy. When the slab was destroyed, the unexplored black slurry hit the medic, who later developed exactly the same spots as Nora's. We go down the stairs and take turns examining the three eyes, from which strange voices are heard, and drawings of lenses will appear in the diary. We lower the bridge to return to Harry's hut by a short way, and use the device on the table.

We study the spots in the diary, set the points on the diagram in the same positions using two switches and increase them with the plus button:

  1. Left by 1, right by 2, increase by 2.
  2. Left by 3, right by 1, increase by 3.
  3. Left by 3, right by 5, increase by 1.
  4. Left by 3, right by 3, increase by 2.
  5. Left by 1, right by 4, increase by 1.
  6. Left by 5, right by 3, increase by 3.

The device will emit a lens that needs to be inserted into the telescope. The girl will sketch the correct sequence of pressing the keys in the cave. We go down back into the well, compare the drawing in the diary with the stars on the floor and start with the largest one.

As soon as the last button in the center is pressed, the platform will rise from the ground. We use the mechanism and the location will be flooded with black liquid, and Nora will faint. We are watching a video in which the girl will again be under water.

Chapter 3. Disappearance of "Lady Shannon"

Nora will wake up at night on the beach. We go along the coast and approach the wrecked ship. Inside, we climb the stairs and walk along the wire until we hit the transformer. We use the third, second, fourth and first switches in turn. The device will work and supply current. We activate the mechanism next to the cabinet. Burrow needs to start all the devices in order to energize the camp.

We go along the wire back and on the wall at the fork we turn another lever. We move to the left and we pass into the control room. We examine all Harry's notes and use the device with numbers and levers on the right. Turn the left switch to engage the magnets and use the three knobs in turn. We lower all switches to the start position and raise each one by 4 divisions. All the lights will light up, and the heroine will write three numbers in her diary.

We return back, go down the stairs and activate the device at the exit from the ship. We turn left and along the path we find a homemade workshop. We examine the notes, photographs and the burner, and then we go along the wire to the destroyed stairs. We examine the charred object and return to the workshop. We go up the stairs and go to an open platform with a well. We press the button on the mechanism in the center and move to the right to the far stairs. We go down and sketch the current sea level. We follow to the ship and examine each tent in the camp.

We go along the wire further and launch all the remaining devices. We go up the stairs and examine the golden fresco at the top. We go back and activate the projector. Switch frames and sketch a picture in the diary with the lowest sea level. We use an electronic piano and press each key to match the frequencies with the diamond-shaped symbols.

We run back to the platform with the well, correlate all the received entries in the diaries and get the correct combination:

  1. It's night in the location, so we completely close the well.
  2. Pull down all the switches on the columns and walls.
  3. Raise rhombuses with two vertical triangles, with one and with two squares. The switches are located on the right staircase, on the wall at the entrance to the plateau, and on the column to the left of the well.

Press the button on the device and watch the appearance of the bridge of black matter. We move forward and climb to the very top of the column. We pick up the letter from the box and watch a short video. On the stone stand, press all the buttons in turn and go straight to the open passage in the mountain.

Chapter 4. An impressive sight

We move forward and at the fork we turn to the right. We run into a dead end and examine the golden fresco and various objects next to the tent. We go in the opposite direction and go up the stairs. We examine three more drawings and approach the empty pool.

We mark the symbols in the diary and in turn go to each fresco to select the correct button:

  1. At the bottom of the tent, you need to press the left one, but the stone structure is destroyed and lies on the ground turned in the other direction, so Nora will need to use the upper rhombus.
  2. At the nearest staircase, press the bottom staircase key.
  3. On the central fresco, use the right button.
  4. At the far stairs, we press on the upper rhombus.

The mechanism will work and a liquid will pour down from the mountain, which will start the work of the water mill. We get to the tent along the path and examine the objects. To start the transformer, you will need to insert the gears one by one. We start with the right mechanism and press the yellow button from the back side until the hole in the round disc is at the bottom.

We go around the structure and use the lever. The first gear will work, so we do the same with the rest to start the device. We approach the coil and press the round keys to let in the greatest amount of current. We lower two levers in the transformer and go back along the path. We examine Frank's grave, a photograph behind the tent and other notes. We start the current in a small hut and climb to the very top of the homemade structure to activate the next lever.

The girl will be electrocuted, she will fall from a height and will be in a dream. We go forward along the dry ocean until we stumble upon Nora's house. We go inside and examine the photos. We go up the stairs to the second floor and go into the office. Examine various objects in the room and activate the box in the chair.

Nora will wake up, so we go to Harry's speakers, lower the last lever and use the microphone. We watch the opening of the passage. We follow the inside of the mountain and run into a monument. We examine the territory and activate the button to go upstairs. We select the letter and watch the video, and then we study all the notes in the mountain cave and the frescoes above.

It is necessary to turn the discs correctly to open the required passage:

  1. We direct the left extreme up.
  2. Turn left center to the right.
  3. Point the right center down.
  4. We lower the right extreme down.

The stone door will open. We go inside, study the note and play the drums correctly:

  1. Central.
  2. Left and right.
  3. Center, right and left.
  4. Left, center, left.
  5. Right, right, left, center.
  6. Left, right, right, center, center, center.
All symbols on the walls will light up in lilac color, and a portal will be assembled from stones. We approach it and use our hand: Nora will turn into a mermaid and will be under water.

Call of the Sea Walkthrough - Chapter 5. Sunken City

We move forward and find another gate. We transform back into a human and move on to a new magical passage. Once again we find ourselves a mermaid and swim further. We use the underground current to get over the underwater cave, rise to the surface and return to our usual form through the gate. We go down the stairs and find an abandoned camp with stone huts. We examine each shack and study the bowls with black liquid, in each of which Nora learns a little information about aquatic inhabitants. We don't have to press the buttons, since Nora doesn't know the correct sequence yet. We go down the path down and sketch out four handprints of different colors.

Each cast of the corresponding color can be found on the huts next to the buttons, so we look in the diary and use the monuments in the order of their location on the column, from bottom to top:

  1. By the stairs.
  2. Upper tier.
  3. Middle tier.
  4. In the shack.

We pass along the left path to the bridge and press the final key on a special stone. Two columns with similar buttons will drop down to the lower tier. We go along the path to the nearest button and use it. The water level will drop and the path to the magic passage will be open. We turn into a mermaid. Ahead we find a column with a key that opens a secret passage, but Nora will not have time to swim, if you do not redirect several streams of water in the opposite direction.

Turn the triangle up and click on the right mechanism to launch the liquid into the maze. As soon as she approaches the green circle, use the left button. The jets of water will join and change the direction of the overall flow. We do the same at the third column and return to the monument. We activate the mechanism, we swim through the hole, and the water will quickly carry the girl behind the open door. We move up and at the end of the cave we use the magic portal.

We start the water drainage mechanism and go down the stone bridge even lower. We turn back into a mermaid and descend to the depths. We redirect the flow of water and swim through the arch. We observe the underwater life of sea creatures and Nora's short journey. We surface and return to land through the portal.

We rise to the right and find the camp. We study all the records and find out that Harry has already started to go crazy. We admire the bright sun and go in the opposite direction. We go down to the water and solve a complicated puzzle with green streams of water:

  1. We start the upper stream.
  2. Use the right button when the water reaches the right side.
  3. Press the bottom key when the right stream begins to bend around the obstacle from below.
  4. Use the left button when the top liquid is already inside the yellow square.
The green goo will join together and a boat will appear in front of Nora, which will take the heroine to the sanctuary.

Chapter 6. FHALGOF'N

We observe the thoughts of the girl until the boat takes her to the shore. We go to the left tent and examine all the manuscripts of Harry. We read his letter and watch the video. We follow to the tents opposite and study all the subjects. We put our hand into the statue and the spots on Nora's palm will change the drawing. We go to the monument in the center of the location and use the dagger. The girl will put her cut hand to the stone and open a secret passage.

We go inside and examine the four constellations. We sketch in the diary a labyrinth in the center of the cave and use two buttons on the monuments. Round stone discs will drop to the center, on each of which you need to use the glowing buttons. We use the keys on the left near disk and on the far right. One of the doors will open. We pass into it, run our hand inside another statue and the drawing on Nora's hand will change again.

We return to the main hall and use other keys: on the right near and left near we use symbols similar to the letter "C". The second passage will be clear. We repeat the previous operation and the third symbol will appear on the girl's palm. We go down back and use new buttons to open the stone doors: on the left near disk and the far right we use a new angular symbol, and on the near right we use the very first button.

We go into the third passage and turn into a mermaid. We sail through a small arch under water and return to our usual guise. We insert our hand into the new statue and move back the same way to the main hall. Use the new key on the far left disk and apply the “C” symbol on the near left and far right.

We pass into the next room and use the keys on the monument to raise stone bridges from the water. Turn the left and central statues with the letter "G", and direct the right one to the left. We pass to the next platform and move the white structures: set the left and central structures vertically, and move the right to the left. We return to the first monument, turn the central platform in the other direction and go to the last statue with a fish. Nora will display the last symbol on her hand, so you can go back and try to open the hidden door.

We look into the sky and discover a hidden constellation:

  1. On the left near disk we use the symbol “C”.
  2. On the far left, use a key with an almost straight arc.
  3. On the right neighbor, click on the first open button.
  4. On the far right, we press on the new symbol.

After carrying out all the operations, a secret door in the center will open. We pass inside and examine the mirror with black liquid. We go around the wall and go forward along the bridge. We find the body and restore the events that have occurred: follow the stairs and listen to Nora's conclusions. Harry faked his death so that the girl went in search of him and could be cured of the disease. We pass into the living room of our house and choose the desired ending of the story.

Embrace fate

We open the left door and we pass inside. After the girl uses the box, a trail will appear. We go along it to the portal and forever turn into a creature from the underwater world. Nora will connect her consciousness with the ancient god and set off on an eternal voyage. We are waiting for the end of the credits and find out that Harry could not forgive himself for cheating his wife and devoted his whole life to work.

Stay with Harry

We open the right door and find ourselves not far from the place of arrival on the island. We follow to the shore and observe a short dialogue between Nora and the captain about true love. The photo in the credits will change, at the end of which the heroine will begin to cough. After their adventures on the island, Harry and Nora will move closer to the sea, where they will live together for several years until the girl is taken away by illness on a warm March day.

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