WoW: Buy gold legally - this is how it works and you have to pay attention to that

WoW: Buy gold legally - this is how it works and you have to pay attention to that

 The trade in gold and other items from World of Warcraft is almost as old as the game itself. If you need a little cash to shop at the auction house, you can easily and legally buy gold. MeinMMO tells you how this works and what you have to pay attention to in order not to receive a ban.

You can get gold in World of Warcraft for all kinds of activities. You need it to buy consumable items, materials or equipment, for example. However, it takes time to farm the gold.

Anyone who has more money than time could be interested in simply buying gold. You can even do it, legally and without a ban, in just a few steps.

Buy gold through WoW brands - price and buy

How do I use a WoW brand?

1. Open shop

Open the shop menu in the game and select the "WoW brand" tab

2. Buy brand

Buy a token for $24 using your preferred payment method

3. Sell ​​brand

Put the stamp in the auction house - you can only sell it there

4. Waiting

Wait a little - brands are usually sold in a few hours

5. Pick up gold

Get your gold from the mailbox

Brands work both ways. You can either receive gold in-game for real money, or you can buy a token with gold and receive 30 days of game time or € 13 credit

How much gold do I get for it? That's the catch: the amount of gold is determined by supply and demand. That means: if there are many brands and few players who buy them, you will get less gold. However, if more players want to buy brands, it is more expensive.

The current value of a brand is displayed before you buy. You will receive the price that is displayed when the auction is created, regardless of how the value changes afterwards.

Caution: Other sources can lead to the ban

Are there alternatives? Basically yes. There are various gold dealers, but we will not mention them here. Trading gold for real money is not allowed in World of Warcraft.

The Blizzard Service Cancellation Information will tell you exactly which "Serious Violations" you can get an immediate and permanent ban for. Under point 6 it says:

"Cash purchase or sale or exchange of gold, weapons, armor or other virtual objects that are used in a game outside the game platform." (Via Blizzard )

This makes it very clear that you shouldn't buy gold any other way than the WoW brand. A ban does not have to happen, but the probability is quite high.

If you then own a lot of gold and want to keep it, you have to keep your eyes open in the auction house.

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