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Does Hitman 3 have multiplayer and VR? What game modes are available in the game


Does Hitman 3 have multiplayer and VR? What game modes are available in the game

The Hitman series has always had a variety of game modes. The developers did not change the concept of the project, so inHitman 3 players who are familiar with the series will be able to easily return to their favorite matches. Beginners, on the other hand, may not only face problems in studying all existing game modes, but also wonder about the availability of online matches and the possibility of using virtual reality helmets. In this guide, we'll go into more detail on all the existing game modes, as well as touch on the topics of multiplayer and VR.

Multiplayer in Hitman 3

At the moment, the game completely lacks multiplayer game modes. This means that the co-op sniper challenges and ghost mode (one-on-one) used in previous games, as well as any new options for online matches, do not currently exist. Perhaps the developers will add their favorite mods later, but now information about this is unknown.

All game modes in Hitman 3

Due to the fact that there is no multiplayer in the game, all of the modes listed below are completely single player:

Campaign. A standard chain of missions that will guide the player through different locations in the storyline.
Elusive Targets. The player receives a unique target that must be tracked down and eliminated without the help of Agent 47's supernatural senses while the user interface is disabled. The target is not displayed on the map, and the mission is given only 48 hours without the possibility of restarting the mission.
Escalations. Multilevel contracts to eliminate enemy targets. With each completed mission, the difficulty of the contracts increases. New goals and restrictions are added when completing the task.
Contracts.A familiar mode from the previous parts, in which users can complete tasks created by other players. When developing your contract, you must choose a goal and a way to eliminate it. After selecting all the conditions, you will need to complete the mission personally to add the card to the user base.
Sniper Assassin. Silently eliminate targets with a sniper rifle from a distance.

Hitman 3 VR - Expectation And Reality

Unfortunately, you can try Hitman 3 in virtual reality only on PlayStation VR, as this mode is a full-fledged exclusive of the console platform from Sony. The game lacks support for PlayStation Move controllers, so you will only have to control Agent 47 using DualShock or DualSense. The controllers use the built-in gyroscope to the maximum, so you can swing your melee weapon with the device in the game. The virtual reality mode received not only a new project about a bald killer from IO Interactive, but also both of the previous ones.