Escape from Tarkov: Everything about the map Forests 2021 - loot, spawns, tactics

 On the map "Forests" in Escape from Tarkov you have to cross a tranquil forest in a lake area and watch out for loot and life. MeinMMO shows you the most important maps for your raids.

The map "Woods" was thoroughly revised with an update for Christmas 2020 and got a rework. Now new tactics are necessary, because the map is now twice as big and there are new scav spawns and fresh areas to loot.

So that you can survive the forests and at the same time loot a lot of loot, we at MeinMMO have created a comprehensive guide for you that makes a successful raid more likely.

You can find here:

  • Updated Woods map with all important locations
  • A Woods map with all extraction points in German and English
  • Loot route for beginners that will help you with your first raids
  • Information on the NPC faction "cultists" that is up to mischief here

Escape from Tarkov: map Forests 2021

Map “Woods” - these are the exits

What you need to know about Woods: The Forests are the third place added in Escape from Tarkov. A raid takes an average of 30 minutes and takes you to a state-protected nature reserve in the northwest of Tarkov. 

Where are the extraction points? There are a total of 16 extraction points, which are displayed in the game in English. Woods is very extensive, so that you don't mix up the points, we have prepared a list with all exits for you. At the beginning of each round you can display the exits by pressing "O" twice.

Escape from Tarkov: map Forests 2021

  1. Outskirts - Outskirts
  2. Scav House - Scav House
  3. ZB-014 - ZB-014 - key is required here
  4. Scav Bunker - Scav Bunker
  5. Scav Bridge - Scav Bridge
  6. Bridge extraction - Bridge car extract - 3,000 rubles will be needed
  7. Northern UN roadblock - Northern UN roadblock
  8. Eastern Rocks - Eastern Rocks
  9. ZB-016 - ZB-016
  10. Alte Station - Old Station
  11. UN roadblock - UN roadblock
  12. Gateway to the factory - Factory gate - Friendly Scav needed
  13. RUAF roadblock - RUAF roadblock
  14. Waters of the outer district - Outskirts water
  15. Site Dead Man - Dead Man's Place
  16. Das Boot - The Boat

Loot route for beginners

Escape from Tarkov can be very frustrating, especially for newbies. For your first raids in the “forests” you will find a route here that will take you “safely” through the east.

Be aware, however, that safety in Tarkov is relative and still a trigger-happy PMC or player scav can stand in front of you at any time.

Loot route for beginners

Loot route with low risk: There are many routes on the revised forest map to get the highest possible quality loot. We advise you to start by choosing a route that more experienced Woods players would rather not choose: away from the action and undetected on the edge of the map. Keep your head down, collect loot and experience on the map before you hit the more popular locations.

If you start a loot run, only take a protective vest, headphones, backpack, a pistol and a filled spare magazine with you. Ideally you start near the eastern camp (marked with "START" on the map). There you will find mostly medical equipment, which can be of advantage to you later in the raid.

After looting the camp you walk south to the UN roadblock. On the way there you cross some forest areas. Stop here for a moment and check the loot of the camp. Before the roadblock, turn left and walk north until you reach the next piece of forest. There are two scav spawns and an underground bunker. 

Keep walking up to a rock chain, when you get there you have two options:

  • North-West: A camp in the mountains, near Sniper Hill
  • North-North-East: One of the new villages with very good loot

Which of the two options you choose is up to you. If not much time has passed in the raid, you can take the risk and explore the camp near the sniper hill. There may be some Scavs in the northern village, but the loot here is extremely valuable, especially for newbies.

At the end of the village, take a path to the west and run past the electricity pylons and the mountains. You will find another village that leads you to a hill. The Scav Bunker to the north can also hold high quality loot.

The camp in the north-west forms the end. Caution is advised at this camp because there is a minefield to the north and north-west. This minefield is not marked with warning signs and you should therefore go to one of the respective exits after looting the camp. Only leave the camp in a south or east direction.

Beware of the cultists at night!

In the forests of the nature reserve, a cult is up to mischief at night. As a beginner, you should avoid the area between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. The cultists are stronger than normal scavs and very difficult to take down. If you want to take on the cultists, you should have at least one night vision device with you.

There are two locations on Woods where a group of 3 to 6 cultists can appear. Far in the north and in the large forest area, in the middle of the map:

Beware of the cultists at night!

The cultists were also discovered on the Shoreline and Customs maps. Your boss is called “Zhrec”. The special thing about the cultist NPCs: The enemies make little or no noise. You often only hear them when they attack you or are already behind you.

Beware of their melee attacks, as the cultists carry poisoned daggers. If you have been poisoned, only the antidote “Antidote xTG-12” will help. Should you survive the raid without an antidote, healing from Therapist costs at least 40,000. 

The cultist dagger is a deadly melee weapon.

For newbies, Woods is now more suitable

The raids on the old Woods map were often intense and entertaining. With the rework of the map, the size has been doubled and players are spread across the entire map. With our loot route you avoid hotspots at the beginning and with a little luck you can loot undisturbed. 

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