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Farthest Frontier is a new game from the creators of Grim Dawn

 The Crate Entertainment team , known for their work on Grim Dawn , has announced the next game. This will be a strategy called Farthest Frontier, in which you have to build your own settlement.

Farthest Frontier is a new game from the creators of Grim Dawn

Fans of the genre of "city building", that is, economic strategies, are certainly familiar with the game Banished. This is a 2014 project in which you take control of a group of exiles forced to create their own medieval settlement. The game gained quite a lot of popularity and was well received by both the community and the industry media. If any of you liked this title and are looking for something new in a similar atmosphere, it might be worth taking a look at the announced Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier is a new work from Crate Entertainment, which previously created the isometric slasher game Grim Dawn, which is very popular among fans of the genre. Our task will be to build a city somewhere on the border of civilization. The responsibilities of the city planner include erecting additional houses, workshops, barracks, defensive walls or public buildings, collecting raw materials, trading with other cities and, of course, taking care of the basic needs of residents. This last aspect should be pretty tricky. For example, we will be able to obtain food through hunting, fishing and agriculture, but in the latter case, it will be necessary to use crop rotation, which will prevent depletion of the soil.

In addition, our clients are threatened by numerous external factors such as severe frosts and heat, droughts, dangerous fauna and diseases. The health of residents depends to a large extent on our actions. For example, ensuring access to clean water minimizes the risk of contracting dysentery or cholera to citizens.

Farthest Frontier already has its own Steam card. The game should debut in Early Access soon. The test period is expected to last between four and eight months.

While Farthest Frontier looks pretty interesting, some might ask, what about Grim Dawn? The Crate Entertainment team has made sure that this game continues to receive updates. However, most of the studio staff are now focused on creating a new strategy.