How to fly Helicopter in Rust

 Over the years, more and more content has been added for the survival game Rust . Where there were initially no vehicles, you can now get around with cars, boats, horses and finally also helicopters. In the following you will find out how to take off in Rust and what you have to consider.

If you master the minicopter in Rust, you have a strong advantage over other players.

Those who are high in the air have a clear advantage. With the helicopters in Rust you can kill your opponents from the air and take several people with you. There are currently two different helicopters in Rust that you can fly: the minicopter and the scrap helicopter. Both differ not only in appearance, but also in their carrying capacity, defense and offensive. However, it is not that easy to get to a helicopter. If you play on a server you created yourself, the chances are much higher.

The minicopter

You can find the minicopter on streets or paths. In addition to the pilot, there is another player on the minicopter. The pilot does not have a clear all-round view and cannot use any items during the flight. The passenger is free to use items and can, for example, fire weapons on the side. The minicopter has hardly any hit points and is therefore very fragile . The control of the minicopter makes flying anything but easy:

  • W: Ascend
  • A: Rotation left
  • S: sink
  • D: rotation right
  • Mouse left / right: roll
  • Mouse up / down: tilt
  • Crouch: Driving mode (floor)

The scrap helicopter

In contrast to the minicopter, the scrap helicopter can carry more than just two people. Although its loading area does not offer any seating, the human load can move freely in the rear of the machine. Although the cargo area does not have a tailgate, it has enough options to take cover. The sides of the helicopter are reinforced with metal plates and offer good protection for the passengers. The crew can shoot from the small side windows if necessary. The open tailgate also invites you to shoot.

To defend yourself against a scrap helicopter , you should aim for the tail rotor . It is the weakest link and extremely vulnerable to projectiles. Snipers in particular can defeat the helicopter in no time at all. As a pilot, you only have constant movement so as not to be an easy target when flying. The controls for flying are similar to those of the minicopter. With [F] you also switch on the light of the helicopter.

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