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How to play cooperative multiplayer and PvP in Demon's Souls Remake


How to play cooperative multiplayer and PvP in Demon's Souls Remake

We give you all the keys you need to play Demon's Souls Remake with your friends, including the PvP confrontation against other users you do not know.

Playing the multiplayer mode of Demon's Souls Remake is different from other titles to which we are already accustomed, and in order not to take an unpleasant surprise with a visit from a player, we are going to give you all the details in this guide.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy a particular multiplayer in Demon's Souls Remake, both in cooperative and in a direct confrontation with other users, although the method and operation is totally different from other titles, so you should know how to trigger each one from them.

There may be several reasons why you want to play multiplayer in Demon's Souls Remake, be it because you want to enjoy the experience with a friend, because you need help to defeat a boss or because you want to annoy any other user who is clueless.

How to play cooperative multiplayer and PVP in Demon's Souls Remake

Playing Cooperative

To unlock this possibility, we must first use a blue eye stone that will allow us to join another player or activate an invocation sign to allow another player to join our game.

And it is that activating one of these signs will require you to be in human form and that will cause another player to enter your game. On the other hand, if you use the blue stone, it will require you to be in soul form and this will leave a summon sign on the ground for another player to activate.

To get the blue-eyed stone you must talk to the maiden in black as soon as you defeat the first main boss of the game, which is curiously one of the simplest.

Note, that you can only enjoy this mode with players who have a level similar to yours, approximately 10-12 levels apart at most.

Playing with your friend

Unlike the previous cooperative mode that allows you to play with any other user, you may be interested in playing with a particular friend. For this we can make use of the function called "password pairing" that you can activate within the game options menu, in settings, on the network screen where you can activate this password requirement.

In this way, you will only see the summon signs of people who have entered the same password, and any invocation signs that you have placed can only be seen by other players who have entered the password.

This way, only people who know the password can join your game or you can join the game.

We also won't require the typical level requirements to see a summon signal, although in the end the matchmaking balances out.

Limitations of cooperative mode or playing with a friend

Note, whether you join another player or another player joins you, in principle we can advance through the stage as normal, but if the visiting player in ghost form dies, they will be expelled from the game. Also when you defeat a boss, your ghost friend must also leave the game and return to his own game.

You must be aware that none of the progress you make while you are summoned to another player's game will be translated into your own game session, so if you help someone defeat a boss you will continue to have it.

When you are in a host player's game, they can drop items for you but you can't pick them up in ghost form.

Playing in PvP mode

If you are enjoying the game in human form, there is the possibility that at any moment you will be invaded by a player in ghost form. They are those people who used a black eye stone and have been sent to your play session. You can also get your own Black Eye Stone by killing a ghost.

Remember that there is a code of honor for this type of confrontation such as that you will not be able to heal during the fight, that you will not be able to start the duel until both parties are ready and preferably that they are physical combats avoiding magic.