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Jungle guide to LoL Wild Rift: Everything about routes, champions and ganks

 In League of Legends: Wild Rift, there are roughly 5 roles that players can assume. One of them is the so-called jungler. This is particularly important because it breaks out of the pattern of the lanes and you can do a lot wrong accordingly. We at OkayGotcha reveal everything you need to know about the jungler.

What makes the jungler so special? As a jungler, you don't run down one of the three lanes in the classic way and fight for vassals, gold and towers. Instead, you move in the areas between the lanes.

There are special neutral creatures in fixed places, which are called "camps". The creatures bring gold and XP, like the vassals on the lane, two of them also bring buffs - the red buff and the blue buff.

The jungle also includes the river and thus the three special creatures herald, dragon and baron.

The jungler is the only player who packs the special Summoner Spell "Smite". This does a lot of damage to neutral creatures and is therefore important.

Jungle guide to LoL Wild Rift

What does a jungler do? As a jungler you have four main tasks:

  • You should gank the lanes in between to exert pressure and possibly save losing lanes or make winning lanes even stronger. This assumes that you can also assess the matchups on the lanes.
  • You shouldn't lag behind too much in terms of experience points and should therefore still do the camps in the jungle regularly.
  • You control the game a bit because you decide where to gank and when to kill a dragon or a baron.
  • You have to smite the baron, dragon and herald at the right moment so that the opponents do not steal them.

All of these tasks are difficult in themselves, but good junglers should usually master them in parallel. That makes the role perhaps the most difficult in LoL Wild Rift.

So that you can get along better with her, we at OkayGotcha tell you everything important about the topic.

The Summoner Spell Smite

The Summoner Spell Smite is extremely important for junglers. It causes 440 to 1,000 True Damage to monsters and heals you for 70 + 10% of your maximum health.

After killing 4 monsters with Smite, you will get an upgrade:

  • The red smite ensures that you can use it on enemy players. As a result, your opponent causes less damage to you for a short time and you more to him. This is perfect for aggressive junglers.
  • The blue smite can also be used on enemy players and reduces their movement speed. This is good in team fights and when you play a tank that opens the fight.

Everything about the camps and creatures on the map

These creatures exist: There are identical creatures on each half of the map. They are separated by the river. There are also creatures in the river itself.

  • In the lower part of the jungle there are the "Krugs" in the far south. These creatures split into smaller monsters when they kill, which you also have to defeat. Defeating them will bring you 200 gold.
  • In the middle of the jungle is the Red Buff. This creature is a bit stronger, but brings you a temporary buff that slows enemies when attacking and inflicts True Damage (ignores resistances)
  • The third camp - the raptors - is near the midlane. There is one strong raptor and several weak ones. Defeating them will bring you 160 gold.
  • In the upper part of the jungle there are the wolves first. These are near the midlane. Defeating them earns 140 gold.
  • In the middle is the Blue Buff. This is also stronger and brings you a temporary reinforcement through which you regenerate mana faster.
  • West of the Blue Buff stands Grump, a large frog. This is medium strength. Defeating him earns 140 gold.

The normal creatures have a respawn time of 90 seconds, the buffs 150 seconds each.

In the middle of the river there is also the scuttle crab. This is particularly important because it gives you a view of the respective object (dragon, baron), 120 gold, but also life points and mana. The special thing about the crab is that it does not attack you, but only moves through the river. The first crab appears at 1:27 minute in Wild Rift.

Everything about the camps and creatures on the map

The large objects: In addition to the usual jungle creatures, there are also dragons, heralds and barons. You have to be careful here, as the position of the dragon and baron changes when the maps are mirrored.

The dragon appears for the first time at minute 4 and with a certain element. Each element has a different effect on the kill:

  • The cloud dragon brings less cooldown to the ultimate abilities in the team
  • The mountain dragon brings more resistance
  • The Inferno Dragon brings more attack and ability damage
  • The ocean dragon brings life point and mana regeneration

Have you killed 3 dragons, the elder dragon appears. This one also has an element and brings a stronger buff again.

A dragon appears every 4 minutes.

Everything about the camps and creatures on the map

The herald appears at the baron's position at minute 6. Whoever defeats him gets a special ability with which the herald can be summoned. He then runs down the respective lane and attacks the tower there. That is its sole purpose and it only appears once per game.

From minute 10 the baron appears instead of the herald. The Baron is the strongest jungle creature and after his death gives the team a temporary buff, which means you can teleport back to the base faster and vassals in your area are also reinforced. It is great for tearing down the opposing base.

After the death, the baron returns after 3 minutes.

Baron Nashor is the strongest creature in the LoL jungle.

Routes in the jungle

What is the most effective way to jungle? Many junglers ask themselves this question at the beginning. What is certain is that you should start with one of the two buffs. The Red Buff is ideal for many champions. This makes you stronger for your first rounds in the jungle.

However, there are also champions who are more dependent on mana, for example Evelynn or Master Yi. These should then start with the Blue Buff.

Route with Red Buff:

  • You start at the Red Buff and use Smite there
  • Then go to the raptors
  • Then you go down to the jugs
  • After the jugs you kill the lower crab and use Smite there again
  • From then on you have several options: Gank on the mid or botlane, visit the opposing jungle or continue with the wolves and the upper part of the camp
Route with Blue Buff:

  • You start at the Blue Buff and use Smite there
  • You then go to Grump
  • Then you go down to the wolves
  • After the wolves it goes to the upper crab and there you use Smite again.
  • From then on you have several options: Gank on the mid or top lane, visit the opposing jungle or continue in the lower jungle

What happens after that? You should keep killing neutral creatures or helping your lanes. Walking distances that are too long can be a major disadvantage. Therefore, try to run effectively through the jungle and collect as much gold and XP as possible. You will need it later in the battles.

Also watch out for the crab's timers, as well as the dragon, herald and baron. Also, don't forget to shop in between to get stronger items. That also makes you faster in the jungle.

The right gank

The supreme discipline in jungling is ganking. The aim is to briefly create an outnumbered situation on a lane and to press the opposing champion, kill him or at least get the Summoner Spells so that your teammate has it easier.

When exactly you should gank it is difficult to say. It depends on many factors:

  • Your security with your own champion
  • In general, the choice of your champion
  • The champions on the respective lane
  • The current position and life points of fellow players and opponents in the lane

Basically, however, the following applies: Do not gank if the opponent is already under his own tower or if you have the feeling that you might die in the process. Because you always have to keep in mind that the enemy jungler could also be nearby. And your death throws you back miles in terms of XP and gold.

Which champions are good in the jungle?

The strongest champions in the jungle are currently:

  • Gragas
  • Lee Sin
  • Evelynn

You all three belong in the S tier. Other junglers are: Amumu, Graves, Jarvan IV, Jax, Master Yi, Olaf, Shyvanna, Tryndamere, Vi and Xhin Zhao.

In our Wild Rift Tier List you will find precise details on how strong the respective characters are. However, beginners should resort to Master Yi or Graves. These are the best junglers for beginners .

How do you like the role of the jungler in Wild Rift? Have you already tried them? Or do you have any further questions after reading this guide? Then please write to us in the comments.