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o2: Switch off mailbox - this is how it works


o2: Switch off mailbox - this is how it works

Nowadays, mailboxes are often just annoying. We'll show you here on OkayGotcha how to switch off and deactivate your o2 mailbox.

If you use o2 as a mobile operator, your o2 mailbox is automatically activated. But you can turn it off at any time.

o2: Switch off mailbox

  1. Open the phone app on your smartphone.
  2. To switch off the forwarding to your mailbox , enter the key code ## 002 #  and confirm with the handset symbol .
  3. If you want to reactivate the mailbox later , enter the key code ** 004 * 333 # and confirm with the receiver symbol.

Alternatively, you can call your mailbox directly to deactivate it. To do this, type in the speed dial  333  and press the receiver symbol. There you can also change other settings for your O2 mailbox. With some smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, you can also switch off the mailbox in the device settings. There you will often find the corresponding option under " Call diversion ". Simply deactivate all menu items below.

o2: Do not deactivate mailbox, set it

Alternatively, you can use the following key codes to determine when the o2 mailbox should start:

  • Mailbox goes on if you don't answer:  ** 61 * 333 ** 15 #
  • The number “15” at the end indicates after how many seconds the mailbox starts. You can choose 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
  • Mailbox goes to when your number is busy:  ** 67 * 333 #
  • Mailbox goes on when the mobile phone cannot be reached (flight mode, no reception):  ** 62 * 333 #
  • Forward all calls directly to voicemail:  ** 21 * 333 #
  • Deactivate all call diversions and the mailbox: ## 002 #

I don't use a mailbox myself. However, I hardly ever use the phone. And when someone calls, he does not speak to the mailbox, but writes a short message or an e-mail. Presumably the mailbox is threatened with extinction in the private sector. What do you all mean?