Rust: How to Get Blueprints and Unlock Them - Methods

Rust: How to Get Blueprints and Unlock Them - Methods

 Here you will find the main methods to get new plans in Rust. Research blueprints and search the world for them to collect better gear and unlock advanced options.

In the long run in any game of Rust one of the ways to survive longer is by getting better gear ; This is getting better weapons , better armor, more useful tools , and so on. And most medium or high-level items can be crafted from blueprints .

As a general rule, at least on basic servers, at the beginning of a game you will not have many plans in your possession, but you will have to investigate them or get hold of them by other methods. Next in this entry of our complete guide we tell you the methods to get plans in Rust.

Obtain blueprints from workbenches

The workbenches are a great way to get flat on your game. In these banks you can carry out experiments in exchange for scrap metal to unlock plans as if it were a technology tree. As you unlock a blueprint, you have access to more.

Scrap prices will go up with the level of the workbench and the more special the item on the blueprint is.

  • Workbench - Level 1: Your blueprints cost about 75 scrap.
  • Workbench - Level 2: Your blueprints cost about 300 scrap.
  • Workbench - Level 3: Your blueprints cost over 1000 scrap metal.

The first workbench can be created with 500 wood, 100 metal shards, and 50 scrap metal.

Get blueprints at the research tables

One of the main ways to obtain blueprints in Rust is through a research table . This item serves exclusively for this purpose and is that by interacting with it you can place resources or other elements to investigate a related plane in exchange for scrap metal and thus learn its recipe .

Research Tables can be crafted from 200 Metal Fragments and 75 Scrap Metal from a Level 1 Workbench. They can also be found around the world at some monuments, such as the Airfield or the Power Plant.

Most items can be used to research blueprints, but depending on the resulting blueprint the cost of the research will be higher or lower . Roughly these are the scrap costs for the plans:

  • Beginner level blueprints: 25-50 junk (such as cloth clothing, wooden furniture, or very basic weapons).
  • Low level blueprints: 50-75 scrap metal (such as metal tools, medicine, or guns).
  • Mid-Tier Blueprints - 75-125 Scrap (such as ammo, superior tools, weapon components, or metal doors).
  • High Tier Blueprints: 500 Scrap (such as rockets, explosives, best weapons, or advanced defensive structures).

Of course, once the scrap is inverted, the blueprint will be created after a few seconds and can be learned when finished. It is even possible to share it with another player or sell it through vending machines.

Find blueprints in boxes and barrels

All over the world you will come across plans if you like to explore every corner. Not everything goes through the workbenches or the research table. As you travel through roads, towns and monuments, keep your eyes peeled for plans in boxes and barrels . In them are many of the lower-level blueprints (and if you can't find blueprints, at least you will find resources that you can later take to a bench or table).

The different boxes and barrels around the world are normally found in these areas:

  • Toolboxes - Randomly appear near roads and along edges, alongside piles of garbage and also as floating debris in the sea.
  • Basic boxes: You will often find them on the roadsides, on monuments and in the sea.
  • Military boxes: appear on monuments, and are more likely to be found in advanced monuments.
  • Elite Boxes: You will only find them in the most dangerous and advanced monuments, such as those with radiation, the military tunnels, the scientific fortress or the places protected by the Bradley APC.

Loss of plane progress

Keep in mind that most of the time the progress you have unlocked from your blueprints will eventually be erased when a server wipe (i.e. clean). This is known as blueprint wipe (or BR wipe in English) and it will depend on the server you are playing on, in some plans progress is reset together with a map cleanup, while in others it is not.

Check the title and the descriptions of the servers to see if there is or will be wipe of plans, so you will not be scared when it happens.

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