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Spotify: View history (PC & mobile phone) - this is how it works

Spotify: View history (PC & mobile phone) - this is how it works

 If you want to see the history or history on Spotify, there are two ways to do it. Here at OkayGotcha we show you how you can keep track of your last played tracks.

Especially with the many “radio” stations from Spotify or when shuffle playing playlists, a song can quickly slip through whose artist or title you would like to know. But if you don't look at the player fast enough, the piece of music is gone again. In this case, you can simply look into the Spotify history to display the past titles again.

Spotify: Show history - the last 50 songs (only on PC)

Unfortunately, the Spotify history can only be viewed in the desktop app for PCs and laptops. Of course, the history also shows the songs that you have played with your account on other devices such as your cell phone, console or television. If you want to check which song was currently playing on your mobile phone, you either have to try to find the song by rewinding it or, even better, follow our second tip.

So you open the Spotify history in the desktop app:

  1. Start the Spotify desktop app on your PC or laptop.
  2. Now click in the playback menu on the queue symbol (≡) at the bottom right.
  3. Now the queue opens. Here you only see the songs that should be played next.
  4. For the songs you have already heard, click on the History tab above.

You will then see the last 50 songs played.

Spotify: View complete playback history (mobile phone & PC)

If you want to watch more than just the last 50 songs in the future, or if you want to keep track of what you last heard on Spotify on your smartphone at any time, will help.

The social music platform records your played music and lets you view it on your profile in various clear tables. For example, you can see which band or artist and which song or album you have heard the most. In addition, you can see exactly when you heard which song in a playback history. So you have a complete overview of all the music titles you are listening to.

In order to use, you have to create a free profile and link this to your Spotify account so that the platform automatically saves the songs played on the music streaming service in your library. Unfortunately, this does not work retrospectively. So you can only see the complete Spotify history from the point at which you have connected the two services.