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TOP 10: THE BEST HORROR GAMES OF 2021 (We are already afraid of that!)

 The horror continues. No, we don't mean Corona, but some really scary games that will be released this year. With these ten it runs down our spines even in broad daylight! So if you play something like that after sunset, it's your own fault...

10th place: House of Ashes

The horror of the Dark Pictures Anthology will continue in 2021. After Man of Medan and Little Hope, Supermassive Games sends you this time to the eponymous House of Ashes. The first teaser trailer already reveals that a military unit is going into the desert. A Sumerian myth according to which the souls of the dead in the House of Ashes are tormented by demons serves as a template for the story shocker. House of Ashes does not have a fixed release date yet, but should deliver scary supplies for fans of the anthology in 2021. 

House of Ashes

9th place: The Outlast Trials

After Outlast and Outlast 2 comes Outlast 3 - or not. Because developer Red Barrels is breaking new ground with its horror series: The Outlast Trials can not only be played alone, but also cooperatively with three other people. At the time of the Cold War you will find yourself in a facility. There you have to survive bizarre, sadistic and crazy experiments as guinea pigs, which are forced on you by the Murkoff Corporation - allegedly in the name of science. Even the first short trailer suggests a nerve-wracking and brutal struggle for survival that brings back memories of the Saw films.

The Outlast Trials

8th place: Little Nightmares 2 

In Little Nightmares 2 we dive again into a scary and charming world and slip into the role of Mono. An exciting adventure awaits fans of the first part, in which you help the little boy and his girlfriend Six to discover the dark secrets of a signal tower. She keeps the whole world under its spell with its gruesome programs. You will be irrigated by strange nightmare characters on your flight. Anyone who likes fairytale horror adventures à la Inside or Limbo shouldn't miss the indie pearl. 

Little Nightmares 2

7th place: Rainbow Six: Quarantine 

Ubisoft's next shooter takes a new path. Instead of relying mainly on PvP action as with Siege, Rainbow Six: Quarantine sends you into the fight against nasty aliens. As part of a three-man group of soldiers, you take on the nasty parasites on a space station that attack you and infect you with a kind of virus. In addition to tactical shootings, you also have to fight the enemy in your own body. Originally the shooter was supposed to be released in 2020, now Ubisoft is planning a release for the current year.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine

6th place: The Medium

As if our reality weren't already gruesome enough, the developers at Bloober Games are giving you a second, disturbing world. The makers of Blair Witch, Layers of Fear and Observer put you in the role of Marianne, the eponymous medium in their psychological horror game. Tormented by visions, you should uncover a gruesome child murder in the action adventure - and that in two worlds of perception. In order to shock you further, the Polish horror specialists have brought in the creator of the Silent Hill soundtrack, Akira Yamaoka. As early as January 28th, you can swim in the interworldly sweat of fear yourself.

The Medium

5th place: State of Decay 3

The predecessor started poorly in terms of technology and content, but developed into a really good game thanks to numerous updates. The official successor will follow this year with State of Decay 3. Again you gather a group of people around you and try to ensure the survival of all. You move around to get important items for the expansion of your settlement. You defend yourself against the numerous zombies with all kinds of homemade or found weapons. In addition to human undead, mutated animals are now also threatening the lives of your people: A zombie-infected deer appeared in the first trailer! 

State of Decay 3

4th place: GhostWire: Tokyo 

Paranormal activity is the focus of GhostWire: Tokyo. For inexplicable reasons, people disappear from the Japanese capital - only their clothes are left behind. At the same time, ghosts and demons push into the world who of course are up to no good. In the form of a mysterious protagonist in a raincoat, you fight the creatures with a bow and arrow and magical powers. Everything else is still a secret so far. But because the title comes from Shinji Mikami, who last shocked with The Evil Within, we can look forward to GhostWire: Tokyo.

GhostWire: Tokyo

3rd place: Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has been postponed so many times that some of you may have written it off by now. That's a shame, because the first impressions of the mix of survival and parkour were very positive. Again you move freely through a large and cohesive game world that is teeming with zombies. You can fight with all kinds of weapons, but it is better to avoid the countless brain eater with speed and acrobatics. A central factor in the second part should be the decisions that you make with your main character. Your actions and responses influence possible alliances with the human groups. 

Dying Light 2

2nd place: Scorn

Scorn is literally a shooter's nightmare incarnate. The title of the Serbian studio Ebb Software, which was independent just a few years ago, is now published exclusively by Microsoft. The setting is strongly based on HR Giger's surrealist art. The famous Swiss was already involved in the aesthetics of the “alien”. In Scorn, despite its assignment to the shooter genre, things are quieter, but all the more atmospheric. A pure single player experience with no distracting bells and whistles, which is all about exploring the biomechanical world. Whatever content awaits us in the end, the price for the most grotesque game in 2021 should already be certain Scorn.


1st place: Resident Evil: Village 

Since Resident Evil 7, Capcom's survival horror series has been on everyone's lips again and enjoys annual releases. After two trips back to the late 90s, the series is finally being continued in the eighth part, Resident Evil: Village. Village continues the story of Ethan Winters, who, hardly reunited with his wife Mia, is drawn into evil machinations again. When Chris Redfield appears, his journey takes him to the eponymous village, where not only occultism but also creatures reminiscent of werewolves reign. Village seems to take up many aspects of Resident Evil 4 and its earlier concepts. It remains to be seen whether the partly new ideas will fit the series. However, it should be clear that Part 8 will be pretty scary.

Resident Evil: Village

Bonus: The Callisto Protocol

Dead-Space inventor Glen Schofield is preparing to deliver the scariest game of all time with Callisto Protocol. He definitely has experience with the genre and the setting sounds promising. In 2320 you have to escape from a maximum security prison on the Jupiter moon Callisto and you are plagued by terrifying monsters. Sounds like an exciting mix of Dead Space, Chronicles of Riddick and Alien. Unfortunately, the survival horror title will not appear until 2022 - but hope dies last, as is well known.

The Callisto Protocol