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What else will happen at The Division 2 in 2021? Facts, rumors, theories

 What's up for The Division 2 in the new year? What is currently going on and what is still to come? A new extension? The Division 3? Nothing at all? Find out here what is known about it so far.

At the beginning of 2021, The Division 2 is now in its 4th season. And at the same time the now 2nd year of the game is slowly coming to an end. Many an agent should now slowly ask themselves: What can I expect now? And what's next with the game? What about year 3?

OkayGotcha summarizes what is known so far and shows some theories of the community.

This awaits you in year 2

What's going on at The Division 2 right now? After the major Title Update 12 in December 2020, The Division 2 is currently running Season 4 "End of Watch". This continues the events after the Warlords expansion and lets the players hunt down their old boss who has become rogue.

The end of season 4 should also mark the end of year 2. Because the season runs until the beginning of March. Then the 3rd year of The Division 2 would begin.

What's still to come in year 2? The season provides the game with fresh content until the end of February.

Roadmap until the end of year 2

Various events will follow in this context and the seasonal manhunt, i.e. the hunt for the old boss Faye Lau, will continue.

You can find out more about Season 4 here: The Division 2: Title Update 12 & Season 4 start - This is what awaits you

Two events in particular should be of interest here:

  • The clothing event, codenamed Nightmare
  • and the Title Update 12.1, which is not listed in the roadmap

The clothing event "Codename: Nightmare" is the former special event that was supposed to take place in a converted Kenly College. The event was supposed to offer a new, special gameplay experience, but this was rejected by the developers. Instead, it should now be an apparel event like none before that has been held at The Division 2. 

In addition, the Title Update 12.1, which should come on February 2, 2021, should also be interesting for some players. Because not only does code name: Nightmare come into play, but also a kind of next-gen upgrade for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

This will make The Division 2 on PlayStation 5 and Series X

  • be playable in 4K
  • and run at 60 FPS

which embodies one of the greatest (technical) desires of console players.

Now what about year 3?

This is the current situation: Exactly this topic is currently causing unrest and speculation within the community. Because recently it was announced that the first new game for Star Wars without EA will come from Massive, the makers of The Division 2 . But the studio is still working on The Avatar Project. Will there still be room for The Division 2 as the third triple A title? Many think "no" and assume that Ubisoft and Massive could drop the franchise or let it slide.

And although year 2 will end shortly with season 4, officially nothing really concrete is known about the future of the franchise. Except that the division franchise will probably continue. Ubisoft has now confirmed this on request.

The German-speaking division YouTuber Charles asked about the state of affairs after the news about the Star Wars had made the rounds. Because many saw it as the end of the division franchise. In response, Ubisoft told him:

“Massive is a very large studio that works on several titles in parallel, especially since our titles are generally developed and supported by several studios. The announcement of a new title doesn't mean that other projects are no longer supported. And of course that doesn't mean that the division will no longer be pursued as a franchise. "

The franchise itself should therefore be continued. But neither Ubisoft nor Massive have really looked into their cards so far. However, there are currently some popular theories in the ranks of the community as to how the game could go on.

Theory 1 - You let The Division 2 go on like this: Many consider it quite possible that Massive and Ubisoft will let The Division 2 just run like that in year 3, i.e. keep it alive on the back burner via the seasonal model, but without further substantial ones Deliver content.

At the moment it actually seems questionable whether Massive will even bring a big expansion in the style of “Warlords of New York” or whether they are working on The Division 3 themselves (or another studio). Because according to statements from Ubisoft, the financial result of "The Division 2" was rather disappointed - especially on consoles, sales apparently fell short of expectations . It didn't sound like believing in a bright future for the game.

This theory is currently felt to be the most likely in the ranks of the community.

Theory 2 - A new expansion is coming: Others assume that there could be at least one more add-on in the style of Warlords (or a bit stripped down) at the beginning of year 3 - whether from Massive or from another Ubisoft developer studio. Because The Division 2 still has some loose ends in terms of content.

The Langley Reports collectibles also give some agents hope. Because these came into play as a category some time ago, but no one has yet been able to win them. Many a player promises material for another DLC here.

Alleged contents of the Langley Reports have leaked on Reddit and speak of worldwide CIA operations, which in turn leads some to suspect that there could be a possible location outside of the USA. Some alleged data mining finds also suggest that Season 4 could lead to another addon at the end. So far, however, it has only been a matter of pure speculation.

In addition, some players see parallels between the current communication policy of Ubisoft and Massive and the situation shortly before the announcement of "Warlords of New York". There too, just like now, there was absolute radio silence for a long time about the future of The Division 2 and then the big Warlords expansion was announced out of nowhere. Now Star Wars has been announced as the next big project in, but fans are not completely giving up hope with regard to The Division either.

Theory 3 - The Division 3 is coming: Again others speculate that Ubisoft could possibly announce a third part of the Division series after all, although perhaps with a different developer than Massive. Possibly Red Storm Entertainment (they switched their background on Twitter to a “rogue agent” symbol from The Division at the end of 2020).

One of the reasons given is a relatively new feature of The Division 2, which only recently found its way into the game with Title Update 12 - namely the optimization station. Right here some clearly see parallels between the end of The Division 1 and the announcement of The Division 2.

Because the optimization station already existed in part 1. It is a powerful tool for refining endgame builds. There you can tease out the full potential of each item of equipment for a certain fee by pushing its values ​​up to 100% of the possible maximum. Introduced at the end of The Division's lifecycle, this feature gave agents "something cool to play with" at the end, before The Division 2 was announced.

Some see it as an indication of The Division 3 - the optimization station - coming soon


This is exactly what some now see as confirmation that part 2 could also have reached the end of its life cycle. Because the feature basically lets you perfect your equipment yourself - albeit with a lot of effort. This should be entertaining for a while, but in the end it is basically a coffin nail for the loot shooter when you no longer have to fathom the best equipment yourself in the game, but can work it out yourself (the necessary components for the But you have to earn optimization).

At the same time, the proponents of this theory assume that Ubisoft will not simply drop this franchise and that the division series could at least continue with another developer than Massive.

But this is also pure speculation. What will happen in the end is still absolutely open. But players won't have to wait too long for clarity. By March at the latest, when year 3 begins, Massive and Ubisoft should break their silence on the future of The Division 2 and we should all be a lot smarter then.

What do you think? How will The Division 2 continue in year 3? Do you think there will be a real year 3 at all? And how do you see the future of the franchise? Tell us and other OkayGotcha readers in the comments.