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Where to Find Glass Bells at Genshin Impact


Where to Find Glass Bells at Genshin Impact

To elevate characters in Genshin Impact requires a variety of resources. So, to elevate Qiqi and Xinyan, you need glass bells (Violetgrass). In this guide, we'll show you where to find them.

Genshin Impact is a shareware role-playing game with unusual conditions for leveling heroes. When only one of them reaches level 20, progress stops. For further development, it is necessary to carry out an elevation procedure, which requires certain resources. Among them are glass bells. They are necessary to exalt Xinyan and Qiqi. In addition, these flowers are used to prepare dishes such as Black-Back Perch Stew and Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish, which restore health over 30 seconds.

Find glass bells on the mountain slopes in the Liyue region. For example, these flowers grow near the Mingyun Village or near the Huaguang Stone Forest. The exact location of the bells can be seen on the Genshin Impact map.

Where to Find Glass Bells at Genshin Impact Map

The interactive map can be opened by the link . To see where the glass bells are located, open the menu on the left and look for Plant. The type of flowers you need is in the top row, on the right.

Where to Find Glass Bells at Genshin Impact Map1

All plants grow back within 48 hours of real time. If you have collected glass bells in all the indicated places, but you still do not have enough - just wait two days and collect them again.