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With the WoWAnalyzer you will become the right top raider

 There are tons of tools and add-ons to help you get better at World of Warcraft . We want to introduce you to a special tool: the WoWAnalyzer. It helps you to get better in raids and is not that difficult to use.

What is the WoWAnalyzer? WoWAnalyzer is a website that evaluates your performance in certain battles in raids.

The tool shows you exactly which skills you use in which way, how efficiently you use your resources and cooldowns and how you can improve yourself most effectively. The analyzer suggests what you can do better when fighting.

The WoWAnalyzer evaluates logs for this, but you have to create or read them beforehand. The warcraftlogs website, which we also use to evaluate our DPS list for WoW , will help you with this . We'll explain step by step how everything works there.

Use WoWAnalyzer and get better

How to use the data correctly: First of all, you need a log for a fight that you want to evaluate. In most guilds, an officer takes care of the logs. You can find out how to create your own logs below in the guide.

If you have selected a fight and your character, you will then receive an overview of your performance in the fight. You will usually find the things that you can or should improve here.

Use WoWAnalyzer and get better

The example of my death knight shows that I am already doing a lot right. Only the handling of my most important cooldowns, Dark Transformation and Unholy Infestation, still needs to be improved. However, there are other reasons for this, as you will soon learn.

Below is an overview with suggestions for improvement, marked with:

  • "Major" - for things that you should see urgently
  • "Average" - to eliminate important but not too significant errors
  • "Minor" (hidden by default) - to eliminate even the smallest errors

With the WoWAnalyzer you will become the right top raider

The analyzer still shows that: In addition to the overview, there are some other useful statistics that you can learn from. These are:

  • "Statistics" - Shows an overview of your damage, healing, items used and more.
  • "Timeline" - A timeline that shows when you used which skills and used cooldowns. Useful to optimize the "uptime".
  • "Character" and "About" - general information about your equipment, skills and the underlying evaluation.

There are also class-specific tabs, in my case “Rune Efficiency” and “Runic Power Efficiency”. For other classes there is something like “Soul Shard usage” (witcher) or “Voidform” (shadow priest). Here you can find information about how efficiently you use your resources.

You should pay attention to this: Note that not all classes are always supported. Guides for some specializations may be out of date and the data is no longer based on current figures. They can be imprecise or even useless.

You should also be able to read the analyzes correctly. The analyzer always assumes that these are "patchwork" battles in which you can attack 100% of the time. In my example I chose a fight against the starving destroyer from Nathria.

It is suggested that I stand at the boss more often and use certain skills more often. But the destroyer always works abilities that prevent me from standing at the boss or delay my cooldown times. So you should consider which of the tips are useful and which are not.

Create and use warcraft logs for the WoWAnalyzer

How to use the logs: If you want to look at your performance, you first need the log of a fight that you want to evaluate. Many guilds already have a player responsible for this. It's best to ask the guild management about it.

Then simply retrieve the logs via warcraftlogs and copy the URL above. Look for the name of the guild or the uploader and click on the corresponding day in the calendar.

With the WoWAnalyzer you will become the right top raider

Then copy the entire link to the raid tag (for example: You can then enter the link at the top of the WoWAnalyzer website and then select a boss, one of the battles against the boss from the corresponding day and your character.

Important: The logs must be public ("public") or unlisted ("unlisted"). The analyzer cannot read private logs.

Create and upload warcraft logs

This is how you make your own logs: If you don't have someone who is already uploading the logs for you, you can easily do it yourself. First, create an account at warcraftlogs, which you can link to your account as you wish.

Once you have created the account, you have to download the WarcraftLogs Uploader. You can find it directly on the website by clicking on "Install Client" on your account page. Alternatively, you can find the link to the download page here.

With the WoWAnalyzer you will become the right top raider

After you have installed and started the program, you have to log in with your warcraftlogs account. You then have two options:

  • Upload log / "Upload a Log": Upload a log that you previously created in a raid.
  • Log live / “Live Log”: Enter the program path on which you have installed WoW and start raiding. The logs are then uploaded live.

Remember that the options “public” or “unlisted” must be selected.

To start a log in WoW, enter the command / combatlog before raiding. This activates the logging of all activities. Addons like BigWigs or DeadlyBossMods, which are among the most important and best add-ons , also have such functions integrated.

You can find the logs in your WoW folder under "World of Warcraft / _retail_ / Logs /". Once you have uploaded the logs, you can then use them for the analyzer.

By the way, don't assume that the analyzes will make you a professional straight away. Improvement is a slow process that you should keep working on. It is also helpful if you work on your equipment and your secondary values.