Autocatch with Pokémon GO Plus - This is how you automatically catch monsters with the gadget

 The GO Plus and the Poké Ball Plus usually do not have an autocatch feature for Pokémon GO , but with a few tricks you can get the gadgets to automatically catch the Pokémon.

This is how Autocatch works: Your GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus are switched on and aim at the Pokémon. The targeted Pokémon are then not caught at the push of a button but automatically. You have to hold your smartphone in your hand for each device.

This is how Autocatch works with the GO Plus and Poké Ball Plus

Is that even allowed? That's a gray area in Pokémon GO. As such, the gadgets are not designed for this, but they can be changed so that they can.

There is the option of re-soldering your gadget and thereby enabling an autocatch. However, this could also destroy the device and interfere with the functionality. So we don't recommend this strategy to you.

However, there are also ways where you can cause an autocatch with small aids.

The GO Plus cannot actually autocatch - but it works with a little trick.

This is how the Autocatch works: To do this, you first have to connect the GO Plus or the Poké Ball Plus to your mobile phone as normal. If that worked, you can start.

Take a rubber band or an elastic band and wrap it around the ball or the GO Plus so often that the pressure is strong enough and the button is permanently pressed for catching.

Holding it down sends the signal to Pokémon GO each time and every command is carried out. So you turn every PokéStop and every Pokémon is started.

Meanwhile, you can simply put your cell phone and device in your pocket or on your desk. However, keep in mind that you have to pair the devices again every hour. So unfortunately you can't leave it overnight.

Are there alternatives? Devices like the Gotcha can autocatch, but are not licensed by Niantic. However, the developers are not taking action against this, so that one can speak of a gray area here.

Is Autocatch worth it? That depends on how you play. If you like to play with the phone in your hand anyway, you don't necessarily need a GO Plus or the Autocatch.

However, if you have a job where you can reconnect the GO Plus every hour and also have some Pokémon standing in front of the door, then you should try the Autocatch. It might be worth it.

But keep in mind that not every monster can be caught with GO Plus. Again, only one ball is thrown each time. When the monster breaks out, it flees.

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