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Bowser's Fury is a title that no one expected in this 2021. The non-expansion included in the porting of the title born on Wii U is a godsend for all fans of the Super Mario saga. In these brand new adventures we will have to defeat Bowser through exclusive levels and in the meantime capture all the collectibles. These will of course be optional items but we at OkayGotcha still want to help you find as many as possible. So let's start immediately with the guide on how to find all the 5 fragments of Solegatti scattered throughout the 12 levels available in order of history .


  1. Bowser's Fury's first piece of Solegatto will be hidden in a wooden crate above the ground, and you'll notice it right away as you progress through the level. To get to that point you will have to climb the wall near the red bridge in case you have the cat upgrade or by rotating the aforementioned bridge.
  2. This fragment will be on top of a rotating red platform that is clearly visible as the level progresses. Noticing it will be very easy and to find it, just look around.
  3. Starting from the previous point, go around the corner and break the yellow crates to reveal the third piece.
  4. As you advance, pay close attention to the edges of the island you are walking on. Under this in fact, always during the advancement, you will find the collectible. This will be very easy to notice given the red wall to spin thanks to Cat Mario .
  5. The last of this level will be just before the lighthouse, you just need to climb over the rotating red platforms and collect the collectible, also this time clearly visible.


  1. The first fragment of Solegatto will be found as soon as you enter the island on a folding platform, seeing it will be very simple.
  2. This fragment will be placed behind the lighthouse.
  3. The third fragment of Solegatto will be found in the area south of the island in question, among the trees in plain sight.
  4. The fourth piece will be located on a tree at the foot of the fortress walls. This will be really visible and finding it will be very easy.
  5. For this fragment you will have to sharpen your eyes and head to the northern part of the island. Here will be placed a block of bricks, which can be destroyed with Cat Mario , which will take you to a hidden area behind a wall, here you will find the fifth fragment.


  1. To get the first fragment you will have to cross the initial island bridge and go to the first red marching enemies.
  2. Going to the northernmost part of the island, helping you with the map in case you need it, you will have to climb the purple wall. At some point you will find other red marching enemies and always above the wall will be the second fragment.
  3. the third fragment will be on the other side of the previously climbed wall, to be precise above the enemies with the boomerang. There will be red platforms to help you get it.
  4. This fragment is apparently the most difficult to obtain, as it will appear as an object floating in the air. To get it, just go to the south of the island where you will find a structure to climb. Then grab your Cat Mario and jump from there.
  5. The last fragment is located under the launch pad to the next lighthouse.


  1. This level is a series of obstacles and platforming worthy of the Super Mario saga . The first Solegatto fragment of this level is in the starting platform, above a Goomba column .
  2. As we described in the first step, all the fragments will be easily found on the way to the lighthouse and this too is no exception. To get it you will need the skate, which can be obtained just before the ramp.
  3. Continuing with the level, you'll find another fragment inside a tunnel with thorns at the edges.
  4. For the fourth fragment you just need to climb above the second tunnel of the map with the skate equipped. Here you will find the fragment very easily.
  5. The last one is at the end of the path, before the lighthouse. To get it again, you will need the giant skate and take the right run-up.


  1. The first fragment of Solegatto will be placed to the left of the door to the Colosseum, seeing it will be very easy as it is located in the center of a pool of water at the foot of the door.
  2. Once inside the Colosseum you just have to go step by step with us to not miss all the fragments. As you progress with the level, always keep an eye on the guide as we will orient ourselves thanks to clearly visible reference points. The second Shard of Solegatto will be found after a recess behind the enemy Boom Boom . From this you should see the water flowing and to reach it you just have to climb.
  3. The third fragment is placed under the platform on which we defeated the enemy Boom Boom .
  4. Once you have finished the Colosseum you will have to climb to the top of the structure. Here you will find the penultimate fragment of this level.
  5. Before the lighthouse to go to the next level, go inside the spring and aim upwards. You should now see the last fragment and a golden ring, placed in that position to help you aim.


  1. On the back side of the island, in the southwest area you will see a glittering cat fragment floating, under this there will be an invisible bridge for you to catch.
  2. As you climb the tower, the shard should appear in front of you on a blue platform.
  3. If you continue climbing, at a certain point you will see a series of boxes in a column, in the area to the south when looking at the map. As you climb them, use the bell and transform into C at Mario , so you can jump to the shard.
  4. The fourth will be found as you continue climbing the tower. This will be placed on top of a platform.
  5. As you advance with the climb, once you are near the end, continue to use the ground attack to reveal the path to the fragment.


  1. The first cat fragment will be on top of the smallest tower in the level. Use the box with the motor to reach it without problems.
  2. Behind the tallest tower you can find the second fragment. To make sure you have to go through the rotating panels.
  3. For the third fragment you will have to work harder and sharpen your eyes because it will be in a hidden room. You can notice the latter by climbing the highest tower where at a certain point you will notice colored enemies on your left. Now what will appear in front of you will be a ledge that apparently leads to nothing but, by turning the corner, you can get the collectible.
  4. This will be noticed very easily by climbing the tower. Use the rocket box to get it safely.
  5. The last one will be in the center of the mill blades. Again, making good use of the rocket box will secure the shard.


  1. We are almost at the end of Bowser's Fury and now the proceedings should be clear enough. Even this first fragment is no exception and to get it you just have to jump on the platforms that will float in the air at the beginning of the level, in the south area.
  2. As the level progresses you will find another fragment floating in the sky, at least apparently. In fact, under this there will be an invisible cloud that will allow you to get it easily.
  3. The third fragment of Solegatto can be easily obtained by climbing the structures in the western part of the island.
  4. Going north instead you will be able to see the fourth shimmering piece floating between two platforms. Jump to get it very easily.
  5. The last one will be towards the end of the level concerned, to be precise in the north-eastern part of the map. This will be found floating above a thin platform, so making a nice precise jump will be essential to not lose too many lives.


  1. Between invisible pipes and other adventures, reaching the first fragment of this new level will be very easy. Seeing it will be very easy because it will be found floating above the exit of one of the aforementioned pipes. Look around a bit and try the various entrances to get it very easily.
  2. As you progress through the various tubes you will see a fragment on top of a handful of these. Taking it will be very easy and you just have to walk on it with due attention.
  3. The third fragment is located in the eastern part of the island, between two pipes. Going through them you will be taken into a weave that will immediately put you inside another tube; here too making mistakes will be very difficult.
  4. For this piece of Solegatto you will have to continue the level until you reach another intertwining of pipes. Above these will be your collectible scope, and similarly to the second, you will have to go over it via a specific exit.
  5. The last piece will be found in the vicinity of the lighthouse along a hidden pipe. To find it, simply wipe out the rotating enemies with the power of fire, so as to reveal the passage.


  1. The first fragment of this exclusive map for Bowser's Fury can be found while we climb the mountain. When you find two sets of spinning magma balls, be very careful and turn the camera 180 degrees to reveal another platform to continue on. This won't be very easy to see so keep your eyes peeled.
  2. For this we will have to defeat the enemy of the hammers in the most south-eastern part of the island that defends him.
  3. The third can be found between two walls that would normally lead us into a sea of ​​lava. Then use the bell to fully exploit the power of Cat Mario .
  4. Immediately after the previous fragment, a green rotating platform with yellow arrows will appear in front of you. Adjust with this to get the collectible and duck down to help.
  5. For this, just destroy the wall made of Pow blocks in the center of the island.


  1. We have finally arrived at the last island of this delightful spin-off. The goal is very close so let's roll up our sleeves and make this last effort. The first fragment can be found between two blue rotating platforms on an invisible platform above the lava.
  2. Now go up on the blue platforms that we have just described and also take the second fragment which this time will be protected by a Piranha Plant .
  3. As you continue with the level you will notice several columns of Goomba blocking your path. The treasure will be placed above the one to Mario's left .
  4. Let's move on to find the penultimate piece, which will have to be revealed by throwing a Bo Bomb on the wall near the blue rotating platform.
  5. Bowser's Fury's final piece of Solegatto will be found towards the end of the level, above a sloping green structure. Taking it will be really very easy, especially using the bell.

We have come to the end of this very long guide. If you liked this content, we remind you to continue to follow us on all our social networks and stay connected on OkayGotcha so as not to miss the other Bowser's Fury themed guides.