Can I record calls on iPhone?

Can I record calls on iPhone?

 How to record calls on iPhone

Recording a call is something that can save us on more than one occasion, but can calls be recorded on the iPhone?  In the case of Apple and that we all know that it is different in practically every way , they have a more closed system that they call more secure, but that little by little has been opening up to other options that the competition had, such as putting a USB drive in it. iPad. But in the case at hand, it is totally different from Android, that if it allows you to record calls even natively on some occasions, here we tell you how to record calls with an Android phone , unfortunately Apple does not allow you to do it as in Andorid , but otherwise form, we tell you.

As they manage the operating system and APIs so that developers can program applications, they have restricted access to the microphone and the headset during calls , since privacy for Apple prevails in this case. Thus it would not be possible in the traditional way to be able to record a call as in Androd mobiles, but the developers have invented a way  to overcome this obstacle in order to record calls.

The developers know that this is something in high demand and they have managed to be able to make this type of recordings and, all told, charge for the service . For this it is necessary to make a call to three, the operation is very simple, you will have to call a phone number that will record the call and this will contact whoever you want to call, the conversation being recorded on this server that will store them and that will charge us for retrieving or listening to them.

To receive calls is a similar process, but on the contrary, when we receive the call we will have to put the person who calls us on hold , open the application and make it work so that it can be recorded, also we must bear in mind that the application support this feature, which not all do.

Some developers have made applications using this method and make them available to users for free, such as free games for iPhone , and with the typical mandatory message of purchases within the app,  where we already know that they will charge us for this service , we are going to show you the main applications and how they work.

Applications to record calls on iPhone

Simply doing a search in the App Store of our iPhone we can find many applications that follow this method of recording calls , we have tested the main ones and with service in Spain  for you, we are going to tell you how they work to record incoming and outgoing calls .


Searching for the name of this application, we quickly locate it and install it for free. Once installed we open it and follow these steps to configure it:

  1. We click on continue and it will ask us for our phone number , we enter it.
  2. He will send us a text message with a code that we will have to enter to register.
  3. It will ask us to select the plan we want to use , luckily it offers us a few days free to try it.
  4. Now we select the country where we want to make the calls to be able to record them. We select Spain that will appear above.
  5. If we want it to send us notifications, we activate the permission, as well as to access the contacts instead of having to dial the number by hand.

At the end of the configuration it gives us the option to see some tutorials on how to record outgoing and incoming calls , even so we will tell you how.

Record outgoing calls with TapeACall

  1. We open the application.
  2. We click on the big button to record.
  3. Now we click on the phone number that we have configured  to call and record the calls, we make sure once again that it is a number from Spain to avoid carrying extra charges.
  4. Once the communication is established, click on the + icon to add another call.
  5. We dial or look for the number in the phonebook we want to call and click on call.
  6. Now the + icon will become merge , click on it to merge the calls and record the conversation. 
Once the recording is ready, the application will notify us if we have enabled notifications.

Record incoming calls with TapeACall

  1. When we receive a call, we answer it and go to the home screen. 
  2. We open the TapeACall application and click on record.
  3. Click on the service number to call.
  4. Once the communication is established, click on merge and the call will be recorded.

In a few seconds you will have the call ready to listen by accessing the call recordings button on the main screen. 

ACR call recorder

Similar in operation to TapeACall and most applications, if we search for the ACR call recorder in the App Store we can install it for free, once installed we start it to configure it.

  1. For the registration, it gives us the option to send an SMS ourselves , with a charge, or we can select the manual method , we select the latter to not receive additional charges for sending SMS.
  2. We add the country code and followed by our phone number.
  3. Now it will ask us for the type of subscription , we have a few free days to test it.
  4. Next we have to add the phone we want to call to record the calls, we select the one that corresponds to Spain.

Now we have the application ready to record incoming and outgoing calls.

Record outgoing calls with ACR Call Recorder

  1. Click on the big red call button and select the keyboard or the contacts to make the call.
  2. Now we select the number to call the recording service. It will automatically appear below to call the number we have added.
  3. When the call has been connected with the recipient, just click on merge and the call will be recorded.

Record incoming calls with ACR Call Recorder

  1. When we receive a call we accept it and a notification will appear above , click on it to access the application, if the notification does not appear we go to the application and click on record.
  2. We press the phone of the service that offers us the call recording.
  3. When the call is connected, click on merge.

It will not be long until you have available, to access the recorded calls we touch the recordings icon that is at the bottom in the center.

Advantages and disadvantages of recording calls on iPhone

It is not difficult to obtain advantages from recording calls, we can use it when they offer us a specific offer that is recorded, if we need some type of proof or statement , or simply if we want to remember something. With these programs we can obtain these benefits of recording a call.

But it also has its drawbacks, in the legal framework in Spain it is not possible to record phone calls for any purpose, so it is very important to look at this legislation , most apps have a section to help us that specifies this . There is also privacy, by staying on external servers I do not know if this inspires a lot of confidence when conversations are delicate, there is no problem if it is the shopping list, but it changes things when we talk about other more or less legal matters.

Also the cost of the service, some offer some recordings for free, others some trial days, but sooner or later you will have to pay for the service . In addition, there is the disadvantage that not all have the service in Spain and we would have to call other countries to make the recording. It is also not available with all operators, as not all offer the conference call or three-party service .

The applications that we have analyzed here have their service in Spain , so it would be a national call that is normally included at a normal price in your mobile phone plan, but do not forget to weigh the cost of the service with the utility that you are going to give to the Call recordings, in some cases it can be more expensive than expected.

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