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Choose the best starter monster | Monster Sanctuary

 We know from Pokémon: Choosing the right starter is not always easy and quick. Especially if you want the best possible start to the game. That's why we're giving you an overview of the starters in Monster Sanctuary . So you can make the optimal decision and get into the mix of platformer and turn-based collectible RPG.

Choose the best starter monster | Monster Sanctuary

This is how you get your first monster

Right at the beginning of a new game you can choose between four different starters . You cannot change this decision anymore. These spectral monsters are unique and different from the monsters you encounter in the world.

You will have dialogues with your companion over and over again in the course of the game. So think carefully about which starter suits your style of play best . But don't worry, you don't have to keep it on your fight team permanently.

You have to pay attention to this when choosing a starter

The starters not only have different values , but also special abilities that allow you to reach different places in the world. However, you can quickly find other monsters that offer these abilities. Therefore, your decision should not be based on these special actions alone. Because the combat values ​​of the starters also differ greatly and give you different advantages.

The special skills

  • Flying (spectral eagle): lets you fly briefly
  • Tackle (Spectral Toad): Destroy Hidden Walls & Move Heavy Blocks
  • Claws (Spectral Wolf & Spectral Lion): Destroy hidden walls and vines

The best monster in battle

Use the blue spectral wolf to attack your opponent with water and wind attacks. His values ​​are pretty even. It has slightly more mana and less defense than the Spectral Lion . The lion is therefore the true all-rounder of the starter troop. He can do anything about equally well. That's why it doesn't stand out, but hits fire and earth with an exciting mix.

The spectral toad relies on maximum life energy and a lot of mana . She can take a lot and can support the rest of the team well. However, it lacks offensive power. Nevertheless, she should not be underestimated, because if you develop her healing skills, then she can keep the other monsters and herself fit. The toad carries out its attacks with the elements earth and water.

The spectral eagle is particularly aggressive . He's strong in attack and magic - he's ahead here among the starters. Its life energy is almost as high as that of the spectral toad, although it lacks defensive power. The yellow bird offers a combination of water and wind attacks.

here you see the values ​​of the four spectral monsters

Personal preferences

When choosing the right starter, you shouldn't forget that you will likely spend many hours with it. Since the differences between the starters are not decisive for the game , you can also include personal preferences in the decision-making process. Maybe even the color or the species is the final factor. You're not wrong about any of the starters - that's the way it should be. The first monster will eventually get company quickly and be supplemented by the other team members.

our recommendation

The spectral toad fits into every team , because sooner or later you always need healing. However, if you want to do without it or later want to look for another monster for this task, then it is worth taking a look at the Spectral Eagle. With it you get through the first sections of the game well, because the opponents don't deal much damage, but you can inflict them well on them in return.

Would you like to see the values ​​and characteristics of the four starters firsthand? Our video shows you the spectral monsters in all their glory.