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CoD: Warzone - How To Get A Yellow Card

 Despite the addition of new bunkers and weapons, the developers did not stop there. They presented the players with a nice addition - the "yellow card" access key. Thanks to her, you can get a lot of great loot. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the yellow key card and how to use it.

CoD: Warzone - How To Get A Yellow Card

It is quite easy to obtain the yellow key, but there are pitfalls that can complicate this process many times, and there are only two of them:

  1. Players who, just like you, want to take possession of it.
  2. Zombies that will constantly attack you and interfere in every possible way.

But first, let's take everything in order.

How to get a yellow access key

Not predictable for the developers of the game, but the way it is - the key is in one area of ​​Verdansk. And in fact, only one yellow card appears for each match. To find it, you must first go to the shipwreck area, which is located in the lower right corner of the Verdansk map, near the Prison. Then you enter the ship from the back.

As soon as you find yourself inside the ship, then activate the "Zombie" event using the computer located on the right side of the room. After activation, about 40 zomboks will appear, which are quite difficult to kill. So be careful and stock up on ammo before triggering the Zombie event. The last zombok drops a yellow access card.

What to do with the yellow passkey

What to do with the yellow passkey

If you managed to get the yellow key, then go down the first stairs located on the left side of the room. Next, open the first doors on the left in each room until you find a giant yellow box. As for the contents in this container, it contains two bags of money, a UAV, legendary blueprints, and an armor bag with eight plates.

If we compare getting the yellow key and the reward for completing the event, then it is really an unfair reward. And unfortunately, the key cannot be used to open any of the several bunkers in Verdansk. However, if your squad wants to return to the destruction of zombies, then you can re-activate the event using the computer.