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Control: ALL Correspondence (letters) - Location

 We show you the location of all the Control Correspondence. Discover where you can find them in each of the sectors of the game and do not miss any collectibles.

Control: ALL Correspondence (letters) - Location

The Correspondence is a type of collectible available in Control . Throughout the different sectors of the Federal Control Agency we can find these letters and notes that tell us stories and give us context about the world of the game.

Next, in this section of our guide, we show you how many of these Correspondence collectibles you can get and their location in the scenarios.

Correspondence in the Executive Sector

These are the Correspondence collectibles found within the Executive Sector of the Agency:

# 01 - Reminder of prohibited items

  • Location: as soon as the game begins, it is next to the arches of metal detectors that you must pass through when you arrive at the Agency.

# 02 - Safety order

  • Location: on the top floor as soon as the game starts, go down the hall and go into the office with the door open at the end of the hall (a little before meeting the concierge for the first time).

# 03 - R4 report reminder

  • Location: a little ahead of the position of the previous one, this one is inside a dark office that there is shortly before meeting with the concierge for the first time.

# 04 - Reminder of Approved Terminology

  • Location: After using the elevator, after speaking to the concierge for the first time, exit the elevator and go into the room on the left to find it on a filing cabinet.

# 05 - Trench: Do Not Disturb

  • Location: it is next to a painting with a couple of horses next to the door that leads to the office of the director of the Agency.

# 06 - Committee minutes

  • Location: in the Executive Affairs area, inside one of the offices that has a long table.

# 07 - Dinner reservation

  • Location: In the Executive Affairs area, it is at the back in a wing of the room where there are a lot of desks.

# 08 - Marshall: SMA Investigation

  • Location: In the Executive Affairs area, it is inside the secure room that can be entered by opening the armored door.

# 09 - Evaluation of visits

  • Location: It is right at the Central Executive entrance, from the Executive Affairs room. As you walk through the door that connects the two sections, go into the room to your right to pick it up on a small table.

# 10 - Complaint about missing bathroom

  • Location: It is on the top floor of the Central Executive area. As you leave the council room, go up the stairs to the right and enter the second office on this side to find it on a desk.

# 11 - Travel expenses

  • Location: in the corridor just before the Cafeteria area, the correspondence is next to a wall on the side.

# 12 - Unstable Zone Warning

  • Location: it is inside the women's bathroom of the Cafeteria, on the ground floor of the same.

# 13 - God Machine

  • Location: you find it on the ground to the left as soon as you enter Abandoned Cards coming from the Cafeteria.

# 14 - Singing fish

  • Location: In the Abandoned Cards room, from the entrance of the Cafeteria, go down the initial stairs and turn left to find it.

# 15 - Trench: Abandoned Letter Approval

  • Location: in the Abandoned Cards room, coming from Cafeteria, go down the initial stairs and go to the right to see her inside a room with windows (you can break them with melee or go around it from behind).

# 16 - Book Club: Penny

  • Location: in the Abandoned Letters room, coming from Cafeteria, go down the stairs to the lower part and open a door on the right side to find it on a shelf.

# 17 - dead presidents

  • Location: in the Abandoned Letters room, coming from Cafeteria, go down the stairs to the lower part and go to the room that is on the left side to find it in a filing cabinet.

# 18 - Book Club: Samson

  • Location: It is inside a secure room, behind the armored door, in the long corridor that connects Tires with the Communications Department.

# 19 - Tommasi: Willow SMA Result

  • Location: After getting the Throw ability and breaking the blockade that prevents you from going to the Communications Department, go through where the blockade was and turn into the first room on the left to find it next to a desk.

# 20 - Marshall: Differences Between Locks

  • Location: From the Communications Department control point, go up to the third floor and enter the room directly in front of the stairs to find it on a desk.

# 21 - Golf Time

  • Location: In the same room where you fight Tommasi, from the door you enter through, notice the large columns of red tubes on the right. The correspondence is at the base of the last one on this side.

# 22 - Trench: Agency Funds

  • Location: After getting the Hotline, you can return to the Director's Office where you will find this new correspondence on the table.

# 23 - Agent Death Notification

  • Location: It is located inside a small room closed by a level 1 door, which is located in the outer hall of the Director's Office (it can be entered when you get level 1 access).

Correspondence in the Maintenance Sector

These are the Correspondence collectibles found within the Agency's Maintenance Sector :

# 01 - Book Club: López

  • Location: from the access hall, as you exit the sector elevator, go down the stairs and you will see a room with a closed level 2 door. You can break the crystals with melee to enter and collect this correspondence (or return when Ahti grants you level 2 access).

# 02 - Arish: Escaped ODP

  • Location: After meeting Ahti go ahead and take an elevator to go down one floor. As you exit the elevator you will see this correspondence head-on, before reaching the CSN central.

# 03 - Arish: Security Matters

  • Location: it is in the security post of the CSN central, next to Arish.

# 04 - Complaint about mail tubes

  • Location: it is in the Chamber room of the oven, on the ground floor.

# 05 - Complaint about the traffic jam

  • Location: in the CSN Cooling Pump room, you can find it in the same upper corridor where the second of the pumps that you must activate is located.

# 06 - Warning about the Tennyson report

  • Location: Found in the room to the east of Central Maintenance, in a room to the left of the entrance to the Chamber of the Atlas.

# 07 - Field Training Actor Complaint

  • Location: It is inside a small and narrow office as you enter the Field Training area.

# 08 - Departure reminder

  • Location: found on top of a table just before Manual Director Override (from the 3rd floor of the Converter Room).

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