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Control: How to get Mods; rarity types and levels

We tell you all the methods to get Mods in Control. Find out what types of Mods there are, what are their rarity levels and different bonuses and more.

Control FAQ

The personal Mods and Mods weapons in Control are special objects that can equip both Jesse and in our arsenal to improve their attributes and receive benefits that will help us overcome the adventure more easily. There are many different ways to get them and they come in various types and rarities. Here we tell you all the details about the Mods.

Methods to get Mods in Control

All Control Mods are randomly generated during the game. Therefore, you will never know for sure which one you are going to get nor are there specific Mods that can be obtained in certain places.

This gives the game a certain grace, since the random component means that sometimes you can be more or less lucky, or motivates you to keep looking for the Mod that best suits your style of play.

Keep in mind that you have the following methods available to get Mods:

  • Mods inside boxes of the scenarios: if you like to explore the scenarios, you will often find small boxes or chests (like the one in the image above), and within these you will get various Mods.
  • Mods When Killing Enemies: Many of the Hiss enemies you fight drop Mods upon death. Take a good look when you finish fighting and review the scene of the fight since the Mods that the enemies drop are marked with an icon on the ground and are collected when you approach them.
  • Mods as Council Countermeasures reward: when you unlock Countermeasures at the end of mission 2, you can activate up to 3 at the same time to complete them and receive a Mod as a reward. Each Countermeasure is a different challenge and each one has an associated Mod to win .

Create Mods on Astral Constructs

At the end of mission 2 of the game we will also have access to the Astral Constructs , a menu for creating weapon shapes and Mods . So this is another slightly more direct way to get Mods. You can enter this menu from any control point and here you will be allowed to create both Personal Mods and Weapon Mods.

  • Keep in mind that the creation of these Mods requires investing various materials , such as Origin essence.
  • At first you will only be able to create random mods of common level .
  • When you have the necessary materials you can raise the level of Constructs (a total of 5 times) to improve the rarity of the Mods you can create, so they will be more powerful.
  • Also, if you don't like the options for creating Mods, you can always invest 1000 Origin to update the list and make others appear.

Types of Mods and rarity levels

As we've been saying so far, there are two main types or categories of Mods in Control. On the one hand we have the personal Mods , which serve to improve some statistics of Jesse (such as more health, more energy, etc.). And on the other hand we have the Weapon Mods , which obviously improve the attributes of the weapons (such as greater precision, damage per shot and so on). The latter can sometimes be exclusive to certain forms of weapon.

In addition, each Mod has a rarity level . Rarity indicates the stat increase a Mod will offer, meaning the rarer it is, the better it will be for you. As you progress through the game, you will receive Mods of greater rarity and, as a general rule, the strongest enemies will drop the best level.

There are in total 5 levels of rarity of Mods in Control:

  • Rarity level 1: common (gray in color).
  • Rarity level 2: uncommon (turquoise blue).
  • Rarity level 3: rare (blue in color).
  • Rarity level 4: prime (orange).
  • Rarity level 5: absolute (red in color).

Finally, also the rarer a Mod is, the more resources you will receive if you decide to deconstruct it .

How to unlock more slots for Mods?

At the start of the game in Control you can only equip a maximum of one personal Mod for Jesse and one Mod for each weapon. Luckily this can be expanded as you play. Specifically, the slots for additional Mods are unlocked by spending Skill Points in the skill tree.

For example, when you spend your first 15 skill points, you get an extra Personal Mod slot. Towards the end of the game, spending your points will allow you to have up to 3 personal Mods slots and 3 Weapon Mods slots . Don't be afraid to experiment with your Mods and try special combinations, they will be of great help to you to survive the Hiss.