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Control Ultimate Edition: 10 essential tips and tricks to complete the adventure


Control Ultimate Edition: 10 essential tips and tricks to complete the adventure

We are going to offer you the best keys so that you can succeed throughout your journey in Control Ultimate Edition, with tips and tricks that will come in handy for the entire game.

Control Ultimate Edition is a new next-generation version that takes advantage of the Dualsense, also of Activities and Game Help on PS5, in a title that is also free for PlayStation plus users in February.

So that you don't get lost inside the complicated maze full of traps, strange gadgets and extravagant platforms, we want to offer you a compendium of essential tips and tricks that will help you complete the adventure.

Although some of these tips and tricks for Control Ultimate Edition seem obvious, it has been shown that taking them into account from the first minute of the game will give you a multitude of advantages.

Control Ultimate Edition: 10 essential tips and tricks to complete the adventure

  • Try to be selfish with the control points : thanks to these control zones our protagonist will recover her health, and will also make a quick save of the game. It is essential that you take advantage of these places every time your character has little life or even when we are facing great enemies. In fact, if you see that you are in a great fight and you have everything to lose, you can ignore it and force yourself to go to one of the checkpoints to not only recover life, but also to respawn if you end up eliminated.
  • Do not miss a single line of dialogue : there are many NPCs that we can find throughout the levels and many of them are going to offer us important secondary missions that will allow you to improve the character's powers. Note that many of these secondary characters change dialogue over time, so it is convenient that you repeat their conversations over and over again because you could end up getting a good surprise.
  • There are hundreds of hidden areas - most of the important secret areas are hard to reach. When you have the ability to levitate, you will be able to go back and revisit some previous rooms and that will allow you to float to the top of these levels to find cracks or new paths.
  • Additional power items : we will be able to find three additional power items throughout the adventure and that you could easily lose them. So you should keep in mind that we have three optional or additional power objects that are hidden in the story, which will allow you to improve skills to the maximum.
  • You have to be agile with the skills : you will unlock skills such as evasion, levitation or strong blow. Evading will allow us to cross small gaps and even dodge enemies; levitation to be able to discover new areas of the map that are on the ground and finally the last ability will allow us to hit any platform that is within our reach causing great damage.
  • Experiment with all weapons : even if you earn a lot of credits throughout the adventure, we advise you to use them to unlock and upgrade weapon forms. With this we will change the style of these weapons and also their operation to even convert a shotgun into a grenade launcher, along with other variables.
  • Deconstructing Mods : It is important that you do this for any mods that are below the level of the ones you have equipped. As you update the skills you will have additional spaces.
  • You must read all the documents : you will find a lot of documents and files throughout history not only for the narrative subject, but also to discover secrets that you will be able to unlock on the maps. You should also turn on all the televisions you can find to tune in to an episode full of Easter eggs with references to other titles and licenses.
  • Branched updates with new skills : In the character's skill tree we will have many improvements that will add a percentage of efficiency increase. If you try to look at this tree from the beginning and understand the derived abilities that are branching out, you can achieve almost any ability in the last part of the story.
  • Use cover against bosses : they are quite complicated confrontations, and in addition to having a close control point, it is important that in addition to using your great skills you are also able to find a good place to take cover. So use everything the scenario offers you to hide, get away from the boss, and then be able to make a counterattack.