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EMPRESS gave a great interview in which she spoke about herself and what prompted her to hack games

EMPRESS gave a great interview in which she spoke about herself and what prompted her to hack games

 The hacker girl EMPRESS, who recently changed her nickname to InfinityGoddess, gave a long interview to the Wired portal , in which she talked a little about herself and why she decided to start fighting DRM. According to her, it all started with a dream that she had in 2014. She saw the chains of numbers that wrapped around the video game Dark Souls 2. She realized that this was an anti-piracy program. Concentrating, she began to realize that every number is universal. Going further, she entered a certain area, in which she saw the whole picture and was able to break the chains.

But she started full-fledged hacking after the story of the little-known racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. According to her, when Atari, which developed the game, closed, she had problems with access to the game. Test Drive Unlimited 2. had DRM SecuROM software which caused problems for players who bought the game on Steam. EMPRESS found a cracked DRM-disabled version of Test Drive Unlimited 2 thanks to the pirate group Prophet. That's when she realized that you can't rely on publishers to keep your favorite games. The only sure way to perpetuate the game is through piracy.

EMPRESS said that since childhood, she was "a very strange girl who did not like the real world." According to her, games were for her not just a way to pass the time, but a place in which to live.

7 years after its sleep, EMPRESS has become one of the most famous DRM crackers in the world. Fighting anti-pirate defense systems like Denuvo has become more than just a way for her to play games for free. This is a fight against evil. It is wrong, she said, for publishers to tell players what they can and cannot do with purchased games. "I always stay in the zone until I smash their pathetic puzzle prisons," says EMPRESS. “Wanting to keep what you buy should NEVER be a crime.”

Some have suggested that EMPRESS is actually a guy or even a whole group of people, but she categorically denies this. In an interview with EMPRESS, she confirmed that she is a woman, she is 23 years old and she is damn beautiful. “But I don't care at all how I look. I only care about what I do "

Commenting on the recent repacking scandal, EMPRESS said she didn't need attention. And yet she does not like it when all the laurels are received by a person who simply downloaded her crack and made a repack. According to her, "people need to know who is really hacking the games, and also to support and donate to whoever did the REAL work."