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Fermentation in Valheim: This is how you make mead and gain advantages in combat


Fermentation in Valheim: This is how you make mead and gain advantages in combat

In Valheim , mead brewing is an important feature for progress. The nectar of the gods grants you buffs which give you advantages in the fight against the beings of Norse mythology. In the OkayGotcha Guide to Fermentation, we explain which technologies and resources you need.

What is fermentation and how does it work: In Valheim you can use the fermenter to make different types of mead. Mead is one of the most important buff foods in Valheim. To make it you need one of the many possible mead mixes. We explain to you how to make them and what you need for them.

Making and fermenting mead mixes

This is how you make mead mixes: To make mead you need a kettle and a fermenter. You can build both yourself, or you can use a friend's equipment.

The mead mixes are then crafted in the kettle and then appear in your inventory. Visually, they are reminiscent of a filled soup bowl. You learn three recipes relatively early. You can get more recipes if you make your way to the swamp biome. The three starter recipes are:

Mead Mix “Healthy”: Restores 50 life points over time. You need: 

  • 10 x honey
  • 5 x blueberries
  • 10 x raspberries
  • 1 x dandelion

Mead mix “Low endurance”: Your endurance is restored over a short period of time by a maximum of 80 points. You need: 

  • 10 x honey
  • 10 x raspberry
  • 10 x yellow mushroom

Mead mix “Tasty”: health regeneration is reduced by 50%, endurance regeneration is increased by 300%. You need: 

  • 10 x honey
  • 10 x raspberry
  • 5 x blueberries

Later recipes include poison resistance or frost resistance. This is useful for exploring the mountain biome, among other things. To learn, you have to find each ingredient once, i.e. have it in your inventory. It is then available for selection for manufacture at the boiler.

Fermenting mead: After you have prepared mead mixes in the kettle, you put them in the fermenter. Press “E” when you are in front of this to start the fermentation process. Mead takes a while to make. It is a good idea to build multiple fermenters if you plan to make large quantities of mead. A load of mead comprises six units.

Why Met Is So Important: Met grants you buffs in combat. When fighting bosses and mobs, the buffs can be decisive when it comes to victory or defeat. So always take enough mead with you on your tours in the world of Valheim.

Unlike in comparable survival games, you cannot starve to death in Valheim. However, the higher quality and more varied the food, the more life points and stamina you get. As soon as you have summoned the first boss "Eikthyr" and killed it, Valheim becomes a real challenge. You will only make progress if you have the right equipment and buff food with you on your travels.

Activation of the boiler and fermenter in Valheim

In order to be able to make mead, you need a kettle and a fermenter. You will learn both as soon as you have melted down the first tin and bronze ingot and mined fine wood. 

How to get bronze in Valheim : After you have summoned Eikthyr and hunted it down, you can make a pickaxe. There are copper and tin deposits in the dark forest biome. Dismantle this and build a smelting furnace and a coal kiln.

You still need Surtling Cores for these two buildings. You can find them in the burial chambers, which are scattered in the dark forests. Bring good weapons and a torch, the chambers are dark and full of skeletons and ghosts.

You make copper and tin bars in the smelting furnace. Then build a forge, which allows you to manufacture bronze. 

How to get fine wood in Valheim: You can get fine wood from birch and oak trees. You can cut these down with a bronze ax. You make the bronze ax at the forge. To make them you will need:

  • 4 x wood
  • 8 x bronze
  • 2 x leather snippets

As soon as you have the tin, bronze and fine wood, you can build the boiler and fermenter. The kettle must be placed over a fireplace.

Find ingredients for making mead in Valheim

How to get the ingredients for mead: To make all three mead mixes, you need five ingredients: honey, blueberries, raspberries, dandelions and yellow mushrooms.

How to make honey in Valheim: To make honey, you need a beehive. For that you need wood and a queen bee. If you destroy wild beehives, they drop honey and a queen bee as a loot. Keep an eye out for ruins and derelict houses in the grasslands. This often contains wild beehives that can be destroyed with ranged weapons without any problems. Alternatively, you can set up a workbench in the immediate vicinity of the ruin and use a hammer to destroy the structures around the beehive. As a result, it falls down and you can easily collect the loot.

After you have set up the beehive, it will automatically produce honey. Regularly check the inventory of the beehive and collect the honey.

Where to find blueberries and raspberries in Valheim: In the grassland you will find numerous bushes with raspberries. You can find blueberries in the dark forest. You can pick both berries directly from the bushes.

Where to find dandelions and yellow mushrooms in Valheim: You can find dandelions very often in grasslands. The small plants are easy to miss, so search the ground very carefully. You can find yellow mushrooms in the dark forest in troll caves and burial chambers.

From mead to berry jam

Many players discover berry jam along with the mead and fermentation. This is worthwhile as an alternative to mushrooms for food buffs and is also made in the cauldron.

Unlike mead, however, it does not have to be fermented. To make them, you need eight raspberries and eight blueberries. You will receive four portions of berry jam, which restores 2 HP per tick for 20 minutes.

You still have to know that about Valheim

Valheim got off to a very successful start with Early Access on Steam and has even overtaken ARK in terms of player numbers . In the mystical land you try to gain the favor of the gods. As a northerner you fight against powerful bosses and have to prove that you are the strongest warrior.