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Genshin Impact: Crossplay and Cross-Save - You need to know that


Genshin Impact: Crossplay and Cross-Save - You need to know that

You can play Genshin Impact on the PC, PS4, PS5, iOS and Android platforms. But what about crossplay and cross-save? We at OkayGotcha will tell you.

What does Genshin Impact offer? The RPG offers you crossplay. If you play Genshin Impact yourself on the PlayStation 4, your group can consist of players who are on the go on the PC or smartphone at the same time. This applies to all platforms, although you only access the game on the PS5 via the backward compatibility.

Cross-save, on the other hand, is only possible to a limited extent:

  • Your account is linked to an email so that you can use the same account on your PC and smartphone.
  • Only the PS4 / PS5 is detached from it. Here you log in using the PSN account. There is cross-save between the two consoles, however.

In addition, there are basic requirements and restrictions when it comes to forming a group.

Requirements and restrictions in co-op

Requirements for co-op: Although it is generally possible to play with each other in co-op and crossplay, there are two restrictions:

  • For one, the players must all be on the same server. You can only gamble from Europe with other European players. On the PC and the smartphone, you can theoretically change your server, but you have to start again at 0. On the PlayStation, the server will be assigned to you via PSN.
  • On the other hand, all players must have reached adventure rank 16. This is a mandatory requirement for multiplayer in Genshin Impact .
If you want to play with other players, all you need is their ID. You can add them to your friends list and simply invite them to a group from there.

There are these restrictions in co-op: The multiplayer in Genshin Impact differs when playing from the classic version:

  • If you play Genshin Impact in a group of two, each of you can take over two characters.
  • In a group of three, the group leader can still control two characters, the other two players only one.
  • And in a party of four, each member of the group plays exactly one character.

In addition, in special content such as dungeons, only one character of each type can be in the group.

To make matters worse, the players who are not the group leader are limited in their actions. For example, you cannot open chests or complete story missions.

Prevent co-op with other platforms: In the settings of Genshin there is the option "Only allow players from [Platform X] for multiplayer mode" under "Other". This option is set to “No” by default, but can theoretically be activated.

Do you use Genshin Impact's multiplayer or do you prefer to travel alone? And which platform do you play most on?