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Genshin Impact gives you a 4-star character - which one should you choose?


Genshin Impact gives you a 4-star character

A new event has started in Genshin Impact , where you can choose one of 6 4-star characters. We'll tell you how to unlock the event and which characters are worthwhile.

This is the new event: The Lantern Ritual Event has been running in Genshin Impact since the release of Update 1.3 . In the last section of it you can embrace one of 6 4-star characters for free at the mini-event "We stand together".

This is how you unlock the event: To take part in the event, you must first have completed the story quest “From the country in the midst of monoliths” and the quest from Xiao. This gives you access to the lantern ritual and the quest series “Everything that glitters”.

Now you have to play the main quest of the event until you have reached the third stage of the festival. It is called "Shining the Lanterns".

To be able to secure one of the 4 characters, you need 1,000 peace talismans. You earn it by mastering the challenges of the theater of devices.

You can choose from these characters: Once you have the 1,000 talismans together, you can choose one of 6 4-star characters from Liyue:

  • Xiangling
  • Beidou
  • Ningguang
  • Xingqiu
  • Chongyun
  • Xinyan

You should note that: The choice is one-time and cannot be undone. So you have to think carefully about which character you choose.

We have created an overview of the characters for you, their strengths and recommendations and when which character is worthwhile for you.

Choose the character that's best for you

When choosing characters, you often have to consider their constellations or talents, which we will discuss in this section. So you have to see how many constellations you have already unlocked with the respective character and whether the next one plays a major role for you.

Basically, you can't go wrong if:

  • You are still missing one of the 6 characters and you really want him or her, simply because you like them
  • You have an almost complete constellation with one of the characters and you are only missing one or two levels
  • One of the characters from the list goes well with your group setup and creates strong synergies. So if you have already pulled a lot of strong DDs, for example, but still lack support, Beido would not be a good choice.
However, if you can't make up your mind, we've listed the advantages of the characters here and you can choose which one best suits your play style.

This is recommended for collectors: For character collectors among you, this event is a chance to fill the gaps in your collection. If you just enjoy collecting the available characters in Genshin Impact, then you can get one of the characters that you are still missing at the event.

However, you should also consider other options:

  • There are currently increased drop chances for Xinyan and Beidou in the Xiao banner.
  • Starting February 17th, Ningguang will get bonus drop rate in the next banner.
  • Xiangling is obtained automatically after completing the 3rd level of the winding abyss

So if you are missing several characters from the list, you can choose the one who is not included in the bonus banners or is not available for free in the near future.



  • Element: Pyro
  • Weapon: spear
  • Role: Support, DD
This is Xiangling: Basically, Xiangling is a good Support DD character who can deal a lot of damage with her ultimate attack while she is not on the battlefield at all. You can park her Pyro-Ult fire wheel and switch to another character for elementary combos.

In the case of constellations, Xiangling's 4th level is particularly valuable. It extends its burst duration by 40%, which allows the character to deal even more damage and be a good support DD for strong Cryo or Hydro characters.

If your main DD is from the element Pyro (e.g. Diluc), then your 1st and 6th constellations are also good, as they reduce the resistance to fire.



  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: great sword
  • Role: DD
This is Beidou: Beidou can be used both as a support DD and as a main DD. Her play style is heavily influenced by her Wave Catcher ability, which blocks enemy attacks and reflects damage. But you need the right timing for that.

This can work particularly well with boss opponents if you have mastered the timing of the wave catcher. It doesn't need any constellations either, which makes Beidou a good C0 character if you're still looking for a solid DD.

If you already own Beidou and collect constellations from her, then the 2nd level is particularly worthwhile with her. It allows Beidou to spread her burst to more enemies, increasing her damage. With the 6th level of the constellation, it reduces the opponent's resistance against Electro, which also provides a strong damage boost.



  • Element: Geo
  • Weapon: catalyst
  • Role: Support, DD
This is Ningguang: Ningguang is a strong DD character. Since the 1.3 update, it has received an additional boost from the geo-resonance buff, as it can protect itself with shields thanks to the geo-bonus and reduce the geo-resistance of opponents. So if you're looking to build a geo-team then this is a great choice for you.

If you want to use Ningguang as your main DD, then their constellations are very important to you. Both C1 and C2 give her a decent damage boost by turning her normal attacks into AOEs and giving her a second jade screen. But Ningguang generally has strong constellations.

Another advantage of Ningguang is its passive ability, which makes it easier for you to farm ore in the open world. So if you don't have Ningguang yet, then it's a good choice at this point.



  • Element: Hydro
  • Weapon: sword
  • Role: Support
This is Xingqiu: As a hydro character, the young man has strong synergies with Cryo, Pyro and Electro, which you can use to your advantage. So if you have DDs that can benefit from its hydro element, then it is worthwhile for you as a C0 character without constellations.

In addition, his skills kit is generally well rounded:

  • He himself does good damage even at C0
  • His constellations only make him stronger. Its 2nd constellation is particularly important and not too far away. It extends its burst and reduces the enemy's hydro-resistance
  • He can assist other characters with his hydro swords even when he is not on the battlefield
His passive talent also plays an important role at Xingqiu. With a probability of 25% he can give you some of the materials back when crafting talent books. This ability alone makes it extremely useful, even if you don't plan to use it in battle. It's generally a good choice.



  • Element: Pyro
  • Weapon: great sword
  • Role: (Support) DD
This is Xinyan: while Xinyan is a Pyro character herself, a good chunk of her attacks are purely physical. This affects her ult, which is semi-physical and semi-pyro. So you can set it up either as support for electro characters or as physical DD, depending on what you need in your group.

Their constellations increase their damage output from C1 with a boost for attack speed by 15%. Their 4th constellation also reduces the physical resistance of the opponents and thus helps you to do more damage.

If you want to use them as support, then their 2nd constellation is particularly useful as it strengthens their shields. The elements of the shields are also pyro and can melt the enemy's ice shields.



  • Element: Cryo
  • Weapon: great sword
  • Role: (Support) DD
This is Chongyun: the Cryo character is a double-edged sword. He has the ability to convert sword, spear, and greatsword characters' attacks into cryo, which often results in them doing less damage as a result. But he can be good support in the right situations.

  • You should avoid Chongyun if your main DD is a physical attacker like Razor
  • Chongyun works well with DDs like Diluc, whose elemental damage cannot be overridden, and which he can use to perform elemental combos
If you want to use Chongyun as support, then you should look out for its 2nd constellation. It reduces the cooldowns of the skills of your characters in the group by 15%. So if you have space for cryo support in your group and nothing else is missing, then the free Chongyun is a solid choice here.