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Gmailnator: How to Create Temporary Email Accounts


Gmailnator: How to Create Temporary Email Accounts

Why do we need temporary email accounts?

Do you need to give your personal email account to register on a suspicious site? Surely you prefer to use another account than your personal one, since you surely keep a lot of important data in it and it is related to shopping services, credit cards ... Nothing happens, Gmailnator has the solution to your problem by offering you emails temporary files that you can consult through its website and that, every so often, everything that reaches that email will be deleted.

In the age we live in, it is practically essential to have an email address , whether for work issues, job offers (Linkedin), ESO studies and higher ... almost always you will have to deal with it and you will need an email account electronic. Of course, this account is for personal use only and it contains important information that you would not like to mix with spam . There is the possibility of creating a second email account for this, but it often leads to problems and it is even possible to locate your main account from this secondary one.

Gmailnator provides fake email addresses , so to speak. You can generate a random email in Gmailnator and use it from their website to access it. This platform is in charge of managing the emails that arrive to that account and deletes them within 24 hours , which gives you enough time to use the email they have sent you and forget about it forever.

Many websites require email registration, and soon after they will start advertising you for a tube and a half. What's more, these pages often share information about their users with third parties, so you will get publicity from all sides. This is solved with Gmailnator, which also has its strength in that it can create temporary Gmail accounts.

How to create a disposable Gmail email with Gmailnator

To create a temporary email account you just have to access their website, Gmailnator.

Once there, you will have already generated a random Gmail address that you can start using by pressing Go !. Let's do it.

As you give it, the fake Gmail email that you just created is now available. You can now use it to register wherever you want without fear of spam that this entails.

The web address to enter your inbox follows the following structure:

From there you can quickly access your newly created email from any web browser. In addition, any email that you create from Gmailnator will not need a password to enter , just by entering that address you can access it.

Inside the inbox we see that there are the typical essential fields to search for emails and show a certain amount of elements in the same run.

There are, however, numerous options when creating a 10-minute email , which is how these temporary emails are also known.

The three options that we have seen, before creating the email, we can configure them to taste. The first adds a + sign to the email address.

The second is practically mandatory, since it allows us to manage our new account created in Gmailnator through its own website. If we do not select it, we will have to resort to the Gmail website to log into it, and it can cause problems.

The third is the strong point of Gmailnator, since it is the one that allows you to create fake Gmail accounts . This is important to emphasize, since many websites ask you for reliable email accounts, and Gmail is reliable, but another with the Gmailnator ending can be easily pushed back. Notice how the extension has changed when you disable this option.

We will disable this option if we think there will be no problems using non-Gmail accounts.

Create many temporary Gmail accounts

On the other hand, it is possible to create many email accounts at once , all of them random and under the same options that we have just seen. To do this, on the main website click on "Bulk Emails".

It lets us create up to 1000 random email accounts with a single click, although we are going to create "only" 100 to show you what happens.

Well, what we expected happens, we already have 100 Gmail accounts for our use and enjoyment.

To enter the mailbox of each of them we click on the one we want and we will be inside. If we try with the first of the list we see that we get directly to the inbox of the same.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to create a lot of temporary Gmail emails (or Gmailnator, if we disable the corresponding option), this tool is made for you without a doubt. In addition, it is possible to keep as many mailboxes open as we want, since each of them has a unique web address associated with it.

Custom email address

It is possible to customize a little the fake email account that we are going to create. To do this, from the main Gmailnator website, click on “Click here for custom mail”.

We see that two new options are displayed with writing fields. The first one lets us write the characters we want while in the second we can choose the second part of the email address, so that it maintains a certain random character.

Let's go with an example. What we write in the field on the left will be added to what we select in the drop-down on the right, so that the Gmail email address will be a combination of both.

Using this more personalized setting disables the three options we have seen before.

The second part is that we can create an account with the name we want, as long as it is associated with Gmailnator. That is, the extension must be @gmailnator, while the name is chosen by us.

If we put it and hit Go !:

We now have access to our newly created inbox.

It is possible to insert mail extensions other than @gmailnator. At first it seems that everything is going well, but they will not be usable. This is because the web is able to offer you fake email addresses based on your options. You cannot ask him to create an email with the address you want and that it is from a service outside of Gmailnator .

For example, if we create the email it will not be available, as expected. It will let us enter an inbox but it will not be synchronized with the mail, it is purely aesthetic.

Automatic deletion of emails

Gmailnator manages the emails that arrive to the different inboxes for us. To do this, when an email reaches 24 hours while in an inbox, it automatically deletes it . In this way it is achieved that the servers are not saturated and that the "relevant" information is always in view.

In addition, these deleted emails (both by you and automatically every 24 hours) are stored for 7 days with the possibility of making a backup . To be honest, if we use this sporadic email for what it should be used for (which is nothing other than receiving spam), we will not need to recover anything.

Alternatives to Gmailnator to create temporary email accounts

There are, of course, other alternatives for creating random and temporary email addresses.

From the very definition of ephemeral mail, we have the web , where we can use false email addresses to activate certain services. After 10 minutes, the mail is deleted (although we can manually extend the time and the count will be set back to 10 minutes). The downside of this service is that it does not provide Gmail email addresses.

Another option is to use , a similar service with other mail extensions. As soon as you enter you will get the email address and access to the inbox, everything is very fast. It also doesn't offer Gmail addresses.

Another website that will provide us with temporary email addresses is , very similar to the previous one, since it shows the inbox as soon as you enter the web. It has options to forward emails from that inbox to another, although better if we do not use it with our personal one, as it is just what we are trying to avoid.

The last option that we will give (there are many more) is to use , it is similar to the previous ones mentioned, but it is possible to use this email address for life, as long as you do not reload the page.

You can now forget about spam

As we have seen during this guide, it is possible to create temporary emails to make our main account spam free  very easily. Although we have seen various methods, Gmailnator is the only one that can create 10 minute Gmail email addresses , so to speak. These addresses are usually known as 10minutemail, tempmail, fake email, trash mail, disposable mail ... There are many names to refer to these services, but they all share the same goal, to create temporary email addresses.

By using Gmailnator you will be able to obtain as many Gmail email addresses as you want, being able to create, as we have seen, up to 1000 emails in one go and completely free. No password is required and access is really fast. Emails received are deleted every day and are kept on Gmailnator's servers for up to 7 days.

Without a doubt, this service is ideal for those websites, forums or social networks that require an active Gmail account . Many web pages request registration through reputable email accounts, such as Gmail, so you can access all types of content (restricted if you do not use an email account) by validating one of these email addresses. It is a good way to avoid spam, and even eliminate it completely , since these email addresses will not be linked to your personal account in any way.