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GTA Online: What are Contact Missions and where can you find them?


GTA Online: What are Contact Missions and where can you find them?

In GTA Online there are so-called contact missions that are available right from the start. OkayGotcha explains to you in this guide what missions are, how you can find them and what they can bring you.

Since the release, GTA Online has been continuously expanded to include new mission types. It can be difficult to keep track of things. In addition to heists , various jobs and other tasks, there are also the contact missions that have been available in GTA Online since the start.

What are contact missions? These are missions that you receive from certain people.

  • You will then have to deal with various contacts such as Lamar Davis, Trevor Philips and Lester Crest, who many players should already know from the GTA 5 single player campaign.
  • But there are also other contacts. You support the respective contact person in their business.

Some contact missions are available right from the start, others you unlock only as you increase your rank in GTA Online. You will receive the first contact missions after the tutorial when you create a character in GTA Online.

In GTA Online you also get contact missions from well-known characters.

You can start contact missions anywhere

How to get started: Usually you will receive such orders from the contact persons via SMS. These roll in by themselves at irregular intervals. You can also call a contact person directly.

To do this, you have to select the desired contact on your smartphone and activate the “Request job” option. Then you will receive an order.

Some contact missions are only available in Free Mode. They are recognizable on the radar by a star mark, they cannot be seen on the map. Some are only available at a certain time / time of day.

All contact missions can be selected and activated directly in the pause menu. The order in which you complete these missions is up to you, but there are different levels of difficulty. The missions from the Lowriders content are also an exception - the corresponding missions must be completed chronologically.

Note that you cannot accept a contact mission if the police are looking for you. You can have your wanted level reset for a fee of $ 200 per level.

What do you have to do in contact missions? Orders vary depending on the contact person. These can be thefts, drug deals, contract killings and other tasks.

There is coal and RP to be earned

These rewards await you: Depending on the level of difficulty and the number of players, you will receive a certain amount of money and RP (experience points).

The longer you need for a mission, the lower the cash reward.

  • You will receive the lowest amount if you play alone on the lowest difficulty and take more than 15 minutes to complete.
  • There is a 25% bonus RP on Normal
  • On hard the bonus is 50%
  • With an additional player there is + 10% bonus RP
  • Without aiming assistance, there is a further 25% bonus on RP
  • 2 players receive + 10% in the cash reward, 3 players + 20% and 4 players + 30%

Typically, the reward ranges from around $ 18,000 to $ 23,000 if you don't take more than 15 minutes for the missions.

Can such a mission fail? If you play alone, you have an extra life available. If you die more than twice, the mission is over and you have to start over. If you play in a group, the mission is over when all group members bite the grass.

Do you play such contact missions in GTA Online? Or are there other, more interesting tasks for you?