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Hamachi: How to Play on LAN Over the Internet

Hamachi: How to Play on LAN Over the Internet

Play on a local network over the internet with Hamachi

A few years ago, several friends got together at home to organize their own Lan Parties playing local networked games . Nowadays this is almost unthinkable, although with Hamachi you can play as if you were setting up your own Lan Party and play on a local network , but over the internet. Today's games, even those that are free and include online multiplayer, can be played over the internet , it doesn't matter if it's triple A or they do n't even need a dedicated graphics card to play , most they allow an online multiplayer .

But there are many players who still play older games (and not so old) in which there is another game mode, just as fun as playing online with friends, cooperative or local multiplayer . If you want to have a good time you can use this game mode, although many times transporting the PC or distance is usually a problem, we can simply use this software to simulate having a private network through the internet , without having to move or transport your equipment gaming.

How to Play on LAN Over the Internet

Hamachi is part of a series of services that include payment options, where we can connect up to 256 users with this software and with a subscription to the service. We will use the free version that allows us to connect up to 5 users to this network created without having to pay anything or subscribe to the service, it will only be enough to register for a greater control of the networks.

We are going to tell you step by step how to connect or create networks with Hamachi , from installing the software to joining the game of your favorite local game and playing with another friend or friends, even if it is in the distance. The grace of this is to play and at the same time be chatting with them, you can supplement this using one of the voip clients for games and chat with your friends as if they were by your side.

We are going to see how to do all this, we will start by installing the necessary software, LogMeIn Hamachi.

Download LogMeIn Hamachi on our computer

This is the software that allows us to simulate the private network over the internet, it is free and does not require any type of subscription, yes, we will have to register to use it, let's see how.

  1. We download LogMeIn Hamachi from its website, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, so that our operating system is not an impediment.
  2. Once downloaded, we execute it to install it, select Spanish as the language and click Next. 
  3. Now we have to read and accept the license terms, we mark that we agree and click Next.
  4. Now we can choose the path in which we want to install it , we can leave the one that shows us by default. In addition, we choose the name that will appear in the Start menu and if we want a shortcut on our Desktop.
  5. Now we can choose to install a password management software or let it pass, we simply check the box if we want to install it and click Next .
  6. Once the installation is finished we can check the box so that Hamachi runs immediately , if it is necessary to restart it will ask us by checking the box below.

We already have our software installed, if we have not done it before we must register to make it easier to manage the networks.

Register and login to Hamachi

Let's see now how the registration process with Hamachi is, in order to use this software it will be necessary to log in or login to Hamachi using a username and password, for this it is an essential requirement to register with them. It is a simple process that we are going to tell you how to do in detail.

  1. If we do not fear the Hamachi software working, we double click on its icon to run it.
  2. The quickest thing is to press the power button to start connecting, it will ask us to log into our account and if we do not have one, it invites us to register, we click Register .
  3. Now we will see the window for registration, we will have to fill in our data. First of all, we write our email in the box with the envelope.
  4. Now we write, in the fields with the padlock , the password in duplicate to verify that it is correct, the ideal is to write a password that marks us as strong , with uppercase, lowercase, letters and symbols.
  5. Now we just have to click on Create Account and accept the notification from the application that the LogMeIn Hamachi account has been associated with the application.

When creating the account, you will directly login to the application and we can continue using the software to join a LAN network through the internet or to create our own.

How to join a private network through LogMeIn Hamachi

They may invite us to play a game with the possibility of connecting through a local network, in this case if the host has created a network with Hamachi , they can provide us with the data to be able to connect to it and play locally , but through from Internet. For this we will need you to provide us with the Network ID and password.

Once these data have been obtained through any voip chat application or through any messaging application such as Telegram or WhatsApp , we can add our team to that local network .

  1. If we have not already pressed the connect button at the top left to connect, we press it.
  2. When it is ready, it will ask us if we want to Create a new network or if we want to Join an existing network , we select the latter option.
  3. We write the network ID in the corresponding box.
  4. Now we put the password , but as it tells us, we leave it blank if we do not know it, although it will give us an error message if it has a password and we do not put it.
  5. Once the data is added, we click Join and we will have connected.

It's that simple to connect with other friends through Hamachi, but you can be the host and create the network for others to connect.

How to Create a Private Network Using LogMeIn Hamachi

If you want to be the host of the network, either because you have improved the internet speed with our guide or you want to manage the games you are going to play yourself, you can create the network that everyone connects to, let's see how do this.

  1. First of all, and surely we have already done it, we open Hamachi. If we are connected to any network we disconnect and we will see the screen to Create a new network or Join an existing network . We click on Create a new network .
  2. Now we will write the Network ID , we can call the network as we like, we do not have to follow a pattern for this, simply that the name does not already exist.
  3. For greater security, and highly recommended to do this, we write in its field a password that contains letters, numbers and symbols, in addition we will have to write it in duplicate to make sure it is correctly written.
  4. Now we click on Create and we will have our network ready for others to join.

Now we will only have to communicate to our invited friends the Network ID and the password so that they can join.

Other Hamachi options

This software has the right configuration utilities, if we enter System and then Preferences we will see the Status and Configuration options , where we can change some client options. In status, in addition to seeing the account information and the IP address, we can change the Name or put one if we do not have it, we just click on change ...

Within Security we can see certain information about the computers that have connected, we can enable the Block by default box for new members of the network, but if we are going to use this with friends it will not be necessary.

If we click on Configuration we will see the interface configuration, so that it opens when the system starts, enable the chat or hide the members who are disconnected, we have some interlocutor options that it will be better to leave them by default and the box to enable updates automatic and not worrying about this.

There is also the possibility of opening the advanced configuration, but if we do not know what it does, it is better to leave it as it is since these options are much more extensive.

The Network menu is the same that we have seen so far, only that we have used the buttons that appear in the client to make it faster, but inside we will also find the options to join an existing network and create your own network.

The good thing when registering in LogMeIn Hamachi is to be able to manage the networks even from the Web browser , for this we click on Manage and click on the only option that appears, Manage networks . Now a browser window will open where we can see the networks we have, the connected equipment and manage them from anywhere. This option is very useful if, for example, we want to connect to home from another computer and we need, for example, to create the network from the client that is at home.

With our LogMeIn Hamachi account we can also manage subscriptions to other software, although LogMeIn Hamachi is free for up to 5 users, the company has other products that are all paid, so be careful when using other options because it will require a subscription in order to use these functions.

With hamachi we can play Minecraft and other games as if we were on LAN

A great software if one day you want to take up these games of Command & Conquer or Age of Empire 2 with your old friends, face off against opposing teams with Counter-Strike, play Diablo II cooperatively, recall the games on lan to Quake 2 or simply if we want to use this method to play Overcooked in cooperative or play up to 5 people on the same Minecraft server .

Thanks to the ease it has to create this network that simulates a LAN, we will not have to waste time on port configurations and IP addresses , we simply connect up to 5 users for free and we will be able to enjoy our games again in mode cooperative as if we had a PC next to another connected on the same network , but best of all, without leaving home.