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How to build a ship and your own fleet in Valheim

How to build a ship and your own fleet in Valheim

 A detailed guide to creating a fleet in Valheim

In Valheim, you can explore many islands: they are located close to each other, but mostly you can only travel between them by water. The main character, of course, knows how to swim, but at fairly short distances. Therefore, you will definitely need a raft, sailboat or even a drakkar. In this guide, we'll show you how to build your own fleet in Valheim: what resources are needed to craft ships and how to get them quickly.

How to build a water camp

To build any ship, you first need to build a workbench. Since there are enough hostile creatures in the game, it is therefore better to place it in a building. Find a suitable place to build a small building near the water, build it and place a workbench in it.

The temporary camp must be equipped with the necessary buildings:

  • Chests - for collecting and storing resources;
  • Bed - for timely rest and skipping the night time;
  • Bonfire - needed to rest in bed;
  • Craft stand ( workbench ).

If your temporary camp is located far from the main base, then for convenient transportation of the necessary resources, it is best to craft a cart . With its help, you can move a large number of heavy objects, such as quality wood or nails made of bronze and iron.

How to build a raft

Crafting materials:

  • Wood ( 20 ) - drops from all tree species;
  • Scraps of Leather ( 6 ) - can be found when hunting wild boars;
  • Resin ( 6 ) - both for felling trees and for eliminating greydwarf forest dwellers.

How to build a raft

If, while exploring the game world, you need to overcome a small part of the ocean and get to a neighboring island where you want to stay for a while, then there is no point in wasting time building a large ship. A regular raft is perfect for this, which can be built in a few minutes without much difficulty.

It is worth noting that this vehicle is suitable for moving only short distances. If, while traveling by sea on such a vessel, you find yourself in a storm, then in most cases you will not get out of it alive. Due to the lack of strength, the raft will simply fall apart after several strong hits against the waves.

When you have all the ingredients, do not forget to craft a crafting stand on the seashore, then build a raft.

How to build a sailboat in Valheim

Crafting materials:

  • Bronze nails ( 80 );
  • Quality wood ( 30 );
  • Resin ( 20 );
  • Deer Skin ( 10 );
  • Workbench.
How to build a sailboat in Valheim

To create a schooner, you need the skills of mining and processing of minerals, as well as the presence of a forge. The fact is that one of the components in the creation of this vehicle are bronze nails. As you can imagine, they can be made directly from bronze, which, in turn, can be created from two minerals - copper and tin .

To mine copper or tin, you first need to defeat the first boss of Eiktur - a huge deer that attacks with electrical discharges. To summon this monster, it is enough to collect several trophies of the "Deer" (you can get it while hunting these animals) and bring them to the sacrificial altar.

After defeating Eyktyur, you can create your first pickaxe and learn how to mine metals. You will also need to craft a forge, and place a charcoal kiln next to it , as well as a smelter . Now that you have a metal recycling station, you can create and recycle bronze and iron. Specifically, for the construction of a sailboat, only four bronze ingots are required . With their help we create 80 pieces of bronze nails on the "Forge" repair stand , which will be enough to create one sailboat.

Unlike a raft, a sailboat cannot be built with regular timber. To build a medium ship, you will have to craft an improved ax (at first, a bronze ax will do , which can be made in a forge), and get the right amount of high-quality wood . There are few trees on the plains from which such a resource falls, namely:

  • Oak - when exploring the island, you can find only a few of these trees;
  • Birch - birch groves are located on the outskirts of the Black Forest and occasionally near water bodies.
  • Do not forget to get the right amount of resin and deer skins , then go to the reservoir and build your first sailboat.

How to build a Drakkar

Crafting materials:

  • Iron nails ( 80 );
  • Quality Wood ( 40 );
  • Ancient Bark ( 40 );
  • Deer Skin I ( 10 );
  • Workbench.

How to build a Drakkar

You probably won't be able to build a drakkar in the first few hours of the game. This is due to the fact that in addition to all the above steps to create a forge and other related buildings, you need to find and explore such a biome as a "swamp". Swampy areas are found both on small islands and on huge continents in the game. Researching such biomes is necessary in order to collect the required amount of the following resources:

  • Ancient bark is a resource that drops from old trees growing in a swamp;
  • Iron Ingots - can be found when exploring crypt dungeons in these biomes.

It is worth noting that you will only have access to such crypts after defeating the second boss - the Ancient One. This is due to the fact that the entrances to the crypts in the swamps are locked with a key that drops from this very boss.

Where is the Ancient boss

The first clue about the location of this boss can be found by exploring the mines and dungeons in the plains and in the Black Forest. They look like small runestones with red lettering. If you have already examined several mines, but have not yet found a single runestone with a hint, do not worry. In one of the existing mines, you will definitely find a way to the boss.

As soon as this happens, a mark will appear on the map with the inscription "Ancient". It is not at all necessary that the boss will be on your island or on the islands closest to you. You may even need to travel halfway across the world to find it.

In any case, to summon it, you will also need to find several special seeds - " Ancient Seed ". This resource is quite rare, and it drops from the forest dwellers of "greydwarves", as well as from their places of origin. Such places look like small bushes with a purple glow, on the branches of which you can see such seeds. In total, to summon the Ancient One, you need to get 3 units of seeds and bring them to the sacrificial altar.

When you have all the necessary ingredients, you can craft iron nails, get some ancient bark and start building a drakkar .

How to operate a boat in Valheim

It is quite simple to operate a boat in Valheim, but there are some nuances here. You can change the trajectory of the vessel and its speed. There are four driving modes in total:

  • Moving forward with a paddle;
  • Backward movement with a paddle;
  • Moving forward with the sail lowered;
  • Move forward with the sail fully lowered.

And here users may have a question: "Why do we need an oar if we have a sail?" The fact is that the game has a dynamic wind change system that directly affects the speed of your ship with the sail down. If you need to sail against the wind, then, of course, the sail will not help here. And since such situations will not be rare in the game, at such moments you will simply have to use the paddle, or wait for the next change in the air flow.

Dangers of sea travel in Valheim


Our observations have shown that on almost every third voyage by water, you will experience worsening weather. Perhaps this is somehow related to the Viking's forays into the open sea, well, or just a coincidence. In any case, when your boat is exposed to a storm, we advise you to raise the sails and even completely stop further movement until the weather conditions improve.

Since large waves rise during a storm, at speed you can simply break your ship and die in the middle of the ocean. By the way, all items dropped from the player will not be easy to return back. It will be especially offensive to lose quest items on the high seas, such as the "Crypt Key", because after that you will again need to defeat the Ancient One to obtain this key.

Remember that in severe storms you can grab onto the mast. This will keep your Viking from falling overboard.


You may also encounter sea monsters from time to time. Most of these creatures attack at night, so we recommend traveling during the day. Monsters have tremendous damage and are capable of destroying a simple raft with just a few hits. You can also try to kill them. For this, it is best to use a bow with reinforced arrows.