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How to defeat Raikou in Pokémon GO 2021: best Pokémon and attacks


How to defeat Raikou in Pokémon GO 2021: best Pokémon and attacks

Raikou, Johto's legendary, now appears more frequently in Pokémon GO raids, and we tell you the best strategies to defeat him, as well as the chances of getting a shiny.

Raikou, the second-generation electric Pokémon, is already fighting in Pokémon GO. Until February 4 at 10:00 AM (applicable local time), Raikou will appear more frequently in the five-star raids for the Johto Celebration event.

In this guide we will tell you the best strategies, Pokémon and attacks that you can use against the legendary Pokémon Gold and Silver.

How to defeat Raikou in Pokémon GO: best Pokémon and attacks

As we said, Raikou will appear frequently in the 4-star raids in Pokémon GO, from last Sunday to Thursday, February 4 at 10:00. In addition, there is a probability (around 5%)  that you will get a shiny Raikou (variocolor), a small probability, but much higher than you would normally have Fortunately, if you get a shiny after the raid the probability of catching it, If you're right, it's 100%, so use a Pinia berry to get more candy.

The best Pokémon that you can use to resist its electrical attacks are those of the Ground type , although the Shadow Ball movement can cause us problems if we have Psychic or Ghost type Pokémon. These are the best Pokémon that you can use to fight it.

  • Excadrill (Mud Shot and Earthquake)
  • Rhyperior (Mud Slap and Earthquake)
  • Garchomp (Mud Shot and Earthquake)
  • Groudon (Mud Shot and Earthquake)
  • Mamoswine (Mud Slap and Terratemblor)
  • Landorus (Mud Shot and Living Earth)
  • Krookodile (Mud Slap and Earthquake)
  • Flygon (Mud Shot and Living Earth)
  • Donphan (Mud Slap and Earthquake)
  • Golem (Mud Slap and Earthquake)