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How to level up fast in Bravely Default II and more tips and tricks to start playing


How to level up fast in Bravely Default II and more tips and tricks to start playing

We give you all the keys not only so that you can quickly raise the level of the characters in Bravely Default II, but also those tips that are very necessary for the first hours of play.

In a title with these characteristics, and more inspired by classic games, in addition to knowing how to move through the new maps, face enemies, and always choose the best weapons for each of the combats, it is essential from the beginning to level up.

And there are so many other things that you can worry about and that you are going to find during those first hours of play, where we usually make the main mistakes in this regard, not knowing how to balance the characters well, always abusing the same weapons or even not finding a method of farming experience well into the adventure.

That is why we have decided to make this guide that covers the first hours of Bravely Default II game, where you will find some experience farming methods, and many other tips that will make your learning in the adventure much more appropriate.

How to level up fast in Bravely Default II and more tips and tricks to start playing

Quick tips

  • Take advantage of the exploration trips, since they are a fairly simple way to farm experience and that you will have unlocked from the beginning.
  • When it comes to side quests, you can locate her from the different NPCs you meet, who usually have blue conversation bubbles above their heads. They are optional side missions and you should try to do absolutely all of them.
  • The city travel feature can teleport you directly to previous cities that you have explored, and you can find some side quests that were not available before, so you can retrace your steps on a regular basis.
  • We advise you to speed up the battle animations, since although they are beautiful at first because they are new, later they can end up tiring you, and since the idea is that we advance and gain as much experience as possible, speed them up to the maximum by pressing the + button on your I send. You could also reduce them, but we advise you less.
  • Take it easy when fighting the big bosses, since at the beginning, as they will have a lot of magic, they will probably be very difficult and you should try to adopt a defensive position. As for the great enemies the magic has run out, you can begin to tackle them with greater guarantees.
  • Don't always follow the Orange objective marker when in dungeons, as you will miss out on a multitude of secret chests and bonuses.
  • You can change the difficulty level whenever you want, in the settings menu, but we advise you to always start from normal and never from casual, and later change it to difficult when you have played at least 10 hours.

Getting job points and leveling up

Thanks to them we will be able to raise the level of the different jobs and thus unlock new skills.

Realize that you will get work points naturally by eliminating enemies in combat encounters, but it is not entirely easy for you to level up quickly.

To upload and get the work points quickly, we advise you:

  • Make use of the underdog bonus, a bonus that you receive every time you face an enemy of a higher level. Even if your character's level is higher than that of the enemy, you will still have this bonus as long as your work level is only one.
  • If you defeat several enemies at the same time by performing combos, you can receive a multiplier of work points that will give you a great boost.
  • If you do not want to complicate your life too much, you can always use orbs of work points, which you get by completing side missions, opening chests and boat expeditions.

How to steal items

For this you need the ability to steal and that obviously requires you to have the job of a thief in a character. Once you get to Chapter 2, you need to keep playing through the main story until you reach the third boss in that area. As soon as you have defeated him, you will get the necessary element to give the job to any of the characters.

As soon as you have assigned it, keep raising the level of work as we have explained previously, until you obtain the ability to steal. To use it, go to the skills menu and try to steal items from enemies. If you keep improving it, you will end up unlocking a passive ability that allows you to simply steal by attacking an enemy.

Checking the weaknesses of the enemies

At first it can be difficult to defeat some enemies especially if they are new, but we can see their weakness. So to check the weakness of an enemy you must use the magnifying glass consumable that you can buy from the different merchants in the city or use the skill called "examine" from the Freelancer job.

With either of the two procedures, as soon as you have it assigned, select the enemy that you want to examine in combat and you will be given all the relative information such as its total life and also all the vulnerabilities that are very interesting.

If you've examined an enemy before, simply press the X button to reveal all of their weaknesses in battle.

Now you have the best tips and tricks to start playing Bravely Default II , and the best procedures to level up your characters.