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How to play and open Xiao in Genshin Impact

 Here are the details of the new Genshin Impact character Xiao, which appeared in the latest update 1.3.

How to play and open Xiao in Genshin Impact

Details on Xiao at Genshin Impact

Xiao's elemental skill allows the character to move swiftly across the battlefield, as well as inflict Anemo attacks on all enemies that he encounters while moving. It's quite fun: just use the main skill and send the hero into the crowd of enemies to attack them.

Also, Xiao has a special ability to explode the elements - "Extermination of all evil." When you use it, your hero's jump range increases, and all active attacks begin to inflict Anemo damage.

All of these benefits are backed up by one side effect. When using his skills, Xiao will lose a certain amount of health until the end of the fight.


Xiao's main weapon is a  spear . If you have a similar four or five star weapon lying around, then you can equip it on a new hero. Here is a list of suitable weapons:

  • Jade Kite ;
  • Heavenly axis ;
  • Starry shine ;
  • Montenegrin peak.


TalentWhen opensProperties
Transcendence: Denial of GravityBaseStamina consumption while climbing party members is reduced by 20%. Cannot be combined with passives with the same effect.
Conqueror of Evil: Tame Demons2nd phase of elevationElemental explosion damage increased by 5%. It continues to increase every 3 seconds the Yax Mask is worn by 5% up to 25% until the effect ends.
Era of Decay: The Fall of Heaven4th phase of ascensionWithin 7 seconds from the moment the elemental skill is applied, it can be used with a 15% increase in damage. This value is added to subsequent lunges up to 3 times. The duration of the effect will be reset.

How to get Xiao

A new hero can be obtained through Prayer. At the moment, the character can be knocked out using "Intertwining Fates". Recall that such a currency can be bought in the in-game store for real money, or exchanged for  Source Stones ,  Stardust  or  Starlight .

How to upgrade Xiao

In the constellation Xiao, 6 levels of pumping are available. There are several ways to open the constellations. The most common is to get a duplicate hero card. Here is a list of all the constellations:

  1. The collapse of the era: Destroyer of Worlds . Adds a +1 charge of Wind Lemniscate .
  2. Age of Extinction: The Rise of the Kaleidos . Adds + 25% energy recovery rate if the hero is inactive .
  3. Conqueror of Evil: God of Wrath . Adds +3 levels of Wind Lemniscate.
  4. Transcendence: The disappearance of suffering. The hero gains + 100% protection when health is less than 50%.
  5. The Era of Evolution: The Origins of Ignorance. Adds +3 level "Extermination of all evil" .
  6. Conqueror of Evil: Protector of Yax . A fall strike against 2 or more enemies with the Yaks mask equipped gives an additional charge of elemental attack. It can be consumed within 1 second without a cooldown. 

Attack damage and other skill indicators are calculated using the following formula:

  • Attack damage 1 -  43.5%  +  43.5% ;
  • Attack Damage 2 -  89.9% ;
  • Attack damage 3 -  108.3% ;
  • Attack damage 4 -  59.5%  +  59.5% ;
  • Attack damage 5 -  113.0% ;
  • Attack damage 6 -  151.4% ;
  • Charged attack damage -  191%;
  • Stamina consumption -  25.0  units;
  • Fall damage -  140% ;
  • Low impact damage -  280% ;
  • High impact damage -  349% .

As we can see, this is a pretty strong character even at the initial levels.

How to play as Xiao

The character itself is not unique without special skills. To enhance all attacks - use an explosion of elements and an elemental skill. When you activate the explosion of elements, you can defeat a group of strong enemies, and the elemental skill is suitable for dealing damage to multiple opponents.

Xiao in your squad should become the main hero, for whom the whole team works. Therefore, it is better for him to pick up a special squad - the favorite support heroes.

Best Characters for Xiao

In fact, there can be a variety of variations of units, but if you intend to win in every battle, then one hero must be taken in any case.


This character is needed in a squad with Xiao due to the decrease in the HP level of   this character. As we have already noted, upon the first activation of the Elemental Blast, Xiao begins to lose health. This effect only ends at the end of the battle. You can ditch Barbara and use the standard health replenishment meals. In this case, you need to remember that each hero has a limit of satiety. Barbara is perfect for Xiao's health regeneration.


This hero can also provide healing and create elemental resonance to Anemo. The latter will lead to a decrease in stamina and a decrease in the recharge rate of skills.


Use this hero for an elemental reaction, which in turn will heal your main character.