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How to upgrade a workbench in Valheim to level 4. How to open a chopping block, tanning machine and adze


How to upgrade a workbench in Valheim to level 4. How to open a chopping block, tanning machine and adze

Players Valheim can craft many items on the workbench, making it an essential item to have in the area. Initially, the level of the newly created workbench will be the first one, so its functionality is obviously limited. However, you can improve the workbench several times, after the upgrade, new items will become available, and the old ones can be improved.

To improve a crafting stance, you need to place objects near it, which are marked in the "Crafting" section with a star with the footnote "Workbench: improvement". There are three such items in total: a chopping block, a tanning machine and an adze, which must be opened in that order. Each of them improves the workbench by one level. If you place all three items next to the workbench, its level will rise to the fourth. First of all, you need to make these items available:

  • To unlock the felling deck, you need to collect 10 units of flint, which can be found along the shore of the reservoir, and 10 units of wood;
  • In order for the tanning machine to become available, you need to kill a deer and take at least 5 units of hide from it, you will also need 10 units of wood, 15 units of flint and 20 leather scraps;
  • To unlock the tesla, you need to craft bronze nails from bronze ingots and collect wood from birch (you need a valuable type of wood).

After you have created all or part of these items, they need to be placed outside the building in which the workbench is located. If the level of the workbench does not rise, then the item is too far away, try to put it closer. In most cases, you will not need to do this, as well as put objects inside the building. The level of the workbench is written in the star on the right in the "Workbench" tab, the maximum level at the moment is the fourth. However, there is a possibility that after the release of the full version of the game, it will be possible to improve the crafting stance even more.

For now, players can learn what can be crafted and improved at the level 4 workbench. Items crafted on such a workbench will make life much easier for you in the wild lands of Valheim.