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HP OMEN CITADEL GAMING CHAIR Review: Strong chair for little money

 The trend of the large PC manufacturers to offer not just computers but complete gaming ecosystems continues unabated. So it's not surprising that HP has also donated a gaming chair to its Omen series. The Omen Citadel gaming chair is available at a pleasantly low price: 359 euros in the Omen store, but in the open market for 299 euros. We tested the good piece in the home office.

The Omen Citadel comes well packed in a huge cardboard box, which, due to its dimensions and weight, can drive a parcel delivery man crazy. But that is due to the nature of the matter and is of course not a point of criticism. In addition to the well-packaged components, the scope of delivery also includes assembly instructions, product information, a guarantee card and an L-key for assembly along with an omen sticker.

Most of the screws are already in their designated holes, so you don't have to worry about which screw goes where. Of course, it's a bit annoying that you have to crank it out before assembly, but that's not really that bad. The assembly is quite quick and easy to manage on your own. The only thing that was a bit tricky was the assembly of the backrest, as the cover was not attached to the holes or provided with rings. But after about 15 minutes everything was done without breaking a sweat.

HP OMEN CITADEL GAMING CHAIR Review: Strong chair for little money

The Citadel is visually rather bulky and, thanks to a lot of black and red decorative elements, has a strong presence in the room. But there is nothing to complain about in terms of workmanship. The upholstery is neatly sewn, the five-star aluminum cross is robust and the red-black PU nylon rollers make a good impression. The Citadel exudes durability.

The thick, firm pads are made of high-density PVC foam and are neither too soft nor too hard. In addition to the upholstery of the seat and backrest, which nestle around a tubular steel frame, there is a neck pad and a lumbar pad, which are attached with straps and can therefore be adjusted. The lumbar pad is comparatively large, but also very comfortable, especially since it never presses uncomfortably. The compromise between comfort and simultaneous support for the spine is very good - you can easily endure several hours in the Citadel.

The numerous setting options are exemplary. The armrests are height adjustable, rotatable and can be adjusted forwards and backwards as well as to the sides. The backrest can be set back to an angle of 135 degrees and has a tilt and angle lock. No problem to find the right setting for you. The seat is relatively wide, so that even stronger players can get along well with the chair. The gas pressure spring is also designed for weights up to 135 kg.


Due to the very high seat height, adjustable from 45 to 55 cm, the chair is only suitable for taller people from around 170 to 175 cm in height. Smaller players can sometimes not get their feet all the way on the floor, which is not good for the sitting posture and can sometimes push off the back of the thigh.

In the endurance test in the home office, the Omen Citadel ultimately left a very good impression. The upholstery is extremely comfortable, but still provides excellent support. I especially like the large lumbar pad. We also liked the fact that the seat and backrest offer good support on the one hand, but on the other hand don't restrict us either, as is often the case with some chairs with a backrest that is curved like a bucket seat. Overall, you get a damn good chair for very moderate money.


Strong chair for little money

It's hard to believe that there are still really good gaming chairs that don't cost a fortune. HP does almost everything right with the Omen Citadel. The processing of the chair, which costs just 300 euros, leaves nothing to be desired, the equipment offers everything your heart could desire in this price range. The seating comfort is high thanks to successful ergonomics, extensive adjustment options and, last but not least, the cleverly designed support cushions. In addition, the chair is also well suited for players with a slightly wider build. Due to the seat height, however, the Citadel is not suitable for smaller players - you should be between 170 and 175 cm tall. All in all, a great chair with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.


  • quick assembly
  • good equipment
  • many setting options
  • good ergonomics
  • great upholstery
  • attractive look
  • strong price-performance ratio


  • relatively high seat height