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iPhone: Change the code - here's how


iPhone: Change the code - here's how

Your iPhone is set up with a code by default and is protected from this point in time. We'll show you here on OkayGotcha how to change or deactivate the code.

iPhone: what is the lock code?

The lock code is usually a sequence of 4 to 6 digits that you have to enter before you can use your iPhone. This prevents unauthorized persons from using your iPhone as they do not know the lock code.

Set and change code on iPhone

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. On an iPhone with Face ID you tap on " Face ID & Code ".
  3. On an iPhone with a home button, you tap on " Touch ID & Code ".
  4. Tap on " Activate code " or on " Change code ".
  5. Tap on " Code Options " to find the available options to see how to create the code.
  6. According to Apple, the most secure options are " Own alphanumeric code " and " Own numeric code ".
  7. After entering the code, you have to confirm it again.

iPhone: Deactivate the code

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Depending on the device, navigates to: " Face ID & Code " or " Touch ID & Code ".
  3. Enter your code when prompted.
  4. Tap on the setting " Deactivate code ".
  5. Confirmed with " Deactivate ".

Everything works? Do you use the code or do you have another lock that you like better? Feel free to write us your opinion and questions in the comments below these instructions.