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 The all-new Legends of Runeterra expansion is on the way. The empires of the Ascended , with the region of Shurima and more than a hundred collectible cards will be available as early as March 3, 2021 . The new pack of playable cards will be released together with the patch notes 2.3 .

It is not the first time that we have witnessed the almost simultaneous revelation of two singularly strong champions who, however, seem born to work together, you will all remember the crazy synergy between Soraka and Tahm Kench that was already evident from the moment they were presented to the public. The affinity between Taliyah and Lissandraseems to follow exactly those footsteps and the two seem to be able to walk together towards the higher tiers of the metagame . In this guide we will talk specifically about the stone weaver, trying to frame it in the best possible way.


Condition level up easily . Our first consideration on Taliyah is that given the other Shurima monument cards we will review in this guide, coupled with the fact that she can level in the deck, her leveling up condition is just deceptively complex. The card is, contrary to appearances, terribly reliable , solid and to be honest it can see play without too many problems even without the enhancement taking place.

Once the flip happens it becomes really complex to manage it . One thing that could be said for almost all the champions but which is always very nice. When the condition of the flip itselfis very simple as described above, then the party is double.

The synergy with the monuments is great fun and will revolutionize the work . Not only strong but also fun and incredibly innovative from a mechanical point of view, such a thing has never been seen in Legends of Runeterra. But we would not have included it in the strengths only for the freshness it brings to the title, it is really an impactful mechanic that can turn the games in an incredible way and perhaps in ways that we have not yet imagined in the theorycrafting phase.

Incredible support . We willdiscuss thesynergy with Lissandra extensively later in a guide dedicated to the latter, try to imagine it instead in a Noxus deck backing the Trifarian Assessor with a frightening army of 5/4 creatures. It looks good almost anywhere as long as there are monuments to split . If it does not by itself become the main star of a deck it could do so in a secondary way, helping many lists to turn perfectly.

There isn't much competition in the desert . One of Jarvan IV's main flawsis having a lot of strong champions on his way, probably stronger than him. The stone weaver does not have this problem, not because the other Shurima champions are weak or have a bad design, this is not the case at all, but because no one else could have the same characteristics or occupy a similar slot as often happens in the parts of Demacia. From this point of view we can also see an overall improvement in the quality of the design , already very high, of the development team of Legends of Runeterra.



Its base stats are terrible . Not such a serious disadvantage considering that most of the time this time loss will be offset with instant and immediate value on the game board , often its effect can be interpreted as “summons a 5/4” at worst. Still a negative side that is right to highlight to nitpick a champion who will probably have his say.

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