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Loot the 3 new silos in CoD Warzone and get strong loot


Loot the 3 new silos in CoD Warzone and get strong loot

The new Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War has a number of features in its luggage, including missile silos. In which you can stock up on loads of loot. OkayGotcha explains where to find them.

What are silos? Similar to the Warzone bunkers , the silos are underground spaces. Rockets are stored in the silos, which apparently belong to a new story of the Battle Royale or continue it.

You can find the silos in Verdansk, the first map of the Battle Royale. A total of three pieces are distributed around the edges of the map.

Unlike the bunkers, the silos are simply open. They are holes in the ground that you can jump into. Just remember to open your parachute, otherwise falling into the silo could possibly kill you.

Silos in Warzone - Locations and Loot

Here you will find the silos: Two of the silos can be found in the south, near the bank of Verdansk. One silo is exactly south of the park's map marking, the second silo is exactly south of Promenade West and southwest of Hills.

The third silo, on the other hand, is far to the north, southwest of the Military Base and east of the dam. We have included the map with the exact locations for you here:

Loot the 3 new silos in CoD Warzone and get strong loot

Make sure, however, that the silos will likely be a popular starting point for quick access to loot. So expect hard fights against other players.

The silos themselves are quite large, so you can get lost there quickly. If you can loot one of them, use the time to memorize the room layout. It is similar in all silos. Here you can see short clips from the bunkers live in the game:

Tavorsk Park, near Bunker 10

Novi Grazna Hills, south of Promenade West 

Southwest of the Military Base 

What's in the silos? The silos are full of weapons and equipment that you can grab. We cannot yet say whether there are special items there, at least none have been found so far. 

The new silos are just one of the changes in Season 2 in Warzone. With this came zombies into the battle royale, new weapons, a new battle pass and more. So you have enough content to watch over the coming days and weeks.