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Nioh 2 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Newbies

 Everything you need to know about Nioh 2

Nioh 2 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Newbies

Nioh 2 is a hardcore action game that will be too tough for even many Dark Souls fans. Therefore, in order to slightly lower the threshold of entry, we have collected for you tips that will help you quickly get used to this harsh world of demons and samurai.

How do I get the best weapons and armor?

Considering the standard color scheme for the rarity of weapons, armor and consumables, then during the first playthrough, you will only receive gray, blue, yellow and purple items. But the most unique are the "green" items. Unfortunately, you will only receive your first green items after defeating the final boss. Then you can complete the game at a higher difficulty level. And here already similar things will occur much more often.

How to learn to win?

There are several important elements of the combat system that you should keep in mind:

  1. After any hit, pull in Ki by pressing R1. This will allow you to quickly restore stamina. Also, this technique dispels the filth (many youkai leave it with special blows). When your hero is in filth, then his ki is restored very slowly. At the same time, your opponent, youkai, gains boosts.
  2. Any opponent uses powerful attacks that are easily recognized by the appearance of red streaks. Ideally, such techniques should be answered with your own counterattack. To do this, press R2 and "circle". But here it is important to understand: you must be close to the enemy.
  3. Don't forget about firearms. The bow is useful against ordinary enemies, but the arquebus is useful even in boss battles.
  4. Look for weak spots on opponents. These are usually body parts covered with yellow crystals. Or much more obvious things, like the eye of a cyclops.
  5. Remember to change soul essences in time. Also switch between guardian spirits, choosing the most suitable.
  6. Do not try to attack the enemy if he is about to capture. You can guess about the capture when, instead of red streaks, youkai fog appears on the opponent's hands. In such cases, you need to run from enemies as far as possible.

What to give a purple creature?

This sudama is an alternate version of the kodama that the yokai defeated. Fortunately, this creature is kind. Throw some object to him to get an item of the same rarity and spirit stones.

How to get Amrita?

Amrita you earn by completing tasks and killing enemies. Another obvious and effective way is to donate weapons and equipment to the kodama on any altar. But before you do this, be sure to check the things and put on the best ones. On the other hand, equipment can be handed over to the blacksmith by disassembling it into parts. Also, amrita is credited to the account when using soul stones and spirits. You will find them as you progress through the game, explore locations, or, again, receive as a reward.

Where to find edema cups?

A certain number of cups can be bought at the kodama bazaar in the event that you do not have them at all (from three to five). Otherwise, the main way to get cups is to kill other characters who can be summoned with the help of red fires. The cups themselves are used on blue fires to summon helpers.

Why do we need kodama?

The game is divided into 7 plot acts (cards). Different kodama are given for each act. There is a sanctuary in the altar, where you choose a certain bonus (one of five). Each bonus is associated with one or another kodama (with green, red, black hats, and so on). If you collect five kodama of the same type, then in the current act you can activate the maximum bonus.

How to increase the number of elixirs?

From the very beginning to the end of the game, you can have no more than 8 elixirs.

How to increase the number of talismans and spells?

To do this, you need to pump two corresponding branches - ninjutsu and omedo magic. They are pumped like all other skills - when using techniques.

How to throw shurikens, bombs and so on?

To begin with, these items should be placed in the quick access cells, which are activated by the "up", "down", "left" and "right" buttons. Fortunately, you have two sets of four cells. To switch between them, hold down R1 and press "left" or "right". After fixing the shuriken to the desired cell, use the target lock on the desired enemy and click on the button corresponding to the cell with the shuriken. Without capturing a target, your hero will throw a shuriken right in front of him!

How do I switch between weapons?

You can switch between different types of firearms and melee weapons. Hide has two cells for each type. To do this, hold down R1 and click on the button with which the required cell is labeled.

How to switch between guardian spirits?

Use the combination of R1 and L2 KEY. The second Guardian Spirit slot will be available in the middle of the game.

Where to buy elixirs?

At the Kodama bazaar. You will also receive elixirs for offering kodam on the altar.

What are the best weapon bonuses?

When choosing a bonus, you need to dance from the enemy. If there is a fight with a fire demon, then a weapon with water damage will do. But also note that in addition to conventional weapons, there are items with cleanliness and filth. The former are suitable in the battle against youkai, the latter are suitable for ordinary enemies (people).

What characteristics to download?

It all depends on the weapon you choose, since each type of melee weapon has its own characteristic. Focus on a specific weapon and pump this parameter. You also need to download the addition, strength and skills, since it depends on them whether you can put on certain armor.

How do you understand the words of youkai?

You may have noticed that sometimes when picking up the soul essence of a defeated youkai, red hieroglyphic inscriptions appear at the bottom of the screen. But after a few acts, these inscriptions are converted into Russian subtitles. This happens automatically, as you kill youkai of the same type, picking up the essence of his soul. For this, you do not need to do anything different and specific.

How to lock the target?

To do this, use the R3 button (right analog).

How to exit the mission (task) / How to return to the map?

Interest Ask. For this, a single object is used - an illuminated branch. At the same time, by applying a branch, you will lose all received amrita. Therefore, ideally, it should be spent on the altar, and only then use the branch, completing the task.

How to summon a guardian spirit / How to activate a living weapon / How to turn into a demon?

If we mean the activation of the guardian spirit (living weapon), then first you need to accumulate the required amount of anima. The icon in the upper left corner of the screen should be lit. Then activate the spirit by pressing the "triangle" and "circle" simultaneously.

If you want to return the guardian spirit that remained with the amrita after your death, there are two options. The first one is to use the function of the altar "Recall Guardian Spirit". But in this case, you will lose all the collected amrita and unrefined soul essences. The second option is to use a special item that allows you to recall the guardian spirit, returning with it amrita and unrefined soul essences.

How do I unlock a skill?

To unlock skills, you need to complete the game. Some levels are assigned to separate tasks that appear in the dojo. Therefore, be sure to go through them too!

How do I switch between racks?

Hold R1 and point to the button corresponding to the required rack:

  • bottom - "cross";
  • middle - "square";
  • upper - "triangle".

How to reset characteristics

To do this, you need to use the book of reincarnation. You will receive several books by completing some side quests. The truth in the inventory can be no more than one.

How to improve anima?

Anima is used to activate skills obtained from youkai's soul essences. You will get it simply by attacking enemies. Marked with a purple stripe anima at the top of the screen. Also, anima can be restored using special consumable items - physalis fruits and leaves. You can wear 5 and 3 pieces respectively.

How to get Fame Points fast?

To do this, use the piety jasper at the beginning, middle and end of locations (before the boss battles) to leave the summoning fires. If you complete all tasks, including side ones, then your character will be one of the most powerful and pumped. And it will be chosen by other gamers much more often. Fame points can also be obtained by killing enemies summoned through red fires.

How to open an illusory wall?

When approaching some walls (rare), you will hear a strange groan. Also two eyes will appear. There are three ways to get rid of a wall. The first and most rare (since usually the room behind the wall is deaf) is associated with going around the wall, going to it from behind. In this case, you can remove the sheet with the hieroglyphs from it, thereby removing the spell. The second option is to fight the wall, which is very difficult. The third option is to choose a color-appropriate gesture. All gestures are divided into red, blue and yellow. You have two attempts. Try red and yellow. If you guess right, the wall will disappear. If she likes blue gestures, then after the second unsuccessful attempt she will have to go to option # 2 (battle). Also, if there is a red bonfire next to the wall, be sure to examine it. You will see what the other player's character died from. And his cause of death will be highlighted in one of the colors of the gestures used. That is, you can automatically exclude such a color.

What to do with the facial expression chest?

When opening some chests, a mimic raccoon jumps out instead of loot. Then he turns into a samurai and shows you some kind of gesture. If you repeat this gesture exactly, then the mimic will be pleased, after which it will disappear, leaving you a reward. In the event of a mistake or aggressive behavior, you will have to fight the mimic. It is easy to distinguish a chest of facial expressions from an ordinary one: instead of four yellow side stripes, it has six at once (three on different sides).

How to charge a living weapon / How to charge a demon form?

The most obvious way is to kill enemies. But there are much less obvious things - spirit stones, yellow objects (crystals), which you get when you search locations or as a reward for completing tasks. They not only grant you amrita when used, but also charge living weapons. Also, spirit stones can be right at the location where you are fighting. Pay attention to any yellow crystals, even those on your opponent's body!