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Nioh 2 walkthrough - quest and boss guide

 In this guide, you will learn how to complete all the story and side missions of the game, how to clear all the bosses, where to find all the kodama, and much more.

Nioh 2 walkthrough - quest and boss guide

Complete the tutorial at the very beginning of Nioh 2 . Pick up different items and carefully read what the game is about. Inside the cave, you will learn the basic combat mechanics, you can try out each weapon and choose a guardian spirit. But don't worry! Throughout the game, it will be possible to change both guardian spirits and weapons. Memorize all the suggested buttons now. There are too many functions, so most of them are activated by two buttons at once. In the course of the passage, we will tell you about each new subject that deserves special attention.

Sacred Branch Shard . When using this item during the quest, you will automatically return to the world map. However, the main character will lose all the Amrita available to him. Therefore, you need to use it only in extreme situations: when, for example, you realize that you cannot complete the task, and instead want to devote time to additional quests in order to pump your character.

Act 1. Awakening

Village of cursed petals

We will not indicate the recommended level, reward, and so on for quests. All this you can see for yourself when choosing a task. The number of hidden kodama, coins and amrita will also be indicated there.
Before completing this task, I recommend that you look into the "Dojo" through the house on the map in order to undergo training in all aspects of the combat system. Memorize the buttons carefully.

The most important thing about combat . When fighting youkai, press R1 after each hit to pull in ki and disperse the fog (when you are in fog, your stamina / ki regenerates very slowly). Don't try to block or dodge powerful monster attacks. If the enemy is preparing such an attack, you will see a red light. Run up and press R2 + "circle" for a well-timed counterattack.

At the beginning of each quest, you will see an altar. Interacting with him, you will restore your health reserve, you can replenish stocks of elixirs and other consumables (at the Kodama bazaar), but at the same time revive opponents. On death, your character will return to the last altar.

Decide as soon as possible which weapon you will use throughout the game in order to immediately pump the right skills. I liked big axes, so I immediately invested in Fortitude. In this case, for more advanced armor may require "Add", "Strength" and "Skill".

Weapon typeBasic skillSecondary skillTertiary skill
A spearAdditionPowerSkill
KatanaStrength of mindSkillPower
AxPersistenceCourage / AdditionStrength / Courage
OdachiPowerPersistenceStrength of mind
Two katanasSkillStrength of mindPower
BowStrength of mind--

Go forward, left and kill the first enemy. There is a purple bar under the health bar. This is the enemy's ki. When it dries up, most enemies will fall to the ground and be immobilized. Run up and finish them off. A little further you will see a monster. This enemy is somewhat reminiscent of a location boss. Except that it doesn't activate the Demon Form. It is not necessary to kill him. Just run past, collecting different loot in a circle. However, if you can defeat the monster, then a key will fall out of it, which opens a door nearby and allows you to reduce the level.

After rising up from the monster, go to the right to the corpse and to the kodama . Kill the next enemy and open the doors leading to the first altar. You will soon see red and blue bonfires. The former allow you to summon and fight with the character of a random player who died in a given place. The second is to summon a random player's character for help.

Move on to meet the first Enki . Do not forget about counter-attacks (R2 + "circle") and well-timed dodges. But sometimes it's better to block enemy attacks in order to lose less Ki.

When you die, you lose your entire supply of amrita and unrefined soul essences. Essences of Souls are special skills that you can install in the free slots of the selected Guardian Spirit. Their use consumes anima - a purple scale. It replenishes automatically when you fight, but there are two items to replenish it. One of them is the physalis fruit. As for the dropped Amrita and Unrefined Essences, you can pick them up if you reach the place of death without dying again. An alternative option is to use the Summoner Candle, allowing the amrita to be returned right here and now. Remember that the guardian spirit remains with the amrita. That is, until you return it, you cannot use special techniques.

After Enki, go forward and left. Kill a couple of enemies and find a codama in a dead end on your left hand . You will soon reach the second altar.

All unused armor and equipment can be donated to codes. For this you will receive amrita and special glasses that allow you to buy consumables at the kodama bazaar.

Cross the bridge, kill enemies, and head left. This will create a shortcut to the huge monster at the start of the game. Here, climb the building and move along the roofs, killing all the archers. Don't forget to use the bow personally! When you kill the big samurai, enter the building on the left. Exit it through another opening and find a kodama on the ground . Cross the other bridge and pick up the edema cups. They are used to call for help (activating blue bonfires). Go forward to the new monster.

In addition to powerful "red" attacks, some opponents use grapples. You can recognize this by the presence of gray streaks on the opponent's limbs. Don't try to block such attacks! In this case, it is best to run away (run away, not deviate).

When you kill the monster, destroy the boxes near the building on the left and find the kodama behind it . A little further, on the right, you can open the door leading to the second altar. Follow on to the location with archers. After the steps, you can find a kodama on the right . If you climb higher to the archer, then you can find a cat. Pet her. She will temporarily accompany you, helping you in the battle with opponents.

The first defiled area will be a little further. To dispel such fog, you need to kill the main enemy. It is not marked in any way, so you will not know exactly what to do. On the other hand, as soon as the correct youkai are killed, everyone else will die.

In the desecrated areas, ANY enemy starts to use something new. For example, regular youkai spit out purple charges before being stunned. If you step on them, you will be immobilized. In addition, one small youkai can eat a stunned other to transform into a large monster. Your target awaits you inside the hut.

After killing Enki, search the corpse to get the key to the inner sanctum. You can also activate the third altar and open a previously locked chest. Outside the gates, situated behind the altar, on the left there Kodama . The path up leads you to the first boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Madzuki

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Madzuki

Choose the moment and carry out your own blows right after the monster's series of attacks. Be sure to use a counterattack when the enemy blushes to deal serious damage to their Ki. The moment is very important: if, having knocked down all the enemy's ki, you do not have time to stun him, then he will summon a corrupted area. Also be sure to activate your demon form. After inflicting 2-3 hits on the enemy, depending on the weapon, instead of dodging, it is best to run away from him. Use the gazebo in the corner for protection. See the stone? If you force Madzuki to break it, you will get a significant increase in anima and quickly recharge your demon form.

Forest Shrouded in Darkness (optional)

In this side mission, you will need to go through the forest with bandits. There are two altars, the second is near the end point. Youkai will appear there. Kill two normal ones and then finish off Enki. One of the best moments to attack: after he throws the spear and rolls forward. Moreover, it will be possible to stun him almost immediately with an ax (you inflict maximum damage if you hit the horn on your head). After killing him, collect the loot and complete the mission.

Spawning smoke and flames

Activate the altar and kill the first opponents. If you see that there are several enemies, be sure to use a bow. Perhaps someone will be able to kill immediately (or you can stun a strong enemy, run up and finish him off). Knock down stones on the wells. There are spirit stones hidden inside, giving amrita when used. Go between the houses, shooting enemies on the rooftops. You will know that you are aiming for the head by the appearance of a red dot on the crosshair in aiming mode. Turn into the alley on the right and find the codamu behind the house . Get to the stairs leading up. Before going there, kill the enemies, walk by and open the gate. You will create a shortcut to the first altar.

It's time to get to the temple at the top of the steps. Inside it, a new youkai awaits you - Ippon-Datra . Again, don't forget about counter-attacks and ki pulsation to cleanse the filth. Run away from the monster when it starts jumping on the sword. After such jumps, he often delivers a "red" blow, which you can counterattack. After the kill, go down the stairs, through the hole in the floor. You will meet Toe - the blacksmith. Go down below and kill the enemy who will jump out from behind the boxes on the left. Kodama is hiding behind them.

A little further you will find a new altar. Walk up and kill the samurai in the building on the left. Next, there will be an infected zone. Try to finish off the simple youkai and then defeat the two powerful ones.

One great trick for desecrated locations: shoot youkai and run out of the location, luring him after you. This will simultaneously weaken the enemy and strengthen yourself (return to normal ki recovery).

The area will be cleared after you kill Enki (youkai with a spear, in the form of a gorilla). Instead of youkai, this location will now contain zombies. Be careful as they throw stones and bombs. One of the buildings on the right has a descent. Follow the stairs there. For pillar nearby hiding Kodama . A little further there will be zombies, and on top - a chest with a mimicry. You can easily distinguish such a chest from an ordinary one: on the sides, instead of two stripes, three at once. You don't have to kill facial expressions. If you want to get the loot without a fight, look at it carefully and repeat the same gesture (via the Options button). If you do this, he will drop the loot and disappear. After getting out to the surface by another staircase, you can search the roofs of familiar buildings.

Either way, you need to go across the bridge. Behind him, again to the right, there will be another building with a hole and a staircase. Go downstairs, kill the youkai and search the chest. Immediately you will meet Sudama . This is the yokai version of the kodama. He asks for something. Discard any item to him to get something else in exchange. The more valuable the dropped item is, the better the reward the ship will drop. There is a desecrated part between the buildings on top. Ippon-Datra appears there. Climb up the slope and keep to the left to lower the stairs leading to the altar. Don't rush to go through the gate. Follow the left of them, to discover ekai and Kodama , standing in the corner.

Inside the building, you will need to kill various monsters, while dropping down the bowls of water that will extinguish the fire. There is a hole with fire in the center of the hall. When you extinguish it, you can go down into the dungeon, where the desecrated location with Ippon-Datra is located. And on the second floor of the building to the right of the skeleton-arrow there is a passage to the outside. Once you get there, you can explore another area and open the gate next to the altar. There is also a kodama on the corner of the roof . To get to the temple with the boss, search the entire building, kill each enemy and find a key in one of them.

Don't forget to use soul fusion on the altar. This is an important procedure for increasing the rank of the used skills of the Guardian Spirit. At the same time, keep an eye on the level of the current essences. A little later, you will definitely kill another Enki, and he will have a higher level. Therefore, use the new essence of souls as a basis for merging with the old, already pumped one.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Enenru

First, use armor and amulets that provide protection from fire and (if possible) weapons that deal water damage. Secondly, amulets of purity can be used instead of water. Purity deals increased damage to youkai.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Enenru

At the bazaar for codes near the end of the level, special items will necessarily appear that simplify the battle with the boss. These amulets can only be used at the current level. That is, they will disappear as soon as you defeat the boss.

The next moment in the battle with Enenra is fiery explosions. Avoid flames appearing under your feet. Also pay attention to the beams. Lure Enenru to them and destroy the beam to overturn water on him. Remember that targeting can be both beneficial and harmful. Therefore, sometimes it is better to turn it off. It is best to activate your demon form at the moment when Enenra summons the corruption.

After completing the level, be sure to drop by the blacksmith.

A Voice from the Twilight (optional)

You will need to defeat several youkai. They will appear after you pet the cat. First, destroy the fire heads, and after the main youkai. At the end, Gozuki appears . The same monster that was here at the beginning of the first story mission. But unlike the past opponent, he will use the form of a demon. After the victory, the task will end.

Serpentine Sanctuary

At the beginning of the location, activate the altar, and then choose a path - through the building on the left, desecrated by youkai, or along the path on the right, where there will be about a dozen enemy soldiers. It is not necessary to clear the building itself, as you can walk past it. However, there are 2 chests inside at once. After the building, go upstairs and kill the enemy near the corpses. Do not rush to enter the adjacent building. Go around it and on the left you will find a codeamu .

Be careful inside the desecrated building, as most of the local walls are screens behind which monsters hide. Opponents with a large hand can shoot at you from a distance, so don't let them linger far from Hide. After killing one of them, you will clear the house. There will be a second altar after the building.

The door on the right is closed, go forward on the left side. Follow through the cave and fight the snake . Note that her power (red) attack is freeze. Be sure to counterattack the monster, otherwise you will be at a disadvantage. Also, avoid the second special attack when the haze appears around her head. One of the walls on the right is illusory. Approach her so that eyes appear. To remove a wall from the path, you can act in different ways: destroy it or perform a suitable gesture. Your gestures are divided into three types by color - red, blue, and yellow. Choose any blue gesture. If you guess right, the wall will disappear. If you don't guess, you will have a second try - choose a gesture of a different color. If you don't guess twice, you still have to fight the wall.

And if there is a red fire next to the illusory wall, be sure to study it and pay attention to the column with the cause of death. There will be a color of an inappropriate gesture. Therefore, use the other two alternately.

As you move on, you will see Enki on the way. Before reaching it, there is a room with water on the left. Kodama is hiding there . After a while, you will find yourself in a huge cave, which is partially flooded with a poisonous liquid. Before going downstairs, look around from above and find a tunnel leading to the door. Open it to create a shortcut to the altar.

After going downstairs, take a look around. Look for statues of snakes and destroy them to irrigate canals. Usually each statue is guarded by some powerful youkai. Here you will also meet new enemies. The ghost of a woman is dangerous with her cry. During it, it can completely drain your stamina (s). Thus, the enemy should be attacked only after shouting. On the left side, behind the boxes, you can find a cat. On the right side of the cave, when you move along the devastated channels, find a slug in the corner. Defeat him and point the way to the kodame.

Reach the passage leading to the boss. But instead, go a little further to find the path to the altar. He is in a desecrated territory. To use the altar, you will have to clear the area. But you don't have to enter from here. Go even further and on your right hand you will find an illusory wall. Choose the right gesture or destroy the wall to get to the top of the cave. From here, you will calmly finish off the first opponents, and you can also jump to the island with the snake statue. Then get ready and go to the boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Yatsunokami

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Yatsunokami

Prepare a good poison protection first. As always, I remind you to use counterattacks (R2 + "circle") every time the boss blushes. Move constantly if the boss drives his side snakes into the ground. I also recommend killing these two snakes as soon as they disconnect from the enemy. You can put a regular block from the knives. When yellow crystals appear on the snake's forehead, destroy them (for example, shooting with a musket or bow). As soon as the enemy runs out of ki, finish it off without giving a pause so that it falls dead to the ground. Run up to the head and thrust your weapon.

Dark Omens (Side Quest)

Walk forward from the altar and behind the building on the right you will find the first codam... Keep moving, take your time. Behind the gate, look to the right to find an ambushed soldier. Deal with the rest of the enemies from above. Climbing higher, look around. It makes no sense to go to the right, since there will be a locked door. Walk left and destroy some youkai. Walk down to the left to open the gate and create a shortcut to the altar. Behind the next gate, you will find an ascent on which three youkai sit. On the hill to the left of them is the fourth. And even higher is the cyclops, which will push the stone. Make him push the stone, and then run down. Fight the Cyclops. As you can imagine, his vulnerable spot is the eye. Shoot him with a bow until he grabs his eye, falling to his knees. Run up and land a few hits. Repeat the steps. Climb up the slope along which the stone rolled. On the ledge to the left, hiding by the wallkodama .

At the very top, in the corner, there are jugs, and a cat is hiding behind them. Inside the temple, you will fight against the bird-shaped youkai. This is a very unpleasant opponent that needs to be dodged often. In addition, the "red" attack usually follows a swing kick to the claws of the upper paw and kick. Therefore, be prepared for a counterstrike. Meanwhile, the third kodama hid under this building. Go down the side stairs (not from where you came from) and turn right under the wooden supports. After killing the enemy, take it at the very end of the kodama.

A service to the blacksmith (additional task)

You will need to follow the already familiar path through the location where new monsters will appear. Spinning fiery wheels are dangerous. You cannot finish them off when stunned. In this case, it is possible to deliver a couple of blows. But run after them, because, coming to your senses, the wheel will explode. At the very end, you must go down into the dungeon to fight Ippon-Datra there.

Search (optional task)

Several points will be marked on the map. Visit each of them to meet Sudam. Either drive them away, or discard each of them an item to get something else in return. When you deal with all the ships, the task will be completed.

Greedy Hunter (optional)

Follow the marker, killing enemies. At the very end, you will need to clear a separate location. In the second half of the fight, she will become corrupted. Try to kill small monsters first, which require not so many hits. After that, focus on big opponents. The main enemy here will be the masked samurai, Sokhaya.

Act 2. Soaring

Treasures Lurking in Okehazama

Chat with the samurai who blocked the way. Use various gestures until he leaves (the Options button). Enter the spacious cave and kill the three youkai. Go left, kill Enki and meet a new opponent. These "young ladies" wield small daggers. And they love not only to hack their enemies with them, but also to throw them from a distance. In front of the room with the new enemy there is a passage to the right, behind the boxes. Kodama is hiding there .

Exit the room with this enemy through the passage to the left. Walk left and knock down the stairs to create a shortcut to the first altar. Follow the parallel passage and reach the bridge that leads into the desecrated area. To clear it, you need to climb up the slope and kill Enki. But there will be other opponents. After Enki's death, go back a little and destroy the boxes on the corner of the building behind the low fence on the right. Kodama is hiding under them . Climb higher and activate the second altar.

Then you will find a very long path along the mountain, which will lead you to a cave. Kill the enemies, among which a new (umbrella) will appear. Dodge his attacks and counterattack. Kill nearby snakes. Go to the corridor on the left (not where the fog is visible) to find a kodama at the dead end . Then you must enter the desecrated cave with the Cyclops. Defeat him to get rid of the filth, and then find the third altar inside the neighboring hut. One of the adjacent passages leads to a tree, which you can drop to create a shortcut to the beginning of the level. Outside, interrupt the samurai, avoiding the lightning strike. Then go to the boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Imagawa Yoshimoto

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Imagawa Yoshimoto

Overall, human boss fights are much easier. Here you need to dodge or block blows in time, avoid grappling attacks and counterattack when a red light appears.

Stubborn Imagawa (optional)

Get to the indicated place by killing common enemies. Here you have to fight the Imagawa for the second time . The battle is practically no different from the previous battle.

Hidetatsu's Last Wish (optional)

Move through the familiar cave in the opposite direction, activate the second altar and clear the building. Defeat Eki to get rid of the filth, then complete the quest.

Calculation error (optional)

You need to make a long way to the cave, inside which the quest giver has lost a valuable item. Here you will meet a new opponent. This huge monster loves to perform rolls, but they all start with a red light. That is, you can counterattack them. Dodge its powerful claws or block. Use the beam in the center of the room as an obstacle to hide behind. If you can get close to the monster from above, then you will have to fight only with him and a couple of zombie miners. A side entrance leads through an adit with several monsters, including Enki.

Castle built overnight

After the video, go to the first altar. The path to the left is blocked, so follow the right. Go through the forest and kill the soldiers. To get into the village, you need to cross the bridge, on which the ekai bird walk. Go through the first building on the left, where the "granny" has settled, and activate the dam to lower the bridge. Go under the bridge and defeat the huge monster you know from the previous side quest. This will open the chest and loot the grass to save the Kodama .

Return to the building you went through in the direction of the bridge. See a hole in the ground? Jump down, kill enemies and go up the wooden stairs. It used to be flooded here. But first you can walk even further to the chest. After climbing the stairs, talk to the character you saw at the beginning of the game. He will join your team.

When story characters join a team, it doesn't stop you from having an NPC summoned through a blue bonfire. That is, at such moments there may be three of you! Plot characters cannot be killed, but enemies often stun them. So that they continue to help in battle, take time, run closer to them and interact.

Climb up the slope and kill the youkai. Do not rush to go left into the fog, but first clear the location with the soldiers. This will get you into the house from the other side. clear both floors. Go outside to the balcony and go around the house. From the balcony, go to the scaffolding and destroy the boxes behind which the kodama is hiding . Go down into the fog and kill the huge monster. Open the gate above which the mutant with a hand stands, deal with the opponents on the bridge and on the other side lower the second dam.

Go down to the channel where the water used to be. Kill enemies. The claw mutant will reappear here. First, go to the opposite side of the marker to find a chest and stairs in a dark cave to the room with the kodama . It's also a shortcut back.

Continue to the desired location until you find a hot spring. You can go back and clear another passage. From the balcony of the second floor, jump down to the visor of the first floor to find the hidden kodama . After the hot spring, the story character will leave you. There will be a desecrated territory on the left. We need to clean it up. Then go through the building from above and interact with the lever at the dam.

Go down and kill the enemies. Here you will also find a golden turtle, which drops useful items when killed. Continue uphill. Before jumping down to the boss, find a nearby descent to the dam. Be sure to lower it to create a shortcut to the altar. Having done this, prepare for battle. Buy a talisman of laziness that will slow your opponent down.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Kamaitachi

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Kamaitachi

Any boss fight will be easier if you use summoning bonfires. Since Kamaitachi is very fast, the talismans of laziness will not be superfluous. Leave the demon form on the same form at the boss. The Ki Gauge is depleted very quickly when using the Spear of Enki (Soul Essence). Be sure to use this, especially if you have physalis fruit to replenish your anima.

Youkai hunting in Sunomata (optional)

You will need to kill youkai. Follow the only way to the defiled area from the previous mission, clear it, go through the building and kill the youkai bird. Then lower the dam and save at the second altar. After that, you just have to get to the marker and defeat several enemy waves. Large skeletons love to spin with an ax, but you can interrupt such an attack with a combination of R2 and a circle. And in the end, you have to kill the monster with claws.

Flame Howl (optional)

After activating the altar, climb up, killing several soldiers. The path to the right of the building leads to additional enemies, but there, behind the lantern, you can find a kodama . There is Ippon Datra inside the building. After defeating the monster, you can open the doors. Exit the side door, turn around and look under the porch to find the kodama .

The next part of the location will be poisoned. Try to destroy the stone on the right side as soon as possible. It is he who exudes poison. A little further there will be a second altar. Go down to the cave and help the warrior. He will join your team. There will be a clawed monster below. after killing everyone, inspect the walls. One of them is illusory and leads to a room with a chest and a kodama.

Get to the back room and go down the stairs. Defeat the soldier and then move through the red door. Previously, you can climb the steps to open a short path to the beginning of the location, to the first altar. Before going into the last room, on the right side, find the kodama . In the last room there will be a couple of soldiers and one powerful enemy. However, fighting people is not difficult.

Empty fortress

Chat with Tokichiro to receive a Small Spirit Stone. Activate the altar, go the only route and kill the zombies. Destroy the yellow crystals, under which the loot is hidden. A little further there will be a staircase leading upstairs. Climb up and find the Kodama behind the bags at the edge of the cliff . Get to the stairs and kill the new youkai. This is one of the easiest enemies, as you will be able to knock down most of his attacks with regular power attacks ("triangle"). Go out of the way to knock down the stairs and create a shortcut to the altar.

Return to the steps and go to the building with the elevator. Kill all the opponents on the beams and then call the elevator. You need to go down from the beams carefully, slowly, from one level to another. Before you can use the elevator, you have to kill Enki. There is a gate in front of the elevator that you can open to create a shortcut to the altar. In the side room of the first tier, a ship is hiding behind a chest. Exit the rooms to the central hall. A little lower, in the side room on the right, there is an enemy and a cat. Go down and you will find yourself in a corrupted area. Clear it from opponents. The main thing here will be a new enemy - a soldier from which a snake breaks out. The weak point of this monster is the head of the snake. Hit it and Rokurokubi will be stunned. Search previously inaccessible chests. On the other side, look for the entrance to the adit with a chest, a hole in the floor and a zombie. Go down through the hole, after opening the door. The path down will lead you to a completely new monster. It is not necessary to kill him, but you can get a good reward. By defeating Onreki, you will also receive the essence of his soul.

Then look for the exit from the cave, which leads towards the marker (from the top of the hall, you need to take the elevator). It is best to exit at the place where the altar is located nearby. Go a little further. Do not rush to climb the slope to the very end, because there is a Cyclops on top, which will roll a stone down.

Walk up the slope. Turn left from the gate. Kill an enemy with a mutated arm and look at the illusionary wall ahead. A hot spring is hidden behind it. Be sure to examine the location on the right to find a ladder that can be taken down to the previous altar. Find your way towards the boss, focusing on the marker (you need to go through the gate). There will be fog on the stairs. Rokurokubi will fly out of it. On the way to the building, on the right there is a small descent to the well. On the ledge beside him stands Kodama . If you clear this location, you can find the key to the castle gate. And instead of going into the castle itself, unlock the doors on the right and get to the secret corridor with armor. There is a kodama behind one of the pedestals .

Take your time to clear the castle. The enemy that spreads the filth is on the lower floor. This is Enki. By killing him, you will get rid of the fog. This will enable you to activate the altar inside the castle.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Saito Yoshitatsu

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Saito Yoshitatsu

A battle awaits you with a man who will periodically take the form of a demon. However, nothing particularly difficult should arise. Use different items from the Kodama bazaar to gain an advantage in battle.

An end to privacy (optional)

Three protracted battles against youkai await. Each time, simple enemies will appear, and then fog and more powerful demons. Fortunately, after winning the first battle, even if you die, you don't have to repeat the battle. You can go straight to the second and so on.

Werewolf Wisdom (optional)

Chat with a character nearby to join your squad. Move along the marker and kill ordinary soldiers. The path will be long, but it is broken by the second altar. At the very end, you need to kill Shibata Katsuie. Deal with the regular soldiers first, and then focus on the boss. This is a very fast opponent, so it's best to let him attack your companion.

Viper and Butterfly (optional)

Get to the indicated room, dealing with enemies. Inside it, you will need to repel the enemy yokai wave. In addition to them, a strong samurai will also appear.

Act 3. Shadow


Activate the altar, move forward and pay attention to new enemies. The dogs not only attack you, but also growl loudly when they spot Hide. Thus, they raise the alarm. Therefore, try to kill them first, without giving time to howl. Go a little further and go up the slope to the left. Where the archer was. From the very edge, jump to the tree where the kodama is hiding . From here you will need to jump below. Follow up by killing the enemy with a long sword. A cat is sitting behind a stone on the right.

But the most interesting lies ahead. Several locations guarded by owls. Owls sit on the tops of trees, so in order to kill them, you will have to either destroy the main youkai and dispel the fog, or shoot at their red eyes with a bow or musket. However, on the first desecrated territory, the main youkai is that very owl. Do not rush to leave here. A kodama is hidden behind a tree behind wooden planks leading upstairs . Before moving forward on the marker, turn to the side and go down to the house with the soldiers. Side of the entrance is hidden Kodama , and inside there is a box.

To continue on your way, you need to cross the bridge. A new monster with many paws and heads will come out on him. Heads are vulnerable spots. Walk forward and turn left to find an altar. The path further leads to a new monster. You will see a little cyclops. Kill him as soon as possible, otherwise he will turn into a large youkai. You can also break huge vats to keep your weapons clean.

Soon you will see a new location with an owl on a tree. Use your bow to lure common youkai out of the desecrated territory. Note the red sphere on the right. If the alarm is raised, it will start shooting at you. The location will be cleared as soon as you finish off the owl. A small cyclops walks on the side in the bushes. After killing him, among the grass, under the rock, find the kodama . Moving along the marker, you can turn left to clear the territory near the house from the soldiers. Another kodama is hiding under the porch of the house.

Soon you will reach the coast with a high sheer cliff. You will have a battle with the boss, but first you need to get to it. Activate the altar and walk across the rooftops, killing all the shooters. To clear the area of ​​youkai, you need to finish off Mitsume Yazuru's centipede. When you're ready, go through the door.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tatarimokke

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tatarimokke

Try to shoot several times in the red eyes of the bird at the beginning of the battle. This is her vulnerability. Use the summoning fire to make the summoned character distract the boss from you. When the bird takes off slightly and prepares its claws for grab - run to the side. During demon form, the bird will summon a red ball. Destroy it as soon as possible. Otherwise, try to dodge enemy attacks by blocking the projectiles fired (both blades and foggy spheres). Be sure to use counterattacks!

Lesson (optional)

Move slowly, killing shooters and ordinary soldiers. Be careful as it is very easy to fall off the cliff here.

Your character easily falls off the cliff during normal movement, but if Hide touches the edge of the cliff during combo hits, the game automatically protects him from falling. Use this!

Inside the cave, you will need to kill Ippon-Datra to get rid of the filth. However, there will be several skeletons with muskets next to the enemy. Therefore, ideally, you must first destroy them. Then you can activate the second altar. Make your way through the cave and get ready for a long final battle. Enki, zombies, ordinary youkai and Eki will be here. After killing the latter, you will complete the task.

Immobility (optional)

You will start at the end of the previous story mission. Kill the soldiers and follow along. Enki will soon begin to appear. Most of them are hiding in the trees. You must shoot them in advance, otherwise they will fall right on your head, causing huge damage. Some Enki can be circumvented. After the spacious location where the owl used to be, get ready to face the yokai bird. When you finish her off (she will no longer appear), go forward and interact with the samurai in the building on the left. This is your last enemy in this mission. Use all your yokai skills to defeat him by lowering ki.

Official duel (optional)

This mission consists of one difficult fight against a samurai. Take your time, use counterattacks when the opportunity arises. Try to stay away from the enemy when he uses various amplifiers. In turn, activate the available amulets. Don't forget about the musket or arquebus, which will do decent damage.

Shrine of Oaths (optional)

After the altar, go downstairs and find the first snake statue on the left side of the cave. Destroy it to remove the poison. Move further towards the Cyclops, killing common enemies along the way. Destroy the second statue. There will be a third statue in the cave on the right, but first you have to kill the evil old woman. Clear the distant cave you entered through the illusionary wall. Now this wall will be gone. The last snake statue will be here. The final battle will take place in front of the temple, where the main boss in the story mission was. Kill the small cyclops before it turns into a large one, deal with the rest of the enemies, and finally, when the desecrated territory is activated, the ekai bird will appear. Save your demon form and youkai abilities for her. Then talk to the man.

Ice and corpses

Talk to Mume in front. She will join Hide. Take the only route. In front of the gate, climb the tower and, if you wish, shoot opponents. There is a cat in one of the nearby sheds. Travel through the desecrated area to knock down the stairs and create a shortcut. Return to the same place, on the hill there will be Enki - this is the main enemy, after killing which the area will be cleared. In the same place, above, between the stones, a kodama is hiding .

Move towards the marker, killing the soldiers. At one of the intersections there will be two aisles with steps down. Walk away from the marker and break the boxes on the right to find the second codama . Clear the bridge from the large skeleton and small marksmen. You will soon find a second altar. Mime will leave your squad.

Climb up to the buildings. Follow the stairs up to the roof and find the boxes behind which the kodama is hiding . Now you will need to clear several buildings, while do not forget to open the gate behind to create a short path to the altar. There will be youkai too. The main enemy in the desecrated building is the centipede.

When you clear several courtyards, go through the building and fight the samurai who blocked the way. You will be able to enter the next area. Use the third altar, go along the upper or lower level of the bridge (where there is no giant). The next corrupted area behind the bridge will be cleared after the destruction of the large blue crystal. There will be a boss a little further.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Magara Naotaka

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Magara Naotaka

In this fight, you will need to use both dodges and blocking attacks. If the enemy is jumping in your direction, trying to hit the ground with the sword, then dodge to the side or run back. But immediately be ready to run up and deliver 1-2 of your own blows. Do not forget about the counterattacks that need to be activated when the enemy "blushes". The arquebus is very useful, which deals serious damage to the enemy's ki. The boss's weak point is his left hand (with crystals).

Scarlet footprints in the snow (optional)

To complete the quest, you need to stand against youkai in three different locations. Cyclops and giants with horns will appear every time. But at the end you will find Enki and a new adversary. The girl in white can not only deal damage, but also slow down your hero. Therefore, it is important to dodge her every attack or use laziness amulets so that your opponents are just as slow.

Tiger Approach (Optional)

Again, you will have to kill youkai in three different locations. But from the second fight, Honda Tadakatsu will help in this. Don't forget to get him to his feet. After the destruction of the horned giant, the mission will be completed.

Brothers Blades (Optional)

Move from one altar to another. You will need to clear the corrupted area. If you can destroy the blue crystal before you are discovered, then you will not have to kill the rest of the youkai. When you reach the end point, kill the normal youkai and then defeat Magara Naotaka again. The battle is no different from the storyline mission.

Horns on the head, dragonfly in hands (optional)

Honda Tadakatsu summons you to a duel. The enemy is serious. It is worth fearing his "red" attacks when lightning appears. Ideally, you should stay as close to him as possible in order to carry out counter-attacks in a timely manner. Be sure to dodge the flying boulders (Honda will hold the spear across the floor).

Bird in a cage

Go through the caves. Already in the second, new opponents will appear - spiders. Medium spiders are capable of spitting cobwebs, slowing Hide. Small spiders hatch from small eggs, but prey can also be found there. the area to the left of the cave is guarded by a cannon. As soon as you go there, the soldier from the tower on the right will blow his horn. You cannot kill him, since he is covered with boards. Thus, ideally, you need to run to the opposite end, go upstairs and kill the enemy for the weapon. There are planks behind the building with a tall samurai inside. Climb up them and find the kodama .

Continue moving and in the next cave you will face a new enemy. This mutated skunk will attack with a green stench cloud. If you are poisoned, you will be stunned for a few seconds each time you use the elixir. Walk forward and open the gate that leads back to the altar.

The next desecrated area is filled with youkai, and on the other side is Yeki, who controls the cannon. Try to lure out the opponents one at a time. The main one here is a magician with a staff who controls fire. If you kill him, then clear the location about the filth. The next stage is the infected cave. It will contain a person who asks for something to eat. I never managed to find the right item for him.

There will be spiders in one of the rooms of the building. Among them is a giant one. If you kill him at least once, he will not appear here again. When you find the altar, then go up from it up the side stairs (the other leads to a closed door). There will be a zombie with an explosive barrel behind the screen on the right, so be careful. Cross the red bridge by killing the arrow on the left and clear the desecrated area. You need to kill the giant with horns. Once done, unlock the door at the chest on the right, creating a short path to the altar. Cross the other bridge and open the gate on the right. And there will be a lever on the left. Interact with him to rotate the bridge. Return to the altar and head up another staircase where the door opened earlier. Walk forward along the two bridges, follow up the stairs after killing the enemy to reach the boss room.

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Azai Nagamasa

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Azai Nagamasa

Another human opponent who will use the super powers of the youkai world. Dodge to the side each time he jumps. Wait for the series of his sword attacks to end and deliver two of your blows. When he turns into a demon, be ready for a "red" attack. That is, here you need to use the buttons for a counterattack. Don't forget the arquebus or musket!

Shadow Debt (optional)

Unlike the storyline mission in the same location, you will need to move in the opposite direction. Clear buildings and look for passages behind the fence, but then do not forget to open the gate, creating a short path to the altar. Eventually, you will reach the desecrated territory. Lure the horned giant out of there, and then kill him to complete the quest. Clearing other desecrated territories is optional. After that, it remains to talk to the ninja.

Fallen Star (optional)

You will have to fight Takeda Shingen. Fortunately, there will be a story character in battle to help you defeat your opponent. Prepare for battle using the altar.

Point of no return (optional)

Another mission related to a single battle. Will have to fight against Saito Yoshitatsu. You have already fought this enemy, who was one of the story bosses. He won't come up with anything new.

Demon King's Blade (Optional)

Oda Nobunaga challenges you to a duel. Fortunately, this is a very simple enemy. Especially when you consider how slowly he carries out his "red" attack. That is, there will be no problems with her parry and counter-strike. But remember that Oda uses a sharp sword, which means he is always ready to attack you. Do not approach the enemy lying on the floor if you are not sure that you will have time to deliver the finishing blow. Otherwise, he will jump to his feet and instantly thrust the sword into Hide's stomach.

Golden Country (optional)

Move left and go into the courtyard through the nearest building. Rokurokubi will be here. Also, the rocks of one of the beds is hiding Kodama . You need to defeat the centipede that will jump out of the fog in the far left corner. After that, you can safely use the stairs leading to the roof. Through the roof you can get into both the left and right buildings. Go to the building on the left, through which you went at the very beginning. On the second floor there will be not only Eki, but also Kodama . Inside the main building you will have to fight with Onreki. You could have met him earlier if you got to the secret room in one of the previous story missions (where you used the elevator). Dodge its stone boulders and use all means to achieve the goal. Then open the doors and talk to the merchant.

Act 4. Dawn

Piercing jets

Follow the only route, killing opponents. Soldiers actively using firearms will appear here. After defeating everyone, open the door to create a shortcut to the altar. Cross the bridge and clear the area. One of the buildings is closed. If you go up to the roof, you can get inside through the hole. A strong opponent is waiting for you behind another building. Go through the gate and activate the altar.

There is an NPC on the left. The path to the left of it leads to a lonely building with a kodama . Go further along the marker and clear the building from the filth. The source is a lantern from which electric heads fly out. Destroy it and everything will disappear. Climb to the second floor and walk along the wooden bridge with arrows. You will find yourself on the rooftops. There is a snake and a couple of normal youkai at the bottom. Walk around the building and in the corner find Kodama .

Go to the adjacent building, back on the rooftops, and kill the new enemy. This woman has a yellow object in her hands. This is her weak point. Don't get too close, as she often screams, which will rapidly decrease ki. Climb down and head towards the bridge to create a shortcut to the first altar.

Go back across the bridge and turn towards the buildings on the left. Kodama is hiding between them . Go through the pier, shooting at enemies in advance. climb the steps and go left. After killing the skunk, go to the island with slugs on the right. He is hiding behind a tree Kodama . Return and go to the bridge. You are attacked by a powerful enemy. Run back and stand so that the arrows in front cannot hit you. Activate the altar behind the fence.

Go through the gate on the right. Kill enemies including flashlights causing electric heads. Walking around the building, you can see the main youkai. This is the same loud woman. After killing her, you cleanse the filth and can open the rest of the doors. before going further, look to the right of the next building for a well and a gazebo. There is a kodama next to her . A new enemy will appear in the courtyard of the next building. You may have seen it before, but not even noticed. This enemy is safe in itself, however, upon seeing you, he summons the spirits of fallen heroes (activates red fires without your knowledge). That is, it is best to shoot him from a distance. And on the right there will also be an illusory wall. Kodama is hiding behind a concrete lantern in the corner of the location... After clearing the temple, you will return to the altar. Next, you need to go to the first boss. This will be Saiko Magoichi.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Saiko Magoichi

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Saiko Magoichi

After being stunned, this enemy very quickly rises to its feet, so do not drag out with finishing blows. Stay close to him, use a block to avoid hitting with blades. Have counterattack buttons ready. And then you will reach the main boss of the location.

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Gyuki

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Gyuki

This is a huge monster. If you are using an assistant (summoning fire), then try to distract attention if possible. Attacking the head is optional. For this, growths on the paws of a beetle creature are suitable. When the monster jumps, run back or roll back a little. Also, after spraying poison (which means antidotes and protection from poison are useful), the enemy usually uses a "red" attack. Therefore, ideally, if you see a poison, rush in its direction and counterattack as soon as you see the beginning of an attack. When the monster activated the "living weapon" and everything around was covered with filth, run to his paws and hit them. If you manage to use up Ki, then he will be immobilized. The finishing blow can be applied exclusively to the face.

Gentleman of the Underworld (optional)

You will need to fight in one location. As the battle progresses, both Gozuki and Madzuki will appear. The first "horse" does not use living weapons, and the second is an exact copy of the initial boss.

Missing gun (optional)

You have already been to a similar location. And on another side task. The end boss is in the same building. We recommend that you first get rid of two ordinary soldiers, and then focus on the main enemy. She is a very agile warrior, so talismans of laziness will not be superfluous.

Youkai Song (optional)

You don't need to clear the side rooms. Go to the back and go upstairs. Find the device that allows you to call the elevator (on the other side). Run it and go downstairs. Defeat Enki and head through the door. There will be several more enemies (Enki, a skunk and a loud woman). After killing them, free the woman.

Furious blade

Climb to the altar, from it - to the rubble. There will be a lot of fire in this location, so take appropriate measures. Moreover, the final boss will also use fire. Go between houses and destroy opponents in the spacious yard. At the next location, covered with filth, the main enemy will be a magician with a staff. Kill him and clear the area. The further path is simple. Eventually, you will need to climb to the roof of the building. Run along the perimeter of the roof, kill two opponents and go to the adjacent building. From here, jump down and talk to the NPC. Yasuke will join you. Outside the building where the infernal wheel appears, there is a kodama at the end of the path .

Walk through another desecrated territory with a giant with a long tongue and a hellish wheel. It is not necessary to destroy them. You can run straight to the gate and enter the building where the boss is waiting for you.

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Kasia

Boss walkthrough: how to defeat Kasia

This monster drives around on two burning wheels. When it starts to accelerate towards you, get ready and make a timely dodge. You need to do it at the very last moment so that the enemy cannot turn in your direction. When a living weapon is activated, the enemy begins to use blue fire. A little later, ordinary enemies will appear. Kasia will also start spinning blades. They need to be shot or destroyed with melee weapons (otherwise they will cause a lot of trouble). When Kasya outlines a circle, it is best to stay away from him. Don't forget the arquebus or musket. They greatly simplify the task. Especially when Kasia uses a reinforced form.

Abduction (optional)

Clear the familiar territory and go to the bridge, where the final battle awaits you. There will be many simple youkai and skunks.

Warrior (optional)

The main difficulty can arise with finding a route to the goal. In fact, you might not have noticed that some buildings have destructible walls. They are painted with hieroglyphs. Such walls can be low, but in general everything looks as if there is a window in front of you. In fact, it is enough to perform a roll in order to destroy the partition and go further towards the marker. At the end there will be a building with Ippon-Datra. Defeat the monster and chat with Yasuke.

The sky is on fire (optional)

Follow along the cliff, but be careful as you can fall here. Upstairs, you can run past the screaming woman. You are interested in a building on top of a mountain, to which steps lead. There will also be a Cyclops pushing a boulder. The building is now closed, so while looking at it, head right. Look for an altar and a bridge to the other side. There will be a building inside which you will find the key. Having done this, go back and open the door. Pre-activate the altar. Destroy two heads and defeat the giant. You can lure him out of the filth.

Sunset on Tenno Mountain

Walk forward and left. Clear the location with water, kill the snake on the right and go under the wooden structures. There are arrows at the top, and a monster with claws crawls below. You can run around all of them and open the door in the far right corner, creating a short path to the altar. And if you climb the wooden scaffolding (along the slope to the left of the bridge, which the marker points to), you can find a hole in the corner, from where you can jump onto the stone from the kodama .

Walk across the bridge to enter the desecrated area. There will be many skeletons and Eki. But the main target is the yellow crystal. Destroy it to remove the curse. Move on to the rice fields, which are somewhat reminiscent of a ladder. Climb the levels slowly. Kill shooters from a distance so that the enemies do not take you in number. At the very top, go left and open the gate to the altar. Turn around, go forward and onto the roof of the building on the right. There will be kodama . Get off the roof and walk forward and left to find another codama .

Clear the camp. When entering the defiled zone, pay attention to a mob that summons fallen warriors from red fires. To climb to it, go to the stairs on the left. Your target is the crystal. Destroy it and the filth will disappear.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat GyuRemen Sukunaki

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat GyuRemen Sukunaki

Be sure to use talismans from the Kodama bazaar - laziness and armor cut. They will greatly increase your chances of success, as Sukunaki is a sturdy statue. It is very easy to counterattack an enemy when they use a powerful move. When you see a red light, get ready: press the two necessary buttons for a counterattack when the rotating enemy is near you. Enki's ability (from the essence of the soul) helped me a lot, especially when the boss was using the boosted mode. She and the arquebus will allow you to instantly cut the ki of the enemy in order to stun him and perform the finishing blow.

Act 5. Twilight

Before destruction

Cross the bridge, climb the stairs to the gate and find the kodama behind the open chest . There will be a new altar in the building ahead. Walk forward a little and through the open passage to the right. You don't have to kill Eki. Go up the stairs on the right, break the boxes on the left and find another codam . There will be an infected area at the top. See the bell? If you hit him, then the filth will disappear for a while. The bell can be used twice, then it breaks. Kill the skeleton warrior and the corruption will disappear. Head down the steps and knock down the stairs, creating a short path.

Follow the marker and find yourself in a new desecrated area. the main enemy is the infernal wheel. You can use the bell. But first, go past this room to knock down the stairs to the altar. Continue towards the marker. Knock down the stairs along the way. You will have to fight Maeda Toshiie. When he spins his long spear, be sure to block, as dodging is almost impossible. His stamina recovers quickly, so it is advisable to distract attention with the help of an ally. You will receive the Kitanose Fortress Key.

The next location will be infected with filth. To clear it, you need to go down to the bottom and kill Ippon-Datra. There will also be a passage to the dead end, where there is a kodama . You saw him from the side of the altar. On the top floor, lower the log, get ready and go to the boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Shibata Katsuye

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Shibata Katsuye

First, the boss really likes to run from side to side. It does this about 2-3 times, so be prepared for timely evasions (you need to do them at the last moment). His attacks are powerful, but there will be a long pause between them. Use it for your own strikes. Also, the boss prepares “red” attacks for a long time, so you can parry and counterattack them. Be sure to buy talismans of sloth and armor boost! The latter can be activated before entering the boss room. Always have a block button ready. Better block than random dodges.

Search for Okuni (optional)

You need the top floor, but to get there, first find the descent to the beams under the ceiling, and from them you fall to the pool below, where the elevator is located. Kill everyone by clearing the location from the filth, and then take the elevator. From here you can reach the destination room. First kill the giant, and then go to the filth so that Enenra appears. You already know how to fight against him!

The downside of hospitality

Talk to the NPC to receive an arrow amulet. Walk towards the altar, but note that there is a kodama on the left (around the corner). Kill the ghost in white and open the gate. Please note that there will be gunfire locations here. In the first one, go down the slope to the left, behind the screens, to get to the shooter. After that, deal with the rest of the soldiers. At the next altar, you will receive a partner, Hattori Hanzo.

Clear the bridge of youkai. At the end, a centipede will appear, and a rusty key will fall out of it. You will be able to open the next passage. There is a cat around the corner to the left. A second partner will be joining you shortly. Add to these two an ally from the blue bonfire, and you already have a real squad of four commandos! At some point, this couple will leave you. It remains to go up the slope and activate the third altar. Inside the house, you can break the armor, under which the kodama is hidden . You will meet Tokichiro shortly.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tokichiro

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tokichiro

This is a standard enemy with a long blade and various buffs. You can oppose him with talismans of laziness and an amulet for enhancing armor. Avoid electrical traps. Overall, the battle will not be difficult.

Letter from the deceased (optional)

In the middle of the location, you will meet a partner. After talking with him, go to the final point and clear this place from enemy soldiers. First, kill the normal ones, and then deal with the dark samurai.

Inspired Demon

After the altar, take the only route. Destroy yellow crystals, but keep in mind that after each of your attacks they will explode. If you see fire around the crystal and understand that you will not have time to destroy it, then it is better to run back to a safe distance. Talk to Mume to join the squad. At the first location with the filth there will be an eccentric who summons spirits from red fires. Kill him as soon as possible. And by destroying the large crystal, you will get rid of the filth.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Hatiska Koroku

Your familiar half-human, half-eyed turned into a demon. We'll have to kill him. The enemy uses weapons on a chain, so keeping a safe distance will be difficult. Try to fight close, while dodging grabs and blocking regular attacks. Leave your living weapon at the moment when Koroku activates it.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Hatiska Koroku

Activate the altar and move on. A monster will appear on the open location, which will shoot fireballs. Dodge them. The same balls can be used to destroy opponents, substituting them under attack. Kill the tall demon to get the rusty key. Destroy the yellow crystal to clear a corrupted area. Kill the huge demon (Madzuki). He will not appear again. Moving up the slopes, be careful, as opponents will push boulders at you. The boss is waiting for you at the top.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Didararabotti

To knock down your opponent's Ki, you need to attack the yellow growths on his paws. It is necessary to destroy all growths on one of the paws, after which the boss will be stunned. Take advantage of the moment, go up the arm and attack the opponent in the eye.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Didararabotti

The monster has several attacks. When you see four laser beams, just stand between them. When you see that the monster's eyes begin to glow, preparing for a powerful attack, run to the side. He will either shoot powerful lasers or start shooting the area with electric spheres. When the boss pushes his hand under the ground, run up to it and use a counterpunch. Otherwise, he will scatter stones around the location, and you will have to run away from them (just watch out for red stains under your feet). After the second blow to the eyes, the area will be desecrated. As you can imagine, the boss's attacks will increase. Use his Ki a third time to finish off Daidrabotti.

After the victory, talk to a couple of characters, including Hide's mother.

Act 6. Dream

Mausoleum of evil

Walk forward and examine the dragon statue. You need to insert something into it. Go up the slope to the left and in this way go to the other side. However, on the nearest side, on one of the trails, there is a kodama hiding . You can not kill the Cyclops, but run past him. Break the yellow crystal inside to obtain a Dragon God Gem. It needs to be inserted into the dragon statue on the opposite side (knock down the tree). By doing this, you lower the water level.

Carefully jump down through the hole in the room where the yellow crystal was. Kill a couple of zombies and then jump below to fight the Cyclops in the desecrated territory. Climb the stairs on the side, from there - on the other. Go through the caves and you will soon find the second dragon statue. Go back up the stairs and look to the left for a snake and a yellow crystal. The latter will drop a new gem of the dragon god. Insert it into the statue.

Continue through the houses until you find the third crystal. Destroy it and take the gem. Go to the right, go downstairs and get out through the rooms into the courtyard. On the right there will be a house with a dragon statue. Insert a gem into it. Enter the house and from the central tower room, jump to the bridge below. You will be taken to a defiled area. From here follow the marker to the boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Shuten Doji

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Shuten Doji

Attack the enemy after his jump with hitting the ground. When he is about to drink his wine, run up and use a counterattack (it will light up red). For the rest, you need to dodge and put blocks more often. Also destroy the yellow crystals on the sides to charge living weapons faster.

Mataza Spearman (optional)

Another battle against a familiar enemy.

Castle made of gold

The main feature of this level is the presence of huge paintings. There will be several of them. Each needs to be interacted with, which will lead to a battle with previously defeated enemies. Look for the tactics of the battle against them above. The first will be Enenra. After defeating the mini-bosses, you can open the way further. Continue through the castle, killing common enemies and interacting with pictures. There will be two paintings in one of the locations. Choose your desired boss and defeat him. It is not necessary to touch the second picture.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Mistress Osakabe

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Mistress Osakabe

To empty your opponent's Ki, you need to attack the furry worms that appear on the sides. Deal with four worms. Finally, I recommend leaving one of the worms closer to the building! The fact is that after the boss has no ki left, one of the big heads will fall. You need to run up to her as soon as possible and hit the red eye several times. The more hits you hit, the better. Firearms are very helpful in battle (for the destruction of ordinary hairy worms). Shoot smaller monsters directly in the eyes.

Between each depletion of the boss' ki, the phases will alternate - without corruption and with evil. This will be repeated until you get rid of the enemy's full HP supply.

Sakura Blossom at Daigo Shrine

Move forward, killing enemies. You need to defeat the four-handed youkai to get the Sambo-in Temple Key and open the door further. Mume will be joining you soon. Several of Tokichiro's warlords will need to be killed. Climb up the paths from the branches and activate the new altar.

Clear a new location where there will be a familiar bull demon. Climb up another path and enter the building by killing enemies. Find a hole there and a ladder leading down. Go down and you will find yourself in a small room. Open the door nearby to create a shortcut to the altar. To the side of this altar, to the left, there is another path going up. Follow it to the area with youkai. Two Rokurokubi and Enki will appear at once. Defeat everyone and break the stone to lower the platforms. Climb even higher and find a similar stone that needs to be broken. Next there will be an altar, a few more warriors (it is enough to kill the commander once) and the path to the boss.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tokichiro

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Tokichiro

Another battle awaits you against Tokichiro, who this time will use the form of a demon. However, the rest of the battle is no different from the previous one.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Kashin Koji

After the battle, collect the loot and interact with the purple horn. The same demon that killed Hide's mother will appear. Use all available amulets against him. Fortunately, you can lose to return to the altar and shop at the Kodama Bazaar. Use R1 more often to dispel fog that is being released by the enemy. When he summons doppelgangers, do not knock off the target lock in order to clearly understand who you need to attack. However, remember that all doubles are capable of inflicting similar damage.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Kashin Koji

The battle has two stages. After you deal with the first health bar, the enemy will resurrect and you will have to do it all over again!

Fate sealed

Watch the video.

Act 7. Sunset

Blue eyed samurai

In this task you will need to fight against William. Yes, the hero of the first game. do not even try to shoot at him from the arquebus, because he will get the musket much faster and hit you. Get 1-2 hits after his series of attacks and run back. Repeat until you win (until the video starts).

Point of view

Talk to William and head towards the marker, killing various enemies along the way. All this will be simple, since both William and Muma will help you in battle. Get to the last room and watch the video.

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Otakemaru

Boss Walkthrough: How to Defeat Otakemaru

Due to the fact that the boss uses a huge club, you will have enough time for your attacks. The enemy can carry out one hit or a series of 2-3. Timely press the buttons for a counterattack as he prepares his powerful blow. Also, the boss will change shape, choosing a different guardian spirit and using a two-sided blade. Fortunately, when he activates a living weapon, Tokichiro will help you, summoning his guardian spirit (distracting attention with a monkey). When in the second form the enemy prepares a powerful attack (it will light up red), you should be ready to dodge to the side (from its rotation), and only then counterattack. At the end, Otakemaru will pull out a long fiery sword. After winning, enjoy the final video.