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Ores in Valheim: Where to find them and what you need them for


Ores in Valheim: Where to find them and what you need them for

In Valheim there are a variety of ores, which unlocks her your adventure over. In the OkayGotcha-Guide you can find out where you can find the individual ores, how you mine them and what you need them for.

You can make progress in Valheim by defeating the individual bosses. You are penetrating new biomes and need better and better equipment to survive in the areas and to be able to mine the resources there.

You can get better equipment by melting ore into bars. By making bars, you unlock new recipes in the course of the game that you can use to craft better tools, weapons and armor.

What ores are there in Valheim? Currently there is copper, tin, iron, silver, black metal and the fire core that is implemented in the game but currently not yet usable in Valheim.

You can find ores in these biomes in Valheim

At the beginning of your journey you cannot make tools to mine ores or stones. You get the first pickaxe from Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim. From this you get antlers, from which you can make the antler pickaxe.

Copper and tin in Valheim

How to find copper: Copper is in the Black Forest (formerly Dark Forest), which mostly borders directly on the Auenland (grassland). Copper deposits look like large rock formations and are on the surface. 

A copper deposit in Valheim. You can find copper in the Black Forest biome.

The opponents in the Black Forest can be very strong at the beginning, so be vigilant and do not venture too deep into the biome at the beginning. The first copper deposits can often be found right on the border with the Shire biome. 

How to find pewter: Pewter is also available in the Black Forest. The deposits are near water, so keep an eye out for a lake or river. Visually they resemble boulders, but differ from each other by black welts.

You can find tin on the banks of the Black Forest biome.

The tin deposits are significantly smaller than copper and can be mined with an antler pickaxe.

Manufacture of bronze in Valheim

You cannot find bronze in Valheim. To make it, you have to combine copper and tin. 

This is how you make copper and tin bars: Bars are made in a melting furnace. To build it, you need 20 stones and 5 surtling cores. You can find the valuable surtling kernels in the burial chambers of the Black Forest. 

The smelting furnace needs coal to melt the ores. You produce coal either by burning food over a fire, or more easily with a coal kiln.

To build a pile, you also need 20 stones and 5 surtling cores. When you fill it with wood, the kiln automatically processes it into coal.

You can then deposit copper and tin ore in the melting furnace. You will receive an ingot from one ore and 2 x coal. 

How to make bronze: To craft bronze, a forge is required. To build this you need: 

  • 6 x copper bars
  • 4 x stones
  • 4 x coal
  • 10 x wood

You can then make bronze from two copper and one tin bars at the forge. 

Iron in Valheim - what comes after bronze?

After you have successfully made bronze for armor, weapons and shields, you can continue directly. The ancient one in the Black Forest is a huge, living tree that demands a lot from you in battle. If you defeat him, you will receive the “swampy key”, which grants you access to the crypts in the swamp .

The swamp biome is a very dangerous area and you should only enter it with bronze equipment. Your courage will be rewarded here, because you will find high-quality loot and the next ore there.

How to find iron: You can find scrap iron in the crypts in the swamp biome. To unlock crypts, you need the swampy key in your inventory. Equipped with a bronze pickaxe, you can destroy the muddy piles of scrap that contain iron scrap.

The piles in the crypts can be completely dismantled. In many cases there are more rooms behind it, where draugr and other enemies are waiting for you.

This is how you can also find iron in the swamp biome: During our research on iron, we were in the swamp biome looking for relevant deposits. In fact, there are buried iron deposits that you can expose and mine.

Without a divining rod, however, we did not find anything. We therefore recommend that you break down iron in the crypts at the beginning. For the divining rod you have to defeat the swamp boss bones first.

With the divining rod you will find “Muddy scrap heap” in the swamp biome. In these you will find scrap iron.

Find silver in Valheim

Bone paunch, the third boss in Valheim, gives you a divining rod. This is equipped like clothing and is knocked out when valuable resources are nearby. To find silver, you have to go into the coldest biome in Valheim so far: mountains.

Only enter this area if you have frost resistance potions or if you have enough material for a campfire. From our own experience, we recommend using frost-resistant potions, which you can make in the form of mead.

Tip: You can later use silver to make wolf armor that protects you against the cold by itself - even without a potion.
How to find silver: Silver veins run underground in the mountains. You can find the veins by accident, but using the divining rod is more efficient. The closer you are to the goal, the stronger it is.

You can find silver in the mountains. Use the divining rod for this.

To find silver in the mountains, you have to dig into the ground with a pickaxe. To mine the found metal, you need an iron pickaxe.

Black metal in Valheim

You get black metal in the end-game in the levels. This biome is full of dangers and the enemies are extremely strong. You should only explore this biome with at least iron armor and weapons. A shield is even better than good armor .

Not only Fulinge lurk in this biome, but also death kits, the probably most annoying and smallest opponents in Valheim, of whom you should be most afraid .

How to find black metal: There are Fulinge outposts in the plains. These are extremely strong and like to attack you in larger groups. If you kill them, they drop black metal scrap. You can find more black metal in the chests, which are numerous in their stores.

Fulinge drop black metal scrap. They are often found in large groups.

This is how you make bars from black metal: Black metal scrap cannot be processed in the melting furnace. You need a blast furnace for processing. To make this you need:

  • 20 x stones
  • 5 x surtling core
  • 10 x iron ingot
  • 20 x fine wood

The furnace is unlocked after you have killed Moder, the fourth boss. Your dragon tears unlock the craft table, which you in turn need for the blast furnace.

Black metal is currently the last metal that you need in Valheim to manufacture items. 

What is fire core?

This is how you find fire core: You can find the ore in the Aschelande biome, which is already implemented in the game, but is currently still in development. The burning steppes are in the very south of the map and that's where you'll find the fire core. The ore can be melted into fire cores in a blast furnace. 

The fire cores are currently not unlocking any new recipes - or at least no one has found any. It is assumed that the bars will be used in the future for a new sword, which you cannot currently get legally in Valheim.

Fire core already exists in the Ashen lands, but has no known purpose yet.

You have to know that about ores and bars: In Valheim you can quickly move from one place to another through portals. Fast travel is not possible with ores or bars in your inventory. Set up small bases to smelt and process ores directly before you travel home to your main base.