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Passage of the quest "Club of Romance. Sophie's Ten Wishes "(season 1: episodes 1-2) - all choices and decisions


Passage of the quest "Club of Romance. Sophie's Ten Wishes "(season 1: episodes 1-2)

Passage of the first two episodes of the first season of the story "Sophie's Ten Wishes" in the game "Romantics Club »(Romance Club). In this walkthrough, you can learn the consequences of each choice and its effect on the overall plot.

Chapter (episode) 1: A Sudden Visit

Life can change in a single day if you put in enough effort. Or if someone else makes an effort. What should you choose? Swim against the stream or surrender to it? The decisions you make affect not only the plot, but also the character's preferences: to be a bitch or a quiet one. You will also receive a Reputation stat , which will unlock additional scenes from epic to hot in the future.


  • Grandma's dress (9 );
  • Turtleneck and Skirt (22 );
  • Plaid Suit (27 );
  • Current outfit (free).


  • Red ponytails (9 );
  • Light Pixie (9 );
  • Dark braids (22 );
  • Chestnut bob with bangs (22 );
  • Regular hairstyle (free).

Dean Miller calls Sophie, who has fallen asleep at the workplace, into his office with a shout. She was about to leave, but just in time she noticed her reflection in the old coffee maker, which her boss gave her for Christmas. As Sophie cleaned herself up, another scream came from the next office. In a hurry, the girl dropped the papers, knocked over the coffee mug and hit her knee. Miller was terribly unhappy that Sophie walked for so long. Smiling, she says that Sophie will correct the training manual until her fingers fall off.

  • I will fix everything (+ to Tikhon, Miller is happy with you);
  • Actually, I need to leave (+ to "Bitch", Miller is not happy with you).
While Sophie was walking to the exit from the university, Professor Benedict Reed called out to her - the most charming man in the girl's opinion - and started a conversation about the fact that Sophie often missed the book club.

  • I will come on Wednesday (does not affect the plot);
  • You remember what I said (you got Benedict's attention);
  • I'm in a hurry (you upset Benedict).
On the street, Sophie met the dance teacher Diego, who embarrassed her with his open nature. Diego gets close to her and Sophie decides:

  • Do not move away (+ to "Bitch", Diego is interested in you);
  • Move aside (+ to "Tikhon", Diego was upset, but does not intend to give up).
While Sophie was walking down the street, lost in her thoughts, she was almost run over by a cyclist, from whom Mitch saved the girl. He was in a hurry to work, so it was not possible to sit together in a cafe. In the park, Sophie meets Logan's childhood friend. At this point, the plot depends on what the heroine prefers: to be quiet or a bitch.

After this scene, you gain +1 to Reputation.

Sophie came home where she met with her mother, father and older brother. "I had no choice but to ..."

  • Ask your mom for help (does not affect);
  • Ask your dad for help (does not affect);
  • Deal with yourself (+1 to Reputation).

After that, you will receive + to "Bitch" for a taunt.

Dinner with the family continues. "I took a sip of whiskey and ..."

  • Told about Benedict (Sophie's feelings for Benedict are growing);
  • Talked about Diego (Sophie's feelings for Diego are growing);
  • Talked about Mitch (Sophie's feelings for Mitch are growing);
  • She did not tell about anyone (does not influence).

Chapter (Series) 2: Vegas Baby!

Sophie wakes up with a headache and dehydration, tries to fumble for her phone, but instead finds someone's sleeping body in the same bed with her. Timed choice:

  • Gently wake up (+  to"Tikhon");
  • Launch with a pillow (does not affect the plot);
  • I will scream (+  to "Bitch").
Seeing who was actually in bed, Sophie began to recall the events that happened to her over the weekend in Vegas.

Seeing who was actually in bed, Sophie began to recall the events that happened to her over the weekend in Vegas.

When Sophie, Parker and Flo arrived at the Cleopatra Hotel, Parker brought cocktails, Flo insisted that Sophie have a cocktail. "And what should I do with him next?"

  • Drink (+1 to Reputation);
  • Refuse (does not affect the plot).
The company checks in and Flo retires to the shower. Then Sophie decides to take a moment and talk to her brother in private. "Tell me about how you ..."

  • You look at Flo (+ to "Bitch");
  • Decided to get me drunk (does not affect the plot);
  • Agreed to this trip (does not affect the plot).

Regardless of your choice, while communicating with Parker, you will have to choose other options.

Before going to the casino, you have to choose an outfit and hairstyle, but this choice will not affect anything.


  • Green Envy (17 );
  • Red temptation (34 );
  • Black mamba (free).


  • Elegance (12 );
  • Chic (17 );
  • Simplicity (free).
The guys come to the casino, and Parker invites Sophie to play roulette or blackjack. You have to choose what Sophie's brother will tell you about, but in the end he will tell you everything. "I think I'll play ..."

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack.
The next choice will be on time.

If you chose roulette: "I bet everything on ..."

  • Black (+ to "Tikhon", loss, you remain optimistic);
  • Red (+1 to Rep, victory, you become more popular).
If you chose blackjack: "Are you ready to double your bet?"

  • I will double (+1 to  Reputation, "Ah, this is a nice feeling of adrenaline in the blood!");
  • I will not double (+ to "Tikhon", "Sometimes it is better to stop on time!").

After a successful game, a girl comes up to Sophie with dice in her palm and offers to blow on them. This is the same girl who will be in the same bed with Sophie.

The following dialogues depend on the path of "Bitch" or "Quiet". The path of "Bitch" (+ to "Bitch"): "I remember ..."

  • Something distinct (paid choice for 17 , the story of the girl in pictures will open, she will be delighted with Sophie's lips);
  • Fragments only (does not affect the plot).

The path of "Tikhoni" (+ to "Tikhon"): "I remember ..."

  • Distinct (paid choice for 17 , story opens, Daisy enjoyed dancing with you);
  • Vaguely (does not affect the plot).