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Persona 5 Strikers - Difficulty Level Guide


Persona 5 Strikers - Difficulty Level Guide

As in the previous chapters of the Persona series , Persona 5 Strikers also offers the player different levels of difficulty. Let's see together in detail what are the changes brought about by the various difficulties.

Difficulty setting

EasyDifficulty for novice action game players or those who want to enjoy the game's story.
NormalBalanced difficulty.
HardDifficulty for experienced players.
Ruthless*Difficulty that presents a high level of challenge.

* Unlocks after beating the game on Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty and you will need to log into New Game +.

Mechanics related to difficulty

The difficulty set does not affect the story

The story mode remains the same regardless of the difficulty selected, so feel free to choose the one you want.

It is possible to change the difficulty throughout the story

Should you face a demanding challenge that seems impossible to complete, you can try to lower the difficulty in Config in the game menu.

The only exception is the Merciless difficulty. Please note that once you have decided to play this mode it will not be possible to change it to a lower difficulty later.