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Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Alice Hiiragi

Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Alice Hiiragi

 Alice is a famous model from Shibuya, where she holds an event where she invites people to “ her wonderland ”.

In reality, she hides a dark secret, namely that she is the Monarch of Shibuya Prison, a parallel dimension created, using the powers of the Metaverse, to enslave the citizens of the city.

Being a Boss in this guide we are going to see which party is best to use in order to beat it without particular problems.

Alice Hiiragi

Name: Alice Hiiragi
Monarch Name : Alice Bricklayer
Prison : Shibuya Prison
Profession: Model

Alice is a young girl with light green hair with blue undertones in the front. She wears a very particular dress, linked to her profession as an Idol / Model with a white and blue ribbon and a watch with a heart to adorn the bizarre dress.

Its design is closely linked to Alice in Wonderland , see the aforementioned watch which is linked to the one used by Bian Coniglio.

His Shadow, on the other hand, completely changes the kind of dress and shades of the colors used, if in fact before we had very light colors that fell within a color palette between green, purple and blue, in this form he sports very dark and gloomy colors.

The dress breaks away from the original idea and comes as close as possible to that of a pole dancer.

Finally, during the battle Alice Hiiragi transforms into Alice Mattoniglio, who keeps the provocative clothes of the previous form but transforms herself into a purple-skinned rabbit, which reaches a height 4 times higher than her human form.


Alice appears to the audience as a cute and charismatic idol, who manages to hypnotize all of Shibuya (actually she does it through the EMMA application), thanks to her clothes and her style.

In reality it is quite the opposite from what is shown. Alice psychologically bullies any man who is in a stable relationship or who is married, changing their heart so that they divorce or break the bond with their partner in order to attract their attention to him.

If someone tries to oppose his changes he will begin to physically attack whoever is in front of them, trampling them, humiliating them and taking as proof of the act of photos to be used as a method of retaliation.

Originally Alice wasn't like that, but she's decided to change due to the very bullying she now uses as her weapon. A boy during the school period had declared himself and for this she was targeted by the other jealous girls.

Having forgotten what had happened, one day she decides to become a young designer, thanks also to a wonderful dress she had found in a store, so as to be able to fascinate people with her unique items, but her exes thought about ruining his projects bullies, who went around the city to spread the events related to his school period.

Alice could not take the blow and found comfort in the EMMA app, which allowed her to take revenge and become very famous throughout Shibuya.

Mad Rabbit Alice stats

Life points6000
Strikes Bar KO 8
WeaknessesFire, Wind
Exp / Yen Rewards1000 exp / 12480 Yen

Mad Rabbit Alice skills

PsiLight Psi damage in a narrow range. Technical damage: Mental disorder
FootballAlice Mattoniglio kicks the closest target, then steps on it.
BeatenAlice Mattoniglio hits the closest target with the help of the stick.
Feast your eyes on him!Alice Mattoniglio goes to the pole in the center of the area and starts dancing, releasing numerous hearts on the screen, once finished launches a shock wave that hits the entire area.
Marin KarinHigh probability of inflicting Subjugation status.
MapsiPsi damage read in a wide range. Technical damage: Mental disorder
Brain washingMedium chance of inflicting the Subjugation status, the ability has a medium range of action.
I'll take you two!Alice Mattoniglio jumps to the ground creating a shock wave that hits the whole area.
How dare you!Alice Mattoniglio hits nearby targets 4 times with her claws.
FlayingAlice Mattoniglio closes in on itself and begins to move around the area in a zig-zag pattern. In this phase the player is unable to move temporarily.

Recommended party

First nameNote
Persona 5 Strikers - Ann Takamaki PantherPantherHe has fire-type abilities at his disposal which are very effective against Alice. By giving her the burnt status, she will receive much more damage from wind-type abilities.
Persona 5 Strikers - Morgana MonaMonaShe has wind-type abilities which are very effective against Alice. It has good synergy with Panther as Mona will deal more damage using wind attacks when Alice has the status burned.
Persona 5 Strikers - Sophie SophiaSophiaGood overall and range damage thanks to her normal attacks. She can also use abilities like Rakunda to reduce Alice's defense in battle.

Strategy to beat it

Alice Mattoniglio is weak to fire and wind abilities, so take advantage of Panther and Mona who have excellent synergy, while Joker will play a support role, through the use of Persona as Pixie so as to be able to guarantee you the heals in battle.

Or if you want to play it offensively, put on Jack o 'Lantern who will give you access to fire-type abilities.

Remember that once you bring Alice Mattoniglio to 50% HP, she will start using the Brainwashing attack , which will inflict the Subjugation status . In addition, the boss will switch to his second form, starting to walk on all fours.

Watch out for his Flaying hit which will deal massive damage to you and the attack Come Dare! , capable of hitting you up to 4 times.

For the rest, the clash is not very complicated, you just need to know how to exploit the various synergies and be careful of the enemy's attacks, remembering to bring healing items with you , so you can have more ways to heal you and your allies.