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Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Ango Natsume


Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Ango Natsume

Ango Natsume is a new character appearing in Persona 5 Strikers. In the game he is a famous writer and author from Sendai.

His latest novel entitled "The Prince of Nightmares" has become extremely popular in the city, although his success as a writer is due to the various works he has plagiarized.

In the Metaverse Ango is the Monarch of the Sendai Prison who uses the EMMA app to profit from his works.

Being a Boss in this guide we are going to see which party is best to use in order to beat it without particular problems.

Ango Natsume

Name: Ango Natsume
Monarch Name : Ango Nightmare Dragon
Prison : Sendai Prison
Profession: Writer and Author

Ango is a light copper-haired boy with a bob, he wears glasses and often goes around in a black suit with a purple tie.

Its shape in the Metaverse, on the other hand, changes the tone of the skin, passing from a normal color to that of lavender. In addition, his chin becomes more pronounced, his hair becomes blond and two horns typical of dragons appear, in addition to the total change of clothes, wearing in this form a very classic dress as a King of demons.

During the fight as a boss, Ango completely changes into dragon form, obtaining golden armor and very fragile wings. The more he is damaged, the more his shiny armor loses luster , eventually revealing a very pale scaly body and a pair of red boxers .


Ango Natsume, grandson of a famous writer, suffers from an inferiority and superiority complex, always due to his kinship.

His fame is purely due to the EMMA application and the various plagiarisms made to be able to write his novel "The Prince of Nightmares".

He appears to the public as a charismatic writer and with a huge fan base in Sendai, even trying to get noticed by Haru Okumura by giving her a kiss on the hand, which she vehemently refuses.

He is also very arrogant towards the criticisms addressed to his work by trying to defend it in all possible ways, and he also gets very annoyed when Ryuji Sakamoto and the protagonist tell him that he dared too much with the behavior held towards Haru.

Despite his vanity, he fully recognizes that his work is the result of various frauds against other authors for whom he still has a certain respect. In addition, he is even afraid that the plagiarism could be discovered, thus tarnishing the dear family name and grandfather.

Nightmare Ango Drago stats

Life points9400
Strikes Bar KO 8
WeaknessesIce, Sacred
ResistorsFire, Wind, Electro, Nuclear, Cursed
Exp / Yen Rewards2400 exp / 15600 Yen

Abilities of Ango Nightmare Dragon

AgiLight damage of fire type. Very low chance of being able to inflict burn status.
Chapter 4: A new LordNightmare Ango Drago charges up, greatly increasing its stats and resistances, while also allowing it to fly. All buffs are removed once the Stagger Gauge gauge is broken by 1.
Glacial doomA powerful ice attack that hits a large area. Ango Nightmare Dragon can only use it when in flight.
Strike of clawsNightmare Dragon Ango claws nearby enemies.
Raging BladeNightmare Drago Ango snaps its tail to nearby enemies.
Demon King Ice-Fire Drake BreakerA very powerful attack of ice mixed with fireballs that hits a large area. This attack will only be used by Ango Nightmare Dragon when in the air.
Shadow judgmentNightmare Drago Ango leaps to the ground hitting enemies.

Recommended party

First nameNote
Persona 5 Strikers - Yusuke Kitagawa FoxFoxHe has ice-type abilities that are very effective against Ango. Also if you manage to inflict the freeze status, you will immobilize Ango, allowing you to do a lot more damage
Persona 5 Strikers - Sophie SophiaSophiaHe has some holy-type abilities at his disposal which turn out to be very strong against Ango.
Persona 5 Strikers - Haru Okumura NoirNoirHe has psy-type abilities available which are effective against Ango, as he has no resistance against this type of ability.

Strategy to beat him

The recommended level to face this battle is 22. Nightmare Dragon Ango is weak against Ice and Holy type abilities, which will therefore make your choice fall on Fox and Sophie as recommended party members thanks to Fox's ice abilities and the sacred ones of the new character.

We also recommend that you take Haru with you, if she is at level 14, as she will be able to count on Amrita's Drop ability, capable of removing all the altered status of the party.

This boss compared to Alice Mattoniglio is much simpler, thanks also to its reduced speed and heavy attacks "called", you will immediately understand when it is time to avoid the attack.

We advise you to immediately use the Enhancement skill, further reducing its speed and thus being able to better read its moveset.

Once he flies in the air, immediately use the ice swords on the ground to be able to inflict huge ice-type damage on him, canceling his possibility of flight. Alternatively, you can try to stun it by obtaining a similar effect.

When he has 50% HP, Nightmare Ango Drago will begin to use physical attacks much more often, although he still remains slow in movement. If you find yourself in a situation with no more swords to throw into the air, we recommend that you activate a Showtime to be able to break one of its shields.