Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Weaknesses And Status Effects

Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Weaknesses And Status Effects

 In this Persona 5 Strikers guide we are going to see the basic mechanics for attacking enemies by exploiting their weaknesses, thanks to skills with specific attributes and various status effects.

Atlus has decided to re-propose the same system used in the Persona series, managing to mix elements from JRPG with those of the classic musou, thus creating a sub-genre of the latter never seen before.

Know the enemy attribute

Unlike many action games, Persona 5 Strikers includes many RPG elements taken from Persona 5. These include the importance of knowing the weaknesses of the enemy attribute .

You can see the effectiveness of your Persona's abilities directly in game, in fact the word "Weak" will appear under the enemy bar. The enemy will take massive damage from abilities to which it is weak. This will be very useful especially against bosses who have large amounts of health.

Attacking an enemy using their weaknesses will also allow you to reduce their KO gauge . By bringing this bar to zero the enemy will be temporarily harmless , making him vulnerable to any attack.

Neutral Damage and Absorption

If you take damage from an attribute that is shown as “-“ the damage will be considered neutral . The ideal would be to have a Persona with many resistances, so as to have as much neutral damage as possible. However, it is very difficult to get such a Persona, so we try to minimize the weaknesses present.

You will also come across Personas who absorb a particular attribute. When the attribute that the Persona can absorb matches the attribute of the enemy attack, the damage will not be calculated, rather the Persona will recover life .

Attributes and Effects of Status

Below is a table with all associated attributes and status effects.

AttributeStatus effectDetails
PhysicalEffective against sleeping enemies.
WeaponPhysical attacks from a distance.
FireOn fireEnemies take damage after each action.
IceFrozenPrevents enemies from moving.
ElectroElectrocutedPrevents enemies from moving.
WindDamage increased against enemies with "On Fire" status.
PsiDamage increased against enemies with psychic status effects.
NuclearDamage increased against enemies with status "On Fire", "Frozen", "Paralysis".
DivineNon-elemental damage. It often ignores repulsive and draining effects.

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