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Persona 5 Strikers - How To Gain Experience Easily


Persona 5 Strikers - How To Gain Experience Easily

As in the classic Persona, even in Persona 5 Strikers there is no lack of mechanics linked to the level of their Personae . So remember to always stop and gain experience so as not to have problems against the various enemies and bosses that you will face during the various stages in Japan.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies that we invite you to report in the comments!

How to get experience points quickly

To gain experience points quickly, you will need to fight as many enemies as possible while infiltrating prisons. It is recommended that you have unlocked the “bonding skills” that make you recover HP and SP more easily, so as to be able to face as many waves as possible.

Get bond skills

You will be able to earn bond experience points as you progress through the story. The more your bond level increases the more you will have the chance to unlock various skills that heal you and help you in battle.

Complete the requests

We can also receive bond experience points through requests . Many of these are optional missions, which will require you to deal with various waves of enemies, allowing you to gain both character and bonding experience at the end of completion.

Here are the methods to quickly level up

Kill as many enemies as possible in the prison.

Take advantage of your time in the early stages of the prison and take out any enemies you face along the way. You will have the ability to increase bond and character quickly using this method.

Acquire skills that increase hp and sp.

You will be able to unlock various skills that increase your HP and SP recovery as your bond level increases. These will allow you to face as many battles as possible and continue to receive experience.

How to quickly level up in the endgame and postgame

We advise you to use this method once you have unlocked the final Prison (you will have many problems if faced before, as it is too low).

To get many experience points you will have to farm the requests of strong enemies, focus on what you find easier and faster to defeat,  once done repeat the operation.

Once in the postgame, the fastest method is to farm the request dedicated to Metatron (we recommend using the Person Alice with the curse element abilities). With this method you can easily get to level 99.