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Persona 5 Strikers - How To Make A Lot Of Money

Persona 5 Strikers - How To Make A Lot Of Money

 In Persona 5 Strikers , money is very important for the continuation of your adventure, as it will allow you to access more and more powerful weapons and armor as you progress through the game. Obviously, these equipment have a cost and consequently you will need a lot of money.

In this guide we will go through all the methods to make money on Persona 5 Strikers, including tips to save some money during the main story.

Hunt for items to trade

During missions, you may occasionally find tradable items . These objects have no other purpose than to be sold at a high price . So always remember to sell them once you leave the Metaverse, in order to get a nice nest egg right away.

Look for items in the Prisons

Tradable items can be found in the different Prisons you will infiltrate throughout the game. Watch out for some sort of glowing cube floating in the air , that will be the object in question!

Defeat the Treasure Demons
The Treasure Demons return from Persona 5. These monsters, once defeated, allow you to obtain valuable items such as skill cards, incense and tradable items. Even in Persona 5 Strikers, the Treasure Demons move fast and therefore you must find and defeat them as fast as possible.

You can increase your chances of finding a Treasure Demon by unlocking the Treasure Hunter skill of the Bonds branch. Upgrading this ability will cause these creatures to appear more frequently in Prisons.

Tips for saving

Skill Conscious buyer

Another useful skill in the Bonding branch is Conscious Buyer . This allows you to view more products on sale in the Sophia Shop . Use the balances to buy the items you need in battle and save money.

How to get rich in endgame and postgame

An easy way to get big money and easily reach the million is to farm treasure demons in the final dungeon.

The prerequisites to do this are to have the Treasure Hunter bond ability (and max it out) which makes it easier for treasure demons to spawn . Keep the dungeon alarm between 70 and 90% (this will allow for infinite spawn of enemies and more likely to spawn treasure demons).

Once this is done, explore the whole dungeon by killing each enemy. Once you have explored everything, go back because in the meantime all the enemies will have reappeared. While exploring, you may come across a treasure demon who will give you 200,000 yen for each kill and several rare items such as incense .

Multiple treasure demons can appear in the same dungeon so you don't need to leave the dungeon to farm them. To earn more you can also accept the repeatable request of Ichinose Sweeper part 9 and for every 15 "Unnatural Champion" he will give you 120,000 yen, this item is found both by exploring the dungeon and as an enemy drop.

To make things easier for you, we recommend using the person Alice, with her skill "Die for me!" or “Mamudoon” which can kill enemies in one fell swoop so as to save you a lot of time in farming.

How to easily farm Persona Points (PP)

The fastest method is to spend money, in a nutshell you sacrifice your person to get PP, after that you recall the person sacrificed from the Lavenza register in exchange for yen, repeat as long as you need.

Obviously, the rarer, stronger and more high-level the Persona is, the more points it will give you by sacrificing it (for example an Alice at level 90 with about 85 magic points, also increased thanks to the incense will give you more than 500,000 PP).