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Persona 5 Strikers - Sophia's Shop Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Sophia's Shop Guide

 As with what happened in Persona 5 Royal with Jose and his special shop, also on Persona 5 Strikers there is a particular shop run by Sophia, a new character linked to the new story.

In this guide we will go to see how to unlock it and what we can buy from this new bizarre character.

How to unlock the shop

You will be able to access Sophia's Shop once she joins your party. You will have access to the shop directly from the Phantom Thieves bus.

Each available item has a limited purchase and belongs to a very specific category. The items available will increase as you progress with the main story.

Furthermore, we recommend that you take advantage of the “Conscious Buyer” Bond skill to be able to buy items at a steep discount, thus saving your precious money.

The discounted items change from time to time, so always remember to check the offers that Sophia will offer you on every visit!

Melee weapons


Silver Dagger1,600 yen50 Attack
Kukri2,400 yen60 Attack
Athame4,200 yen78 Attack
Ignite Fire5,400 yen84 Attack
Squoing knife7,400 yen102 Attack
Kopis9,800 yen120 Attack
Murderous scalpel13,400 yen138 Attack
Quality Kopis15,800 yen148 Attack
Parade dagger26,400 yen188 Attack
Machete31,200 yen218 Attack
Parade Dagger Pro39,400 yen244 Attack
Mercy46.400 yen272 Attack


Mace1,400 yen52 Attack
Infernal Beater2,000 yen58 Attack
Heavy iron pipe3,800 yen76 Attack
War hammer4,600 yen86 Attack
Iron pipe8,400 yen104 Attack
Heavy iron club10,200 yen122 Attack
Barbed stick12,200 yen136 Attack
Bocciarda14,600 yen150 Attack
Press of Gaia23,800 yen186 Attack
Branch of the big sleep29,400 yen216 Attack
Big press37,800 yen246 Attack
Megaton Staff43,600 yen272 Attack


Falcione1,000 yen44 Attack
Ryozanpaku sword1,800 yen52 Attack
Sonic blade3,200 yen72 Attack
Scimitar4,200 yen80 Attack
Talwar9,200 yen96 Attack
Sleeper's Blade10,800 yen114 Attack
Shamshir11,800 yen134 Attack
Sword of rest13,600 yen140 Attack
Damask sword27,000 yen182 Attack
Heavy saber33,400 yen214 Attack
Shining sword35,600 yen240 Attack
Responder41,800 yen264 Attack


Hot Whisk2,000 yen44 Attack
Fundo-Kusari2,600 yen52 Attack
Dominatrix whip3,200 yen72 Attack
Goat leather whip4,800 yen76 Attack
Warrior whip8,000 yen92 Attack
Burning whip9,200 yen116 Attack
Hero's whip13,000 yen136 Attack
Sword whip14,600 yen144 Attack
Extraordinary queue28,600 yen178 Attack
Great sword whip33,200 yen208 Attack
Chain whisk38,400 yen238 Attack
Bone eating whip44,600 yen264 Attack


Anonymous Katana1,800 yen56 Attack
Gunto2,400 yen62 Attack
Imitation Katana4,400 yen85 Attack
Gunto Antico5,600 yen90 Attack
Seishiki sword7,200 yen108 Attack
Jagato9,400 yen124 Attack
Imperial Katana13,200 yen140 Attack
Furious blade15,400 yen156 Attack
Iai Katana25,400 yen192 Attack
Orochito29,800 yen222 Attack
Iai Katana of the master37,200 yen248 Attack
Sword of the red demon45,000 yen274 Attack


Delta brass knuckles1,200 yen52 Attack
Heavy grip1,800 yen58 Attack
Infernal brass knuckles3,800 yen80 Attack
Raised fist4,800 yen86 Attack
Metal handbag8,200 yen104 Attack
Steel fist10,400 yen122 Attack
Press12,400 yen144 Attack
Demonic fist14,000 yen150 Attack
Blinding brass knuckles28,000 yen188 Attack
Omega brass knuckles32,200 yen218 Attack
Penance39,200 yen244 Attack
Sabazios S45.600 yen270 Attack


Felling Ax2,200 yen60 Attack
Battle ax2,600 yen64 Attack
Berdica4,000 yen82 Attack
Halberd5,200 yen92 Attack
Giant ax8,200 yen106 Attack
Crescent ax10,600 yen130 Attack
Large ax13,600 yen144 Attack
Decapitating ax15,400 yen154 Attack
Ice ax29,600 yen196 Attack
Ax of Gilgamesh34,200 yen224 Attack
Celtis36,400 yen254 Attack
Ax of the Amazon42,000 yen276 Attack


Rotary assailant1,400 yen42 Attack
Super Yo-Yo2,200 yen54 Attack
Te Gurama3,800 yen72 Attack
Metal Yo-Yo5,000 yen80 Attack
Orbiter8,000 yen96 Attack
Yo-200010,000 yen116 Attack
Spiral comet12,800 yen128 Attack
Assassin-yo14,400 yen140 Attack
Mantra26,200 yen178 Attack
Astral bullet31,800 yen210 Attack
Blood storm37,600 yen238 Attack
Singularity41,200 yen260 Attack


Flamberg11,400 yen142 Attack
Zanyouto13,200 yen150 Attack
Shadowhunter29,200 yen192 Attack
Demon hunter35,000 yen228 Attack
Litany38,000 yen248 Attack
Annihilator44,800 yen274 Attack

Armor for everyone

Reinforced shirt1,600 yen34 Defense
Lynx camouflage vest2,600 yen44 Defense
Chain mail3,200 yen56 Defense
Unconventional jacket4,600 yen68 Defense
Military vest6,000 yen82 Defense
Austere ahori8,400 yen96 Defense
Papal robes12,200 yen114 Defense
Shirt of hope15,800 yen128 Defense
Ghillie suit25,200 yen150 Defense
Selfish shirt28,400 yen170 Defense
Silver vest33,600 yen204 Defense
Spiritual vest38,600 yen230 Defense
Silver vest +47,400 yen258 Defense

Male armor

Shoulder pads1,800 yen36 Defense
Burntech2,800 yen46 Defense
Survival vest3,800 yen58 Defense
Cosmic tank top5,200 yen72 Defense
Plate vest6,800 yen86 Defense
Memory vest9,200 yen102 Defense
Athletic shirt13,400 yen118 Defense
Tunic of the saint17,000 yen134 Defense
Jerkin26,800 yen158 Defense
Courage vest30,000 yen178 Defense
Robe of Karna35,600 yen214 Defense
Demonic vest40,600 yen240 Defense
Robe of Karna +49,400 yen270 Defense

Female armor

Battle tank top1,800 yen34 Defense
Magic tank top2,800 yen44 Defense
Sturdy apron3,600 yen56 Defense
Lady's dress5,000 yen68 Defense
Power undershirt6,600 yen84 Defense
Grim cloak9,000 yen98 Defense
Robe of the Elysée13,200 yen114 Defense
Kimono of the night watchman16,800 yen128 Defense
Runic robe26,400 yen152 Defense
Kotodama cloak29,800 yen172 Defense
Titanium corset35,200 yen206 Defense
He wears haten40,400 yen232 Defense
Titanium + corset49,200 yen260 Defense

Cat armor

First namePriceStatistics
Silk scarf1,400 yen34 Defense
Cat sweater2,400 yen46 Defense
Breeze Scarf2,800 yen58 Defense
Crown of water4,200 yen70 Defense
Conical collar5,400 yen84 Defense
Camouflage collar7,800 yen100 Defense
Glorious collar11,400 yen116 Defense
Gloomy collar15,000 yen132 Defense
Collar of the righteous24,000 yen154 Defense
Tailored collar27,200 yen176 Defense
Sublime collar31,600 yen210 Defense
Nekomata armor36,600 yen236 Defense
Sublime collar +45,400 yen266 Defense


First namePriceDetails
Flame ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces fire-type damage.
Ice ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces ice damage.
Electric ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces electro damage.
Wind ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces wind damage.
Atomic ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces nuclear damage.
Psychic ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces psy damage.
Shoten ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces Holy Damage.
Midnight Ring2,600 yenSlightly reduces cursed damage.
Spirit belt2,600 yenSlightly reduces physical damage.
Wooden clappers2,000 yen+ Cancel on fire
Notepad2,000 yen+ Cancel Amnesia
Gem of insomnia2,000 yen+ Cancel Sleep
Wooden clogs2,000 yen+ Cancel Fear
Brain guard2,000 yen+ Cancel Subjugation
Red bracelet16,400 yen+ Fire attacks
Blue bracelet16,400 yen+ Ice attacks
Green bracelet16,400 yen+ Wind attacks
Yellow bracelet16,400 yen+ Electrical connections
Bracelet of the stars16,400 yen+ Nuclear attacks
Mind Bracelet16,400 yen+ Psychokinetic attacks
White bracelet16,400 yen+ Holy attacks
Black bracelet16,400 yen+ Cursed attacks
Guns bracelet16,400 yen+ Gun Attacks, Boosts Atk with firearms. Cumulative.
Hot water bag2,000 yen+ Cancel freeze
Rubber gloves2,000 yen+ Cancel electrocution
Goggles2,000 yen+ Cancel dizziness
Soothing gem2,000 yen+ Cancel Fury
Energy band8,000 yen+ 20 HP
Strangolino of the mind8,000 yen+ 20 SP
Muscle anklet8,000 yenFr + 2
Bewitched amulet8,000 yenBut + 2
Fortress belt8,000 yenRs + 2
Wind socks8,000 yenAg + 2
Zodiacal amulet8,000 yenFo + 2
Inviting sticker8,000 yen+ Loading Special Bar up (bottom)
Rakshasa belt16,400 yen+ Auto-Tarukaja
Vajra belt16,400 yen+ Auto-Rakukaja
Skanda belt16,400 yen+ Auto-Sukukaja
Vitality band32,000 yen+ 30 HP
Strangolino of the soul32,000 yen+ 30 SP
Berserk anklet32,000 yenFr + 4
Druidic amulet32,000 yenBut + 4
Army Belt32,000 yenRs + 4
Cheater's socks32,000 yenAg + 4
Feng Shui amulet32,000 yenFo + 4
Attractive sticker32,000 yenLoading Special bar up (medium)


First namePriceDetails
Adhesive bandage250 yenRestore 20 HP to an ally.
Quick repair α480 yenRestore 50 HP to an ally.
Quick Repair Z960 yenRestore 100 HP to an ally.
Medicine1000 yenRestores 120HP to an ally.
Niuhuang Dan1,600 yenRestore 200 HP to an ally
Hot and sour tea160 yenHeal an ally's sleep.
Fish oil candy3600 yenRestore 30 SP to an ally.
Great gasp160 yenHeals Subjugation to an ally.
Calmella160 yenHeal Fear of an ally.
Soothing towel160 yenHeal Fury to an ally.
Drops for big eyes160 yenCures Dizziness for an ally.
Warm eye patch200 yenCure sleep / fury / subjugation. to an ally
Rescue Pill2400 yenRevive a fallen ally with 50% HP.
Resuscitation pill6,000 yenRevive a fallen ally by restoring all HP
Jelly of the soul5400 yenGreatly increases the special bar.
Purifying ash580 yenSlightly reduces the alert level
Mega purifying ash980 yenIt greatly reduces the alert level
Ashes of repentance2,000 yenHeals all non-special negative ailments to all allies
Salmon400 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Carrot240 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Onion280 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Gyutan680 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Rice240 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Pig260 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Flour360 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Miso560 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Lamb meat600 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Cabbage180 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Tuna fish640 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Eggs160 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Awamori for cooking520 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Goya360 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Goat meat760 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Tofu280 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Kamo-nasu eggplant480 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Crab3000 yenAn ingredient for the kitchen
Suppon drink800 yenRestore 100 HP to an ally.
Terra Sake160 yenHeal an ally's asleep status
Intermental thread160 yenHeal Amnesia status from an ally
Incense of power *200,000 yenIncrease a Person's Fr by 1
Incense of magic *200,000 yenIncrease Ma by 1 Person
Guard incense *200,000 yenIncrease a Person's Rs by 1
Speed ​​Incense *200,000 yenIncrease a Person's Ag by 1
Luck incense *200,000 yenIncrease a Persona's Fo by 1
HP incense200,000 yenIncreases the HP of an ally by 5
Incense of the SP200,000 yenIncreases the SP of an ally by 5

Items with an asterisk will only be available in New Game +.

Thanks to the “ Conscious Buyer ” BOND skill we will be able to obtain discounts on various items and there will even be the possibility that in the shop there are unique items that are not normally available for purchase, including the rare ingredient “Precious coffee beans”.

Also, once the stocks in Sophie's shop are exhausted, they will be available for purchase again after you have played at least 5 battles.